Harbin Central Street

Harbin Central Street

  • Chinese Name:中央大街
  • Address: 黑龙江省哈尔滨市
  • Opening Time: All Day
  • Attraction level: AAAA level
  • Ticket: free
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Harbin Central Street

Harbin Central Street

Central Street is a prosperous commercial pedestrian street in Harbin City, Heilongjiang Province. It is located in Daoli District, Harbin. It was built in 1898, with a total length of 1,450 meters and an area of about 1 square kilometer. The area extends from Tongjiang Street to the west, Shangzhi Street to the east, Songhua River to the north, and Jingwei Street to the south. The neighborhood brings together 65 historical buildings in Western architectural styles such as Renaissance, Baroque, Eclecticism, Art Nouveau and Classicism (all of which are historically protected buildings)

The Epitome of Harbin

Central Street is the epitome of Harbin. Harbin’s unique architectural culture and the European-style life of Harbin people are clearly reflected here, and it is known as “Asia’s No. 1 Street”.

Street Layout

Central Street is located in the heart of Harbin, with a total length of 1,450 meters and a width of 21.34 meters. The Central Street Pedestrian Block covers a total area of 94.05 hectares, about 1 square kilometer. The most distinctive feature is that the entire street is paved with square stones, of which the width of the square stones is 10.8 meters. There are 17 leisure areas, 18 parking lots, 152 European-style classical street lamps, 14 lawns and green spaces, approximately 2,600 square meters, 5 various sculptures and 3 fountains in the block. There is a monitoring center and a total of 30 cameras in the entire block to implement full coverage of 24-hour uninterrupted monitoring to ensure that all types of emergencies can be handled promptly and effectively.

Central Street has 71 European-style and imitation-European-style buildings, and 13 municipal-level protected buildings of Renaissance, Baroque, eclectic and modern styles. It is a rare architectural art corridor in China. In May 1924, the Russian engineer Komtrashok designed and supervised the construction and paved the street with square stones. The square stone is carved from granite, 18 cm long and 10 cm wide. Its shape and size are similar to Russian buns, delicate and bright

Architectural style

The buildings on Central Street bring together the most influential architectural schools in the history of Western architecture such as the Renaissance style of the 15th and 16th centuries in Europe, the Baroque style of the 17th century, the eclectic style of the 18th century and the Art Nouveau style of the 19th century. The school covers the essence of Western architectural art for a century.

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Duanjie Museum: 端街博物馆 Learn about the history of Duanjie and display hundreds of historical cultural relics⭕️Location: No. 4 Duanjie, Daoli District
Central Street Post Office: 中央大街邮局 You can send handwritten postcards to family, friends and Harbin’s special souvenirs⭕️Location: No. 115, Central Street
Harbin Institute of Technology Center: 哈工大中心 Harbin Institute of Technology’s cultural and creative peripherals, outstanding talents, national treasures, etc. ⭕️Location: No. 134 Central Street
Qiulin·Kvass Cultural Center: 秋林·格瓦斯文化馆 Learn about the history of the Middle East Railway and Harbin’s special food (Kvass drinks, big ribs, red sausages) ⭕️ Location: No. 111 Central Street
Jin’an Shopping Plaza: 金安购物广场 Xiao Bingkui especially likes to visit this shopping mall. It is recommended to go to the basement level. There are all kinds of delicious food and drinks. ⭕️Location: No. 61-73 Central Street

✅Special Western Restaurant

  1. Huamei Restaurant 华梅西餐厅 ⭕️ Location: No. 112 Central Street 中央大街112号
  2. Mathilde-style Western Restaurant 马迭尔德式西餐厅 ⭕️ Location: No. 89 Central Street 中央大街89号
  3. Matsuura 1918 Western Restaurant 松浦1918西餐厅 ⭕️ Location: No. 120 Central Street 中央大街120号
    4.Tadaos Western Restaurant 塔道斯西餐厅 ⭕️Location: No. 127 Central Street 中央大街127号
  4. Lucia Western Restaurant 露西亚西餐厅 ⭕️ Location: No. 57, Xitudao Street, Daoli District 中央大街57号

✅Delicious restaurant 🍴

  1. Old Chef’s Home 老厨家⭕️Location: 3rd Floor, Baras Food City, No. 55-1, West Qidao Street, Daoli District 道里区西七道街55-1号巴拉斯美食城三楼
  2. Petty Bourgeoisie 小资太太⭕️ Location: No. 10, Hongzhuan Street, Daoli District 道里区红专街10号
  3. Laochang Spring Cake 老昌春饼 ⭕️ Location: No. 180 Central Street 中央大街180号
  4. Xijiade Dumplings 喜家德水饺⭕️ Location: No. 21 Central Street 中央大街21号

✅Delicious bakery

1.Bamily 芭米莉 ⭕️Location: No. 45, Central Street 中央大街45号

  1. Food Fun 美食乐⭕️ Location: No. 98 Central Street 中央大街98号
  2. Zifu 滋府 ⭕️ Location: No. 51 Central Street 中央大街51号
  3. Madiel 马迭尔⭕️ Location: No. 89 Central Street 中央大街89号

Things To Do

Hongzhuan Street Morning Grocery Market