Tibet Potala Palace

Potala Palace

  • Chinese Name: 布达拉宫
  • Address: 西藏拉萨市城关区北京中路35号
  • Opening Time:9:00-12:00AM 15:30-16:30PM
  • Height>200 meter
  • Recommend tour time4-5 hour
  • outline:13 layers
  • inside: 9 layers
  • offical website:https://www.potalapalace.cn/home.html
  • Altitude: 3700m
  • Total Area:360 thousand sqm
  • Admission FeePeak Season, May to October: 200 RMB/Per,Off Season, November to Next April 100 RMB/Per
  • Number of Tickets capacity: 2300 pcs/every Day
  • Type: Tibetan
  • Builder: Songtsan Gambo
  • Location: No. 35, Beijing Middle Road, Chengguan District, Lhasa, Tibet
  • Attraction level: AAAAA
Tibet Potala Palace

Potala Palace

As a symbol of Tibet, the Potala Palace is a holy place in the hearts of all pilgrims! “Potala” is Sanskrit, also translated as “Putuo”, originally referring to the residence of Guanyin Bodhisattva.

Being here, you can not only enjoy a large number of historical relics collected in the palace, appreciate the wonderful architectural art of the Tibetan people, but also perform a baptism of the soul in that holy atmosphere.

Origin of Potala Palace

According to historical records: In the 1730s, Songtsen Gampo, the 33rd generation of Tubo, moved the capital to Lhasa and built the Potala Palace. Since then, major religious and political ceremonies have been held here, and it has become the ruling center of Tibet’s theocracy.

White House and Red Palace

The Potala Palace has a distinctive Tibetan style and is majestic. It is an existing and complete castle-style building complex in Tibet, and is known as one of the top ten earthen buildings in the world. Its main buildings are divided into two parts: the White House and the Red Palace. The White House is named for its white exterior wall, and it is the place where lamas live and conduct political activities. Because the sun shines here all day long, it is called the East and West Sunlight Halls. The Red Palace is located in the center of the top of the Potala Palace. The outer wall is red and consists of many spiritual pagodas and various Buddhist halls.

historical relics

The Potala Palace collects and preserves a large number of historical relics, including pagodas, statues, murals, thangkas, scriptures and classics, as well as gold books granted by emperors of the Ming and Qing dynasties that indicate the relationship between the local government of Tibet and the central government in history. , jade books, gold seals and gold and silverware, jade, porcelain, enamel and handicraft curiosities. Among them, the eight spiritual pagodas since the fifth generation are eye-catching, all of which are resplendent and embellished with gems, which can be called a palace of art.

Tibet Potala Palace

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Potala Palace Tourist Map

Tibet Tourist Map

Potala Palace Travel Guide

To visit the Potala Palace, you need to follow all the taboos of Tibetan Buddhism, such as not wearing a hat, not taking pictures (referring to some “outside scenery” outside the palace after entering the palace), not stepping on the threshold, and so on. All tourists need to complete the tour within 1 hour, so they are not allowed to stay anywhere in the palace. After the tour, they exit from the west gate of the Potala Palace and walk down the hillside to reach the main entrance of the Potala Palace.

The best location for shooting in the Potala Palace.

  1. Yaowang Mountain, the perspective of RMB 50
  2. Potala Palace square fountain, wait for the fountain to stop and take the reflection of the Potala Palace
  3. The snow became white, and the Potala Palace was photographed like a garden
  4. Dice coffee, elegant afternoon tea under the Potala Palace
  5. Potala Palace Square, must visit location
  6. By the river beside the Potala Palace Square, take a reflection
  7. Lhasa River Bridge
  8. Wencheng princess real scene theater entrance