Guilin Longji Rice Terraces

Guilin Longji Rice Terraces

  • Chinese name: 龙脊梯田
  • Foreign name: The longji yao and zhuang ethnic terrace
  • Location: Ping’an Village, Heping Township, Longsheng Autonomous County, Guilin City
  • Location: 桂林市龙胜各族自治县和平乡平安村
  • Climate conditions: Subtropical monsoon climate
  • Opening Hours: Open all year round
  • Attraction level: AAAA level
  • Official Website:
  • Ticket price: 80 yuan
  • Scenic direct line car: 40 RMB;
  • Huangluo Yaozhai Song and Dance: 80 RMB;
  • Jinkeng Sightseeing Cableway: RMB 100 for two-way / RMB 55 for one-way
  • Area: 70.1 km²
  • Famous attractions: Dazhai, Ping’an Village, Longji Village, Xiaozhai
  • Country of Origin: Longsheng County, Guangxi Province, China
  • Suitable season to play: spring, summer, autumn
  • Recommended play time: 2-3 days
  • Official phone: 0773-7583188
  • Surrounding scenery: Nanshan Ranch, Longsheng Hot Spring, Huaping National Nature Reserve
Guilin Longji Rice Terraces

Guilin Longji Rice Terraces

Longji, literally means Dragon’s Backbone ,the rice terraces were known for their distinctive shapes, which resemble the scales on the back of a dragon.

It was created by the Zhuang people over 600 years ago and have been cultivated ever since.

Best time to visit

Water Season (April-June)

  • When the rice paddies are filled with water and the rice seedlings are planted.
  • During this time, the rice paddies are a brilliant green color, reflecting the sunlight and creating stunning visual displays.

Harvest Season(September-Early November)

  • During this time, the rice paddies turn golden yellow, offering another beautiful display of colors.
  • Additionally, the weather during this time is cooler and less humid, making it more comfortable for outdoor activities.

Things to do in Longji rice terraces

Trekking and hiking

Longji rice terraces offer numerous hiking trails that wind through the hills and provide stunning views of the rice paddies and surrounding mountains. The trails range from easy to challenging and can take anywhere from a few hours to a full day to complete.

Stay overnight in the local villages

A unique and rewarding experience that offers a chance to connect with nature and local culture in a meaningful way.

Explore its beauty at a more relaxed pace, without the crowds of day trippers.

Attend local festivals

Longji rice terrace is home to several festivals throughout the year, such as the Longji Terraced Fields Cultural Festival and the Spring Ploughing Festival, which offer visitors a chance to experience the local culture and customs.

Try the local cuisine

The local cuisine in Longji rice terrace is a highlight for many visitors, with dishes such as bamboo tube rice, roast pork, and sticky rice cakes.

Guilin Longji Rice Terraces

Guilin Longji Rice Terraces Tourist Map

Guilin Longji Rice Terraces Tourist Map Guilin Longji Rice Terraces Tourist Map

Guilin Longji Rice Terraces Video

Guilin Longji Rice Terraces Photo

Guilin Longji Rice Terraces Tour Package

longji rice terraces guilin

1 Day Guilin Longji Rice Terraces Tour

  • Hotel pick up and drop off
  • professional english tour guide
  • local popular restaurant
longji rice terraces, guilin

2 Day Longji Rice Terraces Tour(one night accommadation)

longsheng rice terrace tour from guilin

2 Day LongSheng Rice Terrace Car Rental with Driver from GuiLin

  • Only Car Rental with driver service,no tour guide,explore yourself
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Guilin Longji Rice Terraces

Guilin Longji Rice Terraces Travel Guide

Longji Terraced Fields is a large-scale group of terraced fields in Guilin. There are several ancient villages of ethnic minorities, inhabited by Zhuang and Yao ethnic groups. The famous villages are Ping’an Village, Jinkeng Dazhai, Guzhuang Village, and Huangluo Yao Village. It is more convenient to drive to Longji Terraced Fields by yourself. Most of the tours are based on hiking to see the scenery and take pictures. You can also try local farm dishes, live in beautiful B&Bs, and experience the customs of ethnic minorities.

