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Mount Emei Travel Tips

Chengdu is the hub of transportation hubs.
Aircraft: Chengdu Shuangliu International Airport.
Train: Chengdu Station (Chengdu North Station), Chengdu South Railway Station, Chengdu East Railway Station, Chengdu West Railway Station.
Subway: Chengdu traffic jam is awesome, and priority is given to subway travel. The official website and the lines in the train show the uncompleted lines and there is no explanation. The above picture is the accurate road map as of January 2018. The citizens use the “Tianfutong” transportation card, and the friends can purchase a one-way ticket. The manual window of the subway station only provides transportation card recharge service, and the one-way ticket must be purchased at the self-service ticket vending machine. Chengdu track official website
Bus: Chengdu, Emeishan, Leshan Giant Buddha and other areas, the bus is convenient, for 2 yuan or 1 yuan unmanned ticket car, you need to bring your own change.

 ChengDu To Emei 成都到峨眉山:
Motor train: Chengdu East / South – Emei Mountain, one-way one-hour 30 minutes, all-day car, the most convenient. There are two railway stations in Emeishan. Emeishan Station is the moving station. There is Emei 12 Road in the square in front of the station. The fare is 1 yuan. Under the tourist station or the Grand Hotel, you can reach the Emeishan Tourist Passenger Transport Center (it also has a name, called the country). Temple Station). Emei Railway Station is a Pu Express Station. After exiting the station, there is Emei 8 Road at Guangnan Road Station. The fare is 2 yuan, and it is under the Emei Mountain Scenic Resort Station. Long-distance bus: Xinnanmen Station – Emeishan Chengbei Bus Terminal (Emeishan Jiuzhu Passenger Transport Center), one-way 2 hours and 30 minutes, rolling all day. After leaving the station, take the Emei 11 Road to the High Speed Rail Plaza and change the Emei 12 Road. From Chengdu to Emei Mountain, the high-speed traffic of Chengdu-Chongqing Ring Road is high, and there will be traffic jams in Golden Week. Sichuan Auto Ticketing Network, Sichuan Auto Passenger Ticketing Network


  • EMU: Leshan Giant Buddha Station is located on Leshan 3 Road to the high-speed rail Leshan Station; or take the Leshan Giant Buddha Scenic Area to the high-speed rail Leshan Station tourist bus line “铛铛车”, Leshan-Emei Mountain, all day with cars.
  •  Long-distance bus: Leshan Giant Buddha Station takes Leshan 13 Road to Leshan Xiaoba Tourist Bus Station, Leshan Xiaoba Tourist Bus Station-Baoguo Temple Tourist Passenger Transport Center, rolling all day.
  • Bus: Leshan Dafo Station takes the 601 bus bus line to Baoguosi Station, 5 yuan; or the Leshan Giant Buddha Scenic Area-Emei Mountain Scenic Area (Huangwan) special bus route, 15 yuan.

峨眉山到成都、乐山大佛 Mount Emei to chengdu.leshan:

  • Motor trains, coaches, and buses can return to the original road.
  • Huáng wān chēzhàn yǒu dào éméishān gāotiě zhàn de zhítōng chē. 17/5000 Huangwan Station has a direct train to the Emeishan High Speed Railway Station.
  •  The Emeishan Tourist Passenger Transport Center has long-distance buses to all parts of the country. The information is not found on the Internet. The friends have collected it: Baoguosi Station-Chengdu Xinnanmen, 46 yuan, 9:00-17:40; Baoguosi Station-Leshan, 11 Yuan, 8:00-17:30.
  • Special reminder: The long-distance bus of the Emeishan Tourism Passenger Transport Center was shut down at around 5:30 in the evening, especially early. In the evening, there are many private cars or taxis that will pull people back to Chengdu. As an emergency method, talk about the price, you can choose carefully, it is best to choose a regular taxi carpool.


