Guilin Jingjiang Palace

Guilin Jingjiang Palace

  • Chinese name: 靖江王城 | Jingjiang King City
  • Location: No. 1 Wangcheng Road, Xiufeng District, Guilin City
  • Add: 广西壮族自治区桂林市秀峰区王城路1号
  • Alias: Jingjiang Wangfu, Guangxi Normal University Wangcheng Campus
  • Opening hours: March 1st – April 30th 07:30-18:00; May 1st – October 7th 08:00-18:30; October 8th – December 7th 07:30- 18:00; December 8-February 28 of the following year 08:00-18:00
  • Attraction level: AAAAA level
  • Recommended tour time: 1-3 H
  • Ticket price: 100 yuan (free for students, faculty and staff of Guangxi Normal University)
  • Website:
  • Tel: 0773-2803149;0773-2851941
  • Area: 197800 m²
  • Famous attractions: Solitary Beauty Peak, Wangfu, Gongyuan, Crescent Lake, Cliff Stone Carvings, etc., Guangxi Normal University Wangcheng Campus
  • Start of construction: 1372
  • Completion: 1392
  • Official phone number: 0773-2851941
Guilin Jingjiang Palace

Guilin Jingjiang Palace

Guilin Solitary Beauty Peak Wangcheng Scenic Area includes Jingjiang Palace, Duxiu Peak(Solitary Beauty Peak), Gongyuan and City Wall, and is a national AAAAA-level tourist attraction. It was built more than 600 years ago during the Hongwu period of the Ming Dynasty. It was built by Zhu Yuanzhang for his nephew Zhu Shouqian.

History background

As early as the Southern and Northern Dynasties, Yan Yanzhi, a great writer, practiced and chanted poems at the foot of Duxiu Peak, which opened up the style of writing in the Lingnan area. During the Tang Dynasty, the first government-run school in Guangxi history was established here. During the Song Dynasty, Wang Zhenggong engraved the famous sentence “Guilin’s landscape is the best in the world” on Duxiu Peak, which also became a representative slogan of Guilin. During the Ming Dynasty, Liu Bowen, Zhu Yuanzhang’s military adviser, took a fancy to Duxiu Peak, a land of fengshui, and later built the Jingjiang Palace. In the Qing Dynasty, the Jingjiang Prince’s Mansion was changed to Guangxi Gongyuan, which became the largest imperial examination room in the southwest region. A total of 585 Jinshi and 4 champions were selected, and one of the champions was “three yuan and first”. During the period of the Republic of China, Sun Yat-sen’s Northern Expedition ended here, and Jingjiang Prince’s Mansion was set as the base camp of the Northern Expedition. In 1954, Guangxi Normal University moved in. Duxiu Peak·Wangcheng is not only an outstanding place, but also the political, economic and cultural center of Guangxi.

【Solitary Beauty Peak】

Duxiu Peak is located in the center of Guilin. It stands alone and rises from the ground. It is the head of the mountains in Guilin and the king of the mountains. You can overlook the entire city of Guilin from the top of the peak. Imposing, known as “a pillar of the southern sky”. As early as the Southern Dynasties, Yan Yanzhi, a great writer, once wrote a poem “If you are not alone, you will be in the city of E’e” to describe the majestic momentum of Duxiu Peak.

【Jingjiang Palace】

Jingjiang Prince’s Mansion is the well-preserved vassal king’s site in China. It is the core visiting point in Duxiu Peak and Wangcheng Scenic Area. Jingjiang Prince’s Mansion Museum is also called “Chengyun Palace”. Tourists can have a deep understanding of the history of Guilin’s changes through high-tech full-line projections and 3D projections, and can also experience the ancient rubbing technology in the “Wangfu Tuofang”.

Guilin Jingjiang Palace

【Solitary Beauty Peak Cliff Carvings】

On the cliff of Duxiu Peak, there are more than 200 pieces of cliff stone carvings, all of which have been preserved in the past dynasties. The Five Blessings series of the 2017 CCTV Spring Festival Gala are all from the cliff carvings of Duxiu Peak, which are now national key protected cultural relics.

Guilin Jingjiang Palace

【Mystery of the Palace】

Wangfu Mituo has a history of hundreds of years. It is a colorful wind-water rubbing technique developed by Zhu Zuojing, the third generation of Jingjiang King. It has been listed as an intangible cultural heritage. Tourists can experience the ancient rubbing technology here, and learning to make royal rubbings is of great value to the inheritance and development of Chinese history, culture and folk art.

Guilin Jingjiang Palace

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Guilin Jingjiang Palace Guilin Jingjiang Palace Guilin Jingjiang Palace Guilin Jingjiang Palace Guilin Jingjiang Palace Guilin Jingjiang Palace

The Jingjiang Palace Tourist Map

Guilin Jingjiang Palace Guilin Jingjiang Palace Guilin Jingjiang Palace

The Jingjiang Palace Travel Guide

Two of the more interesting projects in Jingjiang palace are the experience of rubbings and the experience of imperial examinations.

How To Get To Jingjiang Palace

By Taxi

from city center to Guilin Jingjiang Palace, it will take about 10-20 min

Practical Chinese:for taxi driver pls take us to Guilin Jingjiang Palace 请载我们到靖江王城