Ping’an Zhuang Rice Terraces: A Classic Pastoral Scenery Scroll

Ping’an Village is a classic place to visit the Longji Terraced Fields. Tourism development here is earlier, and the facilities for eating, drinking and entertainment are more complete. There are 170 households here, with a population of more than 700. The villages of the Zhuang nationality are mostly inhabited by the Zhuang nationality surnamed Liao. Most of the terraced fields are composed of small fields, and the scenery is quiet and beautiful. In autumn, when the crops are ripe, there is only a piece of golden yellow. At this time, the autumn terraced fields are particularly beautiful. The viewing platforms in the scenic area are “Seven Stars with the Moon” and “Nine Dragons and Five Tigers”, but you need to use some imagination when you play. “Seven Stars Accompanied by the Moon” refers to the terraced fields where the seven small hills left over from the opening of the field look like seven little stars accompanying the moon. “Nine Dragons and Five Tigers” refers to the nine small mountain ridges branched from the main vein of the dragon’s spine here. Five slightly raised hills are like five tigers. They surround the terraced fields and guard the water and soil here.

Longji Ancient Zhuangzhai Terraced Fields: Original Ecological Beauty with a Long History

Longji Ancient Zhuang Village is one of the ancient villages with a long history in the scenic area, which can be traced back to the Wanli period of the Ming Dynasty. There are more than 200 households and more than 1,000 people in the Longji Ancient Zhuang Village. The Zhuang villages are mostly inhabited by the Zhuang people with the three surnames Pan, Liao and Hou. Due to traffic congestion and late development, the original landscape of terraced fields is preserved here, and the traditional wooden buildings with stilts on stilts distributed along the ridge are authentic and unique. When visiting, you can go up along the Qingshiban Road to admire the stone bridges, steles, stone carvings, etc. that tell the history of the past. After passing through the “ancestral field”, you can reach the “Changgou” viewing platform to overlook the beautiful scenery of the whole village. When you go down the mountain, you can stand It is very spectacular to see layers of terraced fields spiraling down like a giant dragon at the viewing point of “Dragon Tour Down the River” until it reaches the Jinjiang River.

Jinkeng Hongyao Terraced Fields: The Majestic Field Curve

In addition to the magnificent scenery of the terraced fields, the long hair of the red Yao girls here is a beautiful landscape. There are 245 households in Jinkeng Dayao Village, with a population of more than 1130. It is a Yao village, mostly inhabited by the Yao people with the surname Pan. When visiting, you can choose to go up the mountain along the stone road, first go to the “thousand-story ladder” viewing platform, and see the layers of terraced fields piled up to the clouds like a ladder, which is very magnificent. Continuing to go up, there is the “Xishan Shaole” viewing platform, where you can overlook the panoramic view of the terraced fields, which is spectacular. If you want to go to the “Golden Buddha Peak” viewing platform and enjoy the magical view of the whole mountain sitting upright like a Maitreya Buddha, you need to take the cableway directly up the mountain at Jinkeng Dazhai at the foot of the mountain.

Tour route:

One-day tour: Ping’an Zhuang Terraced Fields or Ancient Zhuang Village Terraced Fields or Jinkeng Dazhai + Huangluo Yao Village. If you only have one day to visit the Longji Rice Terraces, it is recommended that you go straight to a village to have a look at the scenery and taste the delicacies of the local farmhouses after purchasing the tickets for the scenic spot.

Two-day/Multi-day tour: Jinkeng Hongyao terraced fields – Ping’an Zhuang terraced fields – Longji ancient Zhuangzhai terraced fields. If you plan to stay for a few more days, you can visit in the direction from far to near to downtown Guilin. Appreciate terraced fields, visit ancient villages, and appreciate the customs of ethnic minorities.