Mount Emei is located in Emeishan City, Leshan City, Sichuan Province. The main peak is Jinding, with an elevation of 3079.3 meters. The highest peak is Wanfoding, with an altitude of 3099 meters. Emei Mountain is rich in natural heritage and is known as the natural “plant kingdom”, “animal paradise” and “geological museum”. The cultural heritage is extremely deep. It is one of the four famous Buddhist mountains in China. It is known as the “Paradise of the Buddha” and is the dojo of the Samantabhadra. The biggest feature of Emei Mountain is “show”. There are four wonders of “Sunrise, Cloud Sea, Buddha Light and Holy Light”. It is a national AAAAA level scenic spot and is listed in the “World Cultural and Natural Heritage List”. There are four places in China: Huangshan. Taishan, Emeishan-Leshan Giant Buddha, Wuyishan.

Admission Tickets Peak Season(Jan 16–Dec 14) Low Season(Dec 14-Jan 15)
Adult 185 CNY/person 90 CNY/person
Children(height>130cm) 110CNY/person 55CNY/person
Senior(>60) 110CNY/person 55CNY/person
Student 110CNY/person 55CNY/person

Official website:, ticket information is not complete.
Tickets: January 16th – December 14th, peak season, 185 yuan / person, discount ticket 90 yuan / person; off-season December 15 – January 15 of the following year, 110 yuan / person, discount ticket 55 yuan / person. It is effective to enter and exit the mountain gate within 2 days, and it is ok to stay in the mountain gate for a few days. Tickets must be kept in good condition. There are ticket inspectors in the mountain gates.
Insurance: 5 yuan / person, voluntary. It is recommended to buy it. If you are scratched by a monkey, you can get a free vaccine.
Temple tickets: Wannian Temple 10 yuan / person, Baoguo Temple 8 yuan / person, Fuhu Temple 6 yuan / person. Recommended to visit Wannian Temple.

Shanmen: It is the entrance ticket office of the mountain. There are four places from low to high, Leiyin Temple, Wuxiangang, Wannian Temple Station, and zero kilometers.

Site Scenic Station: From low to high, there are six stations, Baoguosi Station (ie Emeishan Tourist Passenger Transport Center), Huangwan Station, Wuxiangang Station, Wannian Temple Station, Zero Kilometer Station and Leidongping Station. Both Baoguosi Station and Huangwan Station are at the foot of the mountain, 2 kilometers apart. There are many hotels near the Baoguosi Station, and the parking lot near Huangwan Station is large. The station from the station to the zero-kilometer station is outside the mountain gate, and the Leidongping station is in the mountain gate. Friends can take a scenic tour bus to visit various attractions. You can also drive by yourself. You can only reach the zero-kilometer station by car. After you purchase tickets and sightseeing tickets for zero kilometers, you need to transfer to the sightseeing bus to reach the Leidongping station. The self-driving to zero kilometers is a nine-curve and eighteen-bend, sometimes blocking traffic. During the holidays, traffic control will not be allowed.

Sightseeing ticket: valid for 2 days. Due to the six stations, the fare, route and delivery time of the scenic sightseeing car are different, which is quite burning.

1 Baoguosi Station sells four sightseeing tickets:
2 Baoguosi Station – Leidongping Station – Wannian Temple Station / Wuxiangang Station – Baoguosi Station, the whole mountain section round-trip 90 yuan / person. Departing from Baoguosi Station, the first stop goes directly to Leidongping Station, and the other stations do not stop in the middle. When going down the mountain, depart from Leidongping Station, you can get off at any station at Wannian Temple Station or Wuxiangang Station, and then get off at any station of these two stations and arrive at Baoguosi Station. You can also get off the train. Dongping Station has been sitting at the Baoguosi Station. There are three links on the ticket, corresponding to the three sections, each trip will tear off one. It is wrong to say that such tickets can be randomly taken between any stations without restriction.
3 Baoguosi Station – Leidongping Station (2 hours), one-way 50 yuan / person, is also directly to Leidongping Station.
4 Baoguosi Station – Wannian Temple Station / Wuxiangang Station – Baoguosi Station, Zhongshan Section round-trip 40 yuan / person. Departing from the Pekuansi Station, you can get off at any station at Wannianji Station or Wuxiangang Station. When going down the mountain, get off at any of the two stations and arrive at Baoguosi Station.
5 Baoguosi Station – Wannian Temple Station / Wuxiangang Station (20 minutes), one way 20 yuan / person.

