Tibet Mount Everest Camp

  • Chinese Name: 珠峰营地
  • Address: (North)Everest Base Camp,Tibet, China
  • Address: 西藏自治区日喀则市定日县珠峰路
  • Certifacate+Ticket about 50 usd/per
  • Hiking tour guide: 10-20 usd/day
  • Hiking time: 1-30 days
  • Hiking itinerary: 3 valley itinerary
  • Admission Fee
  • Peak Season, May to October:180 RMB/Per
  • Off Season, November to Next April 180 RMB/Per
  • Suitable time to play: April-June and September-October the best
  • Opening hours: Open all day
  • Climate conditions : plateau mountain climate
Tibet Mount Everest Camp

Tibet Mount Everest Camp

Mount Everest Base Camp is a protective zone set up to protect the core area of Mount Everest. It is one of the best places to watch and shoot Mount Everest. It is also the base camp for the mountaineering team to climb Mount Everest from the Chinese side. Every year from April to June is the mountaineering season, when the base camp of Mt. Everest is lively, and it is also the time when you can take pictures of Mt. Everest’s flag clouds. Mount Everest Base Camp has inconvenient transportation, and cars can only drive to the tent camp next to Rongbuk Monastery. Tourists usually charter a car from downtown Shigatse or Lhasa, and the round trip takes about 4 days. Some tourists will stay overnight in tent camps, the price is not expensive, but the hardware conditions are relatively difficult. The base camp is guarded by armed police, and there is a monument next to it, engraved with the words “Mount Everest Base Camp, 5200m above sea level”, and most tourists take photos here. In addition, you can also buy postcards with postmarks at the Tent Post Office for 5 yuan each. Among them are the postmarks of the 2008 Olympic flame climbing Mount Everest, which is very commemorative. It should be noted that because this is in the border area, you need to apply for a border defense certificate in advance before departure, and the road conditions in some areas are poor.

Tibet Mount Everest Camp

acclimate to the altitude

The trip from Lhasa to Everest Base Camp is approximately 600kms, and most tour companies will take a number of days to complete the journey. This also gives you time to acclimate to the altitude. The drive up in the minibus, over and through the mountain ranges is cumbersome and slow. The roads weave and twist their way across the face of the range, slowly building and rising in altitude. When you finally stop at a pass through the mountains, you will catch a glimpse of the mountain. Just a small sliver of the great mountain, but enough for your first viewing.

Tibet Mount Everest Camp Tibet Mount Everest Camp

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Tibet Mount Everest Camp Tibet Mount Everest Camp Tibet Mount Everest Camp Tibet Mount Everest Camp

Tibet Mount Everest Camp Travel Guide

East Slope Base Camp

Mount Everest is located on the border between China and Nepal in the middle section of the Himalayas. The east slope base camp is in Gamagou in Qudang Township, just south of Tingri County, Xigaze Prefecture, Tibet. It is not very difficult to find a free car from Xigaze-Lazi County to New Tingri, but the remaining 100 kilometers to the base camp, the chance of being able to ride a free car is quite low, so it is recommended to charter a car from Lhasa or Xigaze is the safest.

Before leaving Xintingri, go through the mountain formalities at the hotel at the intersection of Xindingri, walk 11 kilometers along the China-Nepal Highway, turn left when you see the sign of Mount Everest Reserve, and bid farewell to the asphalt road.

West Slope Base Camp

In Zhaxi Village, Tingri County. From Xigaze-Lazi County to find a ride to New Tingri.

Southern Base Camp

The north of Mount Everest is in China, the south is in Nepal, and Nepal has multiple base camps, which is the most active area for international mountaineering.

