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ChongQing Cuisine Characteristic

Chongqing food is part of Sichuan cuisine. Chongqing is known for its spicy food. Its food is normally considered numbing because of the use of Sichuan pepper, also known as Sichuan peppercorn, containing hydroxy alpha sanshool. Chongqing’s city centre has many restaurants and food stalls where meals often cost less than RMB10. Local specialties here include dumplings and pickled vegetables and, different from many other Chinese cuisines, Chongqing dishes are suitable for the solo diner as they are often served in small individual sized portions. Among the delicacies and local specialties are these dishes:

  • Hot pot – Chongqing’s local culinary specialty which was originally from the Northern China. Tables in hot pot restaurants usually have a central vat, or pot, where food ordered by the customers is boiled in a spicy broth. As well as beef, pork, lotus and other vegetables, items such as pig’s kidney, brain, duck’s bowels and cow’s stomach are often consumed.
  • Jiangtuan fish – since Chongqing is located along Jialing River, visitors have a good opportunity to sample varieties of aquatic products. Among them, is a fish local to the region, Jiangtuan fish: Hypophthalmichthys nobilis although more commonly known as bighead carp. The fish is often served steamed or baked.
  • Pork leg cooked with rock candy – A common household dish of the Chongqing people, the finished dish, known as red in colour and tender in taste, has been described as having strong and sweet aftertaste.
  • Qianzhang (skimmed soy bean cream) – Qianzhang is the cream skimmed from soybean milk. In order to create, this several steps must be followed very carefully. First, soybeans are soaked in water, ground, strained, boiled, restrained several times and spread over gauze until delicate, snow-white cream is formed. The paste can also be hardened, cut into slivers and seasoned with sesame oil, garlic and chili oil. Another variation is to bake the cream and fry it with bacon, which is described as soft and sweet.
  • Quanshui Chicken (Spring Water Chicken) – Quanshui Chicken is cooked with the natural spring water in the Southern Mountain of Chongqing.
    Xiao mian (little noodle) – lamian noodles with chili oil and rich mixtures of spices and ingredients.
chongqing food tour

Chongqing Food Street

ChongQing BaYi Road Food street

  • Chinese Name: 重庆八一好吃街
  • Add:重庆市渝中区八一路174
  • Recommend: 好又来酸辣粉 麦丽丝烧烤 降龙爪爪 金榜题名 山城小汤圆…
  • Time Spent: 2 Hour

ChongQing JiaoChangKou Food street

  • Chinese Name: 较场口美食街
  • Add:重庆市八一广场背后较场口夜市
  • Recommend: 火锅,烧烤,脑花,串串,钵钵鸡,山城汤圆,酸辣粉,凉面,冰粉,小酥肉,降龙爪爪,肖炮小酥肉,一只酸牛奶,八戒烤猪蹄~另外佩姐火锅店
  • Time Spent: 2 Hour

Chongqing Guanyinqiao Food Street

  • Chinese Name: 重庆观音桥好吃街
  • Add:重庆市江北区观音桥观音桥步行街8号星天广场3楼
  • Time Spent: 2 H
chongqing food tour