6 Baoguosi Station sightseeing car schedule:
High season April 26-October 31, 6:00-17:00; off-season November 1st – April 25th, 7:00-16:00; Golden Week, 5:00-17:00 . Temporary adjustments will be made according to various situations.
7 Special reminder: The light and busy seasons of the sightseeing car and the low and busy seasons of the Emeishan tickets are very easy to be confused. The above is the round-trip time of the whole mountain section, and the round-trip time of the Zhongshan section is smaller than its range.

Three sightseeing tickets are sold at Leidongping Station:
Leidongping – zero kilometers, one way 30 yuan / person.
Leidongping – Wannian Temple / Wuxiangang, one-way 40 yuan / person, you can get off at any station at Wannian Temple Station or Wuxiangang Station.
Leidongping-Huangwan/Baoguo Temple, one-way 50 yuan/person (2 hours), direct to the foot of the mountain, without passing through Wanniansi Station and Wuxiangang Station, you can get off at any station at Huangwan Station or Baoguosi Station. Huangwan Station has a direct train to the high-speed railway Emeishan Station, or outside the Baoguosi Station, take the Emei 12 Road to the high-speed rail station.
Timetable for the sightseeing of Leidongping Station sightseeing car:
9:00-18:00. Temporary adjustments will be made according to various situations.

The rest of the stations have one-way tickets to each station. The last bus time of each station is different. The Wuxiangang, Wannian Temple and Zero-kilometer stations are very early. The friends must ask the situation to avoid missing the last bus.

Online booking: You can book tickets on the official website of or travel website, and collect tickets at the self-service ticket machine of Baoguo Temple or Huangwan Station. Sometimes the machine will break down and go to the manual ticket window to pick up the ticket. Online booking is not recommended, and it is convenient to purchase tickets directly at the Baoguosi Station.

Jinding Cableway: Take the Temple-Golden Top, one-way trip for 8 minutes. The peak season from January 16th to December 14th, up 65 yuan / person, down 55 yuan / person; off-season December 15 – the next year January 15th, up 30 yuan / person, down 20 yuan / person. There are two, one circular ropeway, one small car and the other reciprocating ropeway, which are two large cars, each of which can ride 100+1 people. If one ropeway is open for business, the other will be shut down for maintenance. During the peak season and the peak of the Golden Week, the two ropeways will run at the same time. The business hours are from 20 minutes to 18:00 before sunrise, and you can take the first ropeway to the Golden Summit to watch the sunrise.
Wannian Ropeway: Wannian Temple Parking Lot – Wannian Temple. In the peak season, 65 yuan / person, down 45 yuan / person; off-season 30 yuan / person, down 20 yuan / person.

Emei Mountain is divided into three areas according to altitude:
Low mountain area: Baoguo Temple to Qingyin Pavilion (550m of Baoguo Temple, 630m of Fuhu Temple, 700m of Leiyin Temple, 940m of Pure Yang Temple, 710m of Qingyin Pavilion),
Zhongshan District: Qingyin Pavilion to Washing Pool (Xingyin Pavilion 710m, Hongyuping 1120m, Xianfeng Temple 1752m, Yuxian Temple 1680m, Washing Pool 2070m, Wannian Temple 1020m, Xixin Temple 1460m, First Hall 1740m, Huayan Top 1914m) ,
Gaoshan District: Washing the elephant pool to Wanfoding (washing pool 2070m, Leidongping 2430m, connecting hall 2540m, Taiziping 2858m, Jinding 3079m, Wanfoding 3099m).

The distance between attractions:
Baoguo Temple – Fuhu Temple 1 km,
Fuhu Temple – Qingyin Pavilion 11 km (Fuhu Temple – 1.5km – Leiyin Temple – 2.5km – Chunyang Temple – 3.5km – Shenshui Pavilion – 1km – Zhongfeng Temple – 2.5km – Qingyin Pavilion),
Qingyin Pavilion – Hongyuping 6km (Qingyin Pavilion – 1km – first-line day – 0.5km – ecological monkey area – 4.5km – Hongyuping),
Hongyuping – Xianfeng Temple, Jiu Laodong 15 km (Hongyuping – 9km ninety-nine turn – tea shed – 6km – Xianfeng Temple, Jiu Laodong),
Xianfeng Temple, Jiulong Cave-washing pool 12.5 km (Xianfeng Temple, Jiu Laodong – 7.5km – Yuxian Temple – 2.5km – Jiulinggang – 2.5km Drilling Tianpo – Washing Pool),
Washing Pool – Leidongping 7.5 km (Ruohanpo, Lianwangpo),
Leidongping – Connecting Hall 1.5 km,
Picking up the temple – Jinding 6 km (leading hall – 3.5km – Taiziping – 2.5km – Jinding),
Jinding – Wanfoding 3km,
Wuxiangang – Qingyin Pavilion 1.5 km,
Qingyin Pavilion – Wannian Temple 2 km,
Wannian Temple Station – Wannian Temple 2.5 km,
Wannian Temple – Washing Pool 14 km (Wannian Temple – 5km – Xixin Center – 4km – Chudian – 1km – Huayan Top – 1.5km – Jiulinggang – 2.5km – Washing Pool).

