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Terry is english teacher in chengdu famous language school, with outstanding english and high service level
He deserve every excellence from clients.
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Wolong Panda Centre
Review of: Dujiangyan Panda Base with Optional Volunteering and Photo-taking with Panda
We were picked up promptly from our hotel, with Terry. We then had a pleasant journey in a private car to the Wolong centre. As the other one did not have panda feeding and photos. They were kind enough to arrange the Wolong centre so we can get both. We had a a great time cleaning the panda cages, helping out. We then explored the different enclosures and sites on the base. We saw some adult pandas then some very cute baby pandas. Before it was time to feed them. The panda feeding was a fantastic experience. Afterwards, we were provided lunch and watched a documentary about the Wolong project. Then the big finale was to have our photo with baby pandas! A very special and brilliant moment, definetly worth the extra money! Terry was very helpful in everything and a great guide for the day.
—-Thomas K

ChengDu Tour Guide:Terry

ChengDu Tour Guide:Terry review

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