Enjoy the sunrise and sunset:

Watching the sunrise of the terraced fields is a must-do for many tourists, and even many photography enthusiasts come here for the sunrise. There are three viewing spots for sunrise and sunset in Jinkeng Hongyao Terraced Fields: “Xishan Shaole” is a viewing spot, which is farther away but has a wider view. It is very good to watch sunrise and sunset. Many promotional videos of Longji Terraced Fields are The photo was taken from here; the “Thousand-story Ladder” viewing platform is relatively close to the foot of the mountain, where you can see the villages of the Yao people, and you can feel the integration of humanities and nature, suitable for watching the sunset; “Golden Buddha Top” is the place to shoot the sunset , due to the distance, there were not many people taking pictures here in the past. In recent years, the cable car from the entrance of the Jinkeng Dazhai Scenic Spot to the Golden Buddha Peak has been opened. It is much more convenient to take pictures here.

Guilin Longji Rice Terraces

Things to Know Before You Go

  1. The Longji Rice Terraces are a must-see for photographers and those looking for a rural escape.
  2. Day trips to the rice terraces from Guilin last upwards of eight hours, and often include hotel pickup and drop-off from your Guilin hotel.
  3. Wear comfortable shoes suitable for walking over uneven surfaces.
  4. A moderate amount of walking is involved
Guilin Longji Rice Terraces

Internal traffic

The scenic spot is really big. There is still 23km from the entrance to the innermost Jinkeng terraced fields.

  • Guilin—Longji Terraced Field Scenic Spot 77 kilometers by car: 1:30 minutes
  • Longji Scenic Spot (Jinzhuzhuang Village)—–Huangluo Hongyao Changfa Village 4 km by car: 5 minutes
  • Erlongqiao Scenic Area Special Line Transfer Office—–Longji Ping’an Zhuang Nationality Terraced Field Scenic Area 6 kilometers Road condition: curved \ narrow road
  • Longji Ping’an Zhuang Terraced Field Viewing Area Ticket Counting Office—-Kowloon Five Tigers Scenic Spot On foot: 25 minutes
  • Longji Ping’an Zhuang Nationality Terraced Field Viewing Area Ticket Counting Office—-Seven Stars and Moon Scenic Spot On foot: 30 minutes
  • Seven Stars and Moon Scenic Spot – Nine Dragons and Five Tiger Scenic Spot About on foot: 30 minutes
  • Ticket Office of Longji Scenic Spot (Jinzhu Zhuangzhai)—–Jinkeng.Dazhai Yao Nationality Terraced Field Viewing Area Ticket Counting Office 17km Driving: 25 minutes
  • Jinkeng. Dazhai Yao Nationality Terraced Field Viewing Area Ticket Counting Office—-Xishan Shaole (Viewpoint No. 1) On foot: 1:20 minutes
  • Jinkeng. Dazhai Yao Nationality Terraced Field Viewing Area Ticket Counting Office—-Thousand-Story Sky Ladder (No. 2 Viewpoint) On foot: 30 minutes
  • Jinkeng. Dazhai Yao Nationality Terraced Field Viewing Area Ticket Counting Office—-Jinfoding (Viewpoint 3) On foot: 1:00 hours
  • Remarks: The guests of this route are arranged to live in Jinkeng, Tiantouzhai, Jinkeng. Tiantouzhai is located in the center of the three viewing points of Jinkeng. Dazhai Yao Terrace Viewing Area, which can avoid the guests to go back and save the walking time , so that the beauty of the terraced fields can be fully displayed.
  • Longji Terraced Field Scenic Spot—-Longsheng County 17km Drive: 25 minutes
  • Longsheng County—Longsheng Hot Spring 32 kilometers by car: 1 hour
  • Guilin Longji Rice Terraces
  • Guilin Longji Rice Terraces
  • Guilin Longji Rice Terraces
  • Guilin Longji Rice Terraces
  • Guilin Longji Rice Terraces
Guilin Longji Rice Terraces