Tibet Gamagou


In Gamagou, from south to north, there are Makalu, the world’s fifth highest peak of 8 kilometers, Lhotse, the fourth highest peak, Mount Everest, the first peak, and the beautiful Mount Everest and Gamma Gangri. Many snow-capped mountains of 6 to 7 kilometers.
The Gamagou trek starts from Youpa Bridge in Qudang Township, Dingri County, and passes through Xiaowucuo Camp, Zhuoxiang (Orchid Valley) Camp, Tangxiang Camp, Yega Camp, Baidang Camp, and arrives at Mount Everest East Slope Base Camp After the end, return to Tangxiang View Taipei to the Cuoxuerenma Camp on the same road, cross the Langmara Pass, which is the highest in the whole journey, 5350 meters above sea level, to Lunzhulin Camp, take a bus and return to the circular route of Qudang Township. The walking mileage is 70. More than kilometers, the average altitude is about 5000 meters.

There are tents in Gamagou for climbers and tourists, as well as hotels, cafes, shops and even post offices; there are solar panels in front of the door to provide night lighting. After the climbers rest in the base camp, they can continue their journey to Mount Everest. Mount Everest Base Camp is located in the south of Rongbuk Monastery. It is surrounded by a group of tent hotels with a national flag and a flag of the Mount Everest Reserve in the middle. Mount Everest Base Camp mainly provides accommodation for tourists. It has toilets and a tent post office. It is the highest post office in my country. The monument with an altitude of 5200 meters is located 4 kilometers south of the Mount Everest Base Camp and needs to be reached by eco-car or on foot. Before reaching the monument, armed police guarded them and gave some warnings to the tourists. Apart from two public toilets that represent modern civilization, the base camp has no permanent buildings. From the beginning of April to the end of May each year, it is the best time to reach the summit of Mount Everest. Therefore, during this period, there are mountaineers from all over the world stationed in the base camp. Numerous outdoor tent groups of world-famous brands are scattered on the empty base camp, which is more spectacular

Tibet Rongbuk Temple

Rongbuk Temple

Rongbuk Monastery is located on the top of “Dolma” (Tara) on the east and west sides of Rongbukou under Mount Everest, Basong Township, Dingri County, Xigaze Prefecture, Tibet. It is 90 kilometers away from the county resident and 5154 meters above sea level. The terrain is high and cold, and it is the highest altitude in the world. The tallest temple, so the landscape is wonderful.

Rongbuk Monastery, the full name of “Ladduicha Rongbukdong Aqulin Temple”, belongs to the Nyingma School of Tibet, and is a mixed monastery with local characteristics. The Rongbuk Monastery was founded in 1899 by the Red Lama Ngawang Tenzin Lobu. It is located at the end of the Rongbuk Glacier at the northern foot of Mount Everest. It is 5154 meters above sea level and about 20 axioms from the top of Mount Everest. The temple is divided into two parts, the old and the new. The old temple is located 3 kilometers south of the new temple, close to Mount Everest, where the practice cave of the master Guru Rinpoche, as well as the stones and stone pagodas printed with the hand and foot prints of the Guru Rinpoche, remain. The new monastery was built in 1902. The Rongbuk Monastery was once larger. There were more than a dozen subordinate monasteries, some of which were still in Nepal, but were destroyed due to historical reasons. There are now eight subsidiary temples under the main temple, including a nun’s nunnery. As Rongbuk Monastery is about 20 kilometers away from the top of Mount Everest, it has become a base camp for climbing Mount Everest from the northern slope. Looking south from here, it is a great place to watch and photograph Mount Everest. There is a passing road around Rongbuk Monastery. In front of the main hall is a stage with carved beams and painted buildings. Every important festival, local people will come here to watch lamas perform. The Mani stone pile outside the door is usually used by photographers as the prospect of photographing Mount Everest. The temple underwent large-scale construction in 1983. The murals here are worth watching carefully

Tibet 5200 meters above sea level monument

5200 meters above sea level monument

The monument with an altitude of 5200 meters is located 4 kilometers south of the Mount Everest Base Camp and needs to be reached by eco-car or on foot. Before reaching the monument, armed police guarded them and gave some warnings to the tourists.