SiChuan Opera

  • Chinese Name: 蜀风雅韵川剧 变脸秀
  • Foreign name: chengdu face changing show
  • Address:ShuFengYaYun 成都琴台路蜀风雅韵(成都市青羊区琴台路23号市文化公园内)
  • starting time:20:00 PM
  • Duration: 20:00 PM–21:30 PM
  • Price Type:VIP A B Class
  • Price: 40 usd / 32 usd / 29 usd
SiChuan Opera

Chengdu Face Changing Show

Sichuan Opera,is night entertainment while in chengdu tour,most tourist will choose this program.including ancrobat,sing,stunt…worthy to watch.

Things to do

1.Watch a Sichuan Opera Show

  • The main attraction at the opera house is the Sichuan Opera performances, which showcase traditional Chinese opera and music.
  • The performances include a variety of acts, such as singing, dancing, acrobatics, and puppetry, and are performed in the Sichuan dialect.

2.Experience the face-changing performance

  • One of the most iconic elements of Sichuan Opera is the face-changing performance, where performers change their masks with lightning speed to reflect different emotions and characters.

3.Try the massage and ear-picking

4.Visit the back stage and learn about Sichuan Opera culture

SiChuan Opera

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Book SiChuan Opera Tickets

sichuan opera,chengdu face change show

Chengdu Face Changing Show Tickets

  • Vip A class B class Tickets
  • Costume experience
  • pick ears
  • Visit the backstage preparation area

SiChuan Opera Seat Map

SiChuan Opera

How To Get To ShuFengYaYun

By Taxi

from city center to qintai road,cost is about 30-100 rmb

Practical Chinese:for taxi driver Please take me to shufengyayun 请拉我到琴台路的蜀风雅韵(文化公园)

By Subway

chengdu metro line 2, get off at tonghuimen,exit from A outlet ,then walk 3-5 mins

chengdu metro map
sichuan opera SiChuan Opera

SiChuan Opera Guide

1)VIP Class Tickets

sichuan opera VIP Class seating includes entrance ticket to front-central seating area, tea service and one of the following: massage, ear-grooming, or photo opportunity while dressing up in opera costume.

2)A Class Tickets

A Class seating includes entrance ticket to rows 1-4 behind VIP area, tea service and 1 option:costume experience

3)B Class Tickets

B-Class seating includes entrance ticket to seats in rows 5-7 and tea service

SiChuan Opera SiChuan Opera