Kailash Tibet

Kailash Tibet

  • Chinese Name:冈仁波齐
  • Add: Pulan County, Ali Region,Tibet 阿里地区普兰县
  • Opening Time: 09:00-21:00
  • Tickets: 150 CNY/per
Kailash Tibet

Kailash Tibet

Gang Rinpoche is the main peak of Mount Gangdise, located in Baga Township, north of Pulan County, Ngari Prefecture, with an altitude of about 6,656 meters. It is a world-recognized sacred mountain and is recognized by many Buddhists as the center of the world. It is said that walking around the holy mountain can wash away the sins of a lifetime, so there is an endless stream of believers who come here every year to make a pilgrimage.

geographic feature

Gang Rinpoche stretches across the borders of China, India, and Nepal, and is known as the “Top of Ali”. The distribution of the four walls of the holy mountain is distinct and symmetrical, resembling a pyramid with a round crown (Tibetans call it “the handle of a stone mill”). Looking from the south, you can see its famous sign: a huge ice trough vertically descending from the peak and a horizontal rock formation. The Buddhist swastika (a symbol of spiritual power in Buddhism, meaning that the Dharma will last forever, representing auspiciousness and protection). There are more than 250 glaciers around the sacred mountain, which brought a lot of water. It is the birthplace of the Ganges, the Indus and the Brahmaputra, and is deeply worshiped by believers.

Pilgrimage to the mountain

Mount Kailash, in addition to its magnificent appearance for people to worship, the main purpose is to turn around the mountain. Believers and travelers who come to Zhuanshan for pilgrimage every year usually first stay in Taqin at the foot of the holy mountain, which is the starting and ending point of Zhuanshan. Turning around the mountain is divided into inner turning and outer turning: the outer turning is the Dahuan Mountain route with Feng Rinpoche as the core, the distance is about 56 kilometers, and it is more suitable for 2 days on foot, and you can stay near the Zhirepu Temple at an altitude of about 5100 meters. Recommended Gang Rinpoche Pilgrimage Inn; the inner turn is a small ring mountain route with the Ingatuo Mountain on the south side of Gang Rinpoche as the core. People who turn mountains generally turn their feet 13 times outwards before turning inwards. Because it is said that the holy mountain belongs to the horse, in the year of the horse, one lap is equivalent to 13 laps in normal times. Therefore, in the year of the horse in the Tibetan calendar, there are countless pilgrims walking around the mountain.

Time and Route of Pilgrimage to the mountain

Generally, people with good physical strength and local Tibetans can complete the mountain tour in one day, and travelers with ordinary physical strength will spend two days. On the first day of turning around the mountain, the road conditions along the river valley are relatively gentle, and attention needs to be paid to prevent the occurrence of altitude sickness; on the second day of turning around the mountain, the section from Zhirepu Temple to Zhuomala Pass is more difficult and dangerous. This section of the road is about 5 kilometers in length, dominated by rocky roads, with a slope close to 60 degrees and a steep rise of more than 500 meters above sea level, so it is necessary to pay attention to adjusting the rhythm. On the way, you will pass an ancient celestial burial platform, surrounded by various prayer flags and Tibetan belongings.

emerald green Tuoji Co

Seeing a hillside covered with prayer flags from a distance, this indicates that you have come to the Zhuomala Pass at an altitude of 5,630 meters. Looking down from the top of the mountain, you can see the emerald green Tuoji Co, which means the lake of compassion. Legend has it that bathing in this lake can wash away the dirt and evils on the body. However, ordinary travelers probably don’t have the courage. The lake is filled with melted ice and snow, which is bitingly cold. It is not recommended to try it rashly. The road down the Zhuomala Pass is a long and steep downhill almost vertical, so you need to pay attention to safety when going down the mountain. Afterwards, we need to pass through a swamp overgrown with weeds, and then there are endless steep slopes. When the magnificent figure of Namunani Peak appears in front of us, the road to the mountain is basically over. Walk slowly back to Tachin and reward yourself with a good meal.

Kailash Tibet

Tibet Kailash Tourist Map

Tibet Kailash Tourist Map Kailash Tibet

Kailash Tibet Travel Guide

must see travel tips (Practical strategy)

  1. The journey outside the mountain is 56 kilometers long, and the altitude is relatively high, and those with average physical fitness and strength should be cautious.
  2. For a two-day itinerary, you need to stay in the mountains for one night. The conditions of the accommodation are poor, it is recommended to bring your own down sleeping bag, or choose an accommodation with electric blankets and oxygen supply.
  3. Those who have poor physical strength can ask porters to help carry their luggage in Taqin. Generally, the minimum rent is 3 days, about 330 yuan per day.
  4. On the Zhuanshan Road, there are Tibetan tents and glass house accommodations along the way, providing food such as rice bowls, hot water, instant noodles in barrels, and buttered tea. Even so, it is recommended that trekkers carry some high-calorie foods and energy drinks with them.
  5. It is best to carry trekking poles, because it can save physical strength and ensure the safety of going up and down the mountain, and do a good job of basic protection from sun protection and warmth.
  6. For the first time to turn around the mountain, you must go with someone who is familiar with the road conditions, or you can download the track of Gang Rinpoche’s outer turn around the mountain in advance, and use it when you are offline to ensure the correct way. Don’t listen to the so-called online Fare evasion strategy, in places with such high altitudes, the temperature is erratic, and it is easy to lose vital signs if there is no immediate medical treatment due to hypothermia and hyperthermia.
  7. Mapang Yongcuo can drive around the lake. There are many gravel roads along the way, the whole journey is about 84 kilometers; Tibetan people mainly walk/kowtow. The lake is soft and easy to get stuck, so pay attention to precautions.
  8. The accommodations with good conditions along the lake in Manasarovar are mainly the accommodation provided by temples. If the budget is suitable, you can experience the starry sky camp in the tourist center of Manasarovar. The accommodation page is also a good option.
Kailash Tibet Kailash Tibet Kailash Tibet Kailash Tibet Kailash Tibet