How To Plan JiuZhaiGou Tour

Best Time To Visit

The beauty of Jiuzhaigou is different in four seasons, especially in autumn. April 01-November 15 is the peak tourist season, and October 15-30 is the best time to visit Jiuzhaigou. At this time, most of the leaves have completely changed color, some are golden yellow, some are red, and other colors are used as transitions and embellishments, and Jiuzhaigou has become a color palette of God. But this is also the time when there are the most tourists, and the scenic spot will be crowded.

March to May: The spring breeze blows, and the mountains and plains of Jiuzhaigou are full of unknown and beautiful mountain flowers, pink, purple, beautiful blue, and light yellow.

June-August: In hot summer, Jiuzhaigou is a good place to escape the summer heat. The cool climate brought by the high altitude keeps tourists away from the sweltering heat. At this time, the water in Haizi is sufficient, and the green pond water adds to the coolness. This is the best time to watch the “Cuihai” and “Stacked Waterfalls” among the six wonders of Jiuzhaigou.

September-November: The romantic autumn wind also blows the most splendid season in Jiuzhaigou. In addition to green, the leaves also show colors such as golden yellow and fiery red, which are colorful and reflected in the bright lake water. This is the best time to see the “Colorful Forest” of Jiuzhai Six Wonders.

December-February: On the quiet winter days, Jiuzhaigou becomes more peaceful and more poetic. The mountains and forests are covered in silver, and the waterfalls have turned into huge natural artistic ice sculptures. Such a white and elegant world can really make you forget the fearless disputes and troubles in the world. This is the season with the fewest tourists, but it is the best time to watch the “Blue Ice” and “Snow Peaks” of Jiuzhai Liujue.


Dressing Guide

The climate of Jiuzhaigou is still very suitable. The average temperature in summer is 20°C, and in autumn (October), the average temperature is also 10-15°C. Therefore, in addition to short-sleeved sleeves in summer, you should also prepare a long-sleeved or jacket, and wear it in autumn. Fleece plus a windproof jacket is enough, if you have a jacket, of course it is best. In winter, a thicker jacket is required.
The scenic area has strong sunshine and long time outdoor activities, please wear a sun hat and apply sunscreen to protect your skin.


Altitude sickness

The altitude of Jiuzhaigou is 2000-4000 meters. Due to different personal constitutions, some tourists may experience altitude sickness symptoms such as headache, dizziness, drowsiness, nausea, difficulty breathing, and rapid heartbeat. However, because the altitude is not too high, altitude sickness is generally tolerable. Unless your health is particularly bad, or you are over 50, you don’t need to worry about altitude sickness. But in scenic spots, especially high-altitude scenic spots, don’t walk too fast. Pay attention to keep warm, pay attention to wind protection (the wind in the mountains is still very penetrating), pay attention to maintaining physical strength, and pay attention not to let your stomach be too hungry. Basically no problem.

Once you feel shortness of breath, pain like a needle stick, sweating all over your body, fast heartbeat, etc. Don’t be nervous, greet your companions, sit down in a sheltered place, and eat something, preferably something high in calories, like chocolate. Then take a deep breath! Control your breathing, inhale more, pant slowly, and slow down your breathing rhythm. The scenic spots in Huanglong, Jiuzhaigou belong to forests and wetlands. The air is fresh and the oxygen content is high. If you breathe more of this clean air, you can recover quickly.

There are oxygen cylinders and oxygen packs for sale in the scenic area, which can relieve some symptoms. Rhodiola prophylaxis can also be started two weeks before departure.

The elderly and infirm are best equipped with small oxygen cylinders (available in pharmacies in Chengdu). People with high blood pressure, coronary heart disease and heart disease should not go.


Before Jiuzhaigou Tour

  • Predicting the weather forecast: good weather leads to better pictures
  • Carry essential items: sunglasses, light shoes, snacks, lunch, power bank….

Jiuzhaigou Tour Package

3 Days Private Jiuzhaigou Tour

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4 Days Private Chengdu Jiuzhaiugou Tour

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3 Days Jiuzhaigou Join-in Budget Tour

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