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ChongQing ciqikou ancient town

ChongQing CiQiKou

chongqing Ciqikou ancient town The Ciqikou is located in the urban area of Chongqing. The formerly fascinating water and land terminal still preserves the relatively complete ancient architecture and the rich and simple ancient style of the millennium, making it the epitome and symbol of Chongqing’s ancient city of Jiangzhou.

In addition, Ciqikou Ancient Town has also developed traditional performances such as oil extraction, spinning, sugar making, kneading dough people, Sichuan opera and various traditional snacks, teahouses, etc. The annual Traditional activities held in the Spring Festival in ancient towns. Traditional activities

ChongQing ciqikou ancient town
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How To Get to ChongQing CiQiKou

By Taxi
ChongQing JieFangBei locate in the city center,
Practical Chinese:for taxi driver
Please take me to ChongQing ciqikou
By Subway
Transfer light-rail line 1,get off from ciqikou, then walking 100 m for arrival.
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