Chongqing zoo

Chongqing Zoo

  • Chinese Name: 重庆动物园
  • Add: 重庆市九龙坡区杨家坪西郊一村1号
  • Tickets: 25 CNY
  • Opening Time:
  • Atrraction Level: AAAA
  • Tel:+0086 (023)-68407374
  • Area: 43.5 hectare
  • Famous: Beast area, primate area, bird display area, herbivore area, etc.猛兽区、灵长类区、鸟禽展示区、草食动物区等
Chongqing zoo

Chongqing Zoo

Chongqing Zoo is a large urban zoo integrating science popularization, animal protection, scientific research, leisure and entertainment and other functions.

Chongqing zoo

Chongqing Zoo Video

Chongqing Zoo Tourist Map

Chongqing zoo Tourist Map Chongqing zoo Tourist Map

Chongqing Zoo Travel Guide

Panda active time is:

  • 🕙9:00-10:30
  • 🕙14:00-15:00
  • 🕙16:00-16:30

Entrance Gate

  • The zoo has two gates, East Gate 1 and East Gate 2. East 2nd gate is the main gate, and East 1st gate is the small gate.
  • Take a taxi to East Gate 1. It will be closer to the Panda Museum and there will be relatively few people.


You can choose to buy tickets in advance on the [Chongqing Zoo] official account (Wechat Miniprogram), or you can buy tickets on site.

Lunch or Dinner

After that, you can take Line 2 to Yangjiaping Business District to eat and rest, or go to other attractions.