Climbing route:
Line A: Baoguo Temple – Qingyin Pavilion – Hongyuping – Jiujiu Road – Xianfeng Temple – Yuxian Temple – Jiulinggang – Xixiangchi – Leidongping – Connecting Temple – Jinding;
Line B: Baoguo Temple – Qingyin Pavilion – Wannian Temple – Xixin Temple – First Hall – Huayan Top – Jiulinggang – Washing Pool – Leidongping – Connecting Temple – Jinding;
Sightseeing car line: Baoguosi Station – Huangwan Station – Wuxiangang Station – Wannian Temple Station – Zero Kilometer Station – Leidongping Station – Connecting Hall – Jinding.
On the map, from left to right, there are A-line, B-line and sightseeing bus routes, which can be arranged in a flexible combination.

The most worthwhile experience in Mount Emei is hiking on foot, not only to enjoy the beautiful scenery, but also to lose weight.
There is no special scenery in the low mountain area of ​​Baoguo Temple to Qingyin Pavilion. There is no increase in altitude when climbing and climbing. It takes 3 hours to walk 12 kilometers in the same place. It is not recommended to climb this section. You can take a sightseeing bus to five. The mountain or the Wanniansi station began to climb. Lines A and B are separated in the Qingyin Pavilion and merged in Jiulinggang. The A line will pass the most anticipated ecological monkey area and the 99th turn. The scenery is better than the B line, but the distance is 17.5 kilometers longer than the B line. This is the favorite route for the mountain climbers. On the way from Xianfeng Temple to Yuxian Temple, there is a rocky landslide. The management staff will remind the friends not to walk. In fact, they have already set up a simple path, which is acceptable. The scenery on line B is a bit less, but the distance is shorter than the A line. You can consider hiking on this line.
“Uphill bronchitis, downhill arthritis”, down the mountain will wear the meniscus of the knee, it is recommended to take the sightseeing car down the mountain.

Three-day walking tour
D1 Baoguosi Station (by car)- Wuxiangang Station-Qingyin Pavilion-Ecological Monkey District-Hongyingping-Jiujiu Road-Xianfeng Temple (accommodation),
D2 Xianfeng Temple – Yuxian Temple – Jiulinggang – Washing Pool – Leidongping – Connecting Temple – Taiziping (accommodation),
D3 Taiziping-Jinding (Viewing Sunrise) – Leidongping Station (by car) – Baoguosi Station.
This is the most classic hiking A line, physical and time requirements are just right, the next day you can also choose to live in the Golden Summit. If you take the B line, you will take the bus to the Wannian Temple Station to start climbing. On the first day, you can live in the wash pool, and then the same.

Two-day walking tour
D1 Baoguosi Station (by car)- Wuxiangang Station-Qingyin Pavilion-Ecological Monkey District-Hongyuping-Jiujiu Road-Xianfeng Temple-Yixian Temple-Jilinggang-Jianxiangchi–Leongdongping (accommodation) ,
D2 Lei Dongping – connecting the temple (rope) – Jinding (viewing the sunrise) – Leidongping station (by car) – Baoguosi station.
On the first day of the A-line two-day walking tour, the physical requirements are extremely high, and it will be very late to Leidongping. You can take a bus to Wannian Temple Station and climb the B line to Leidongping.

Two-day car tour
D1 Baoguosi Station (by car) – Leidongping Station – Connecting Hall – Cableway on Jinding (accommodation),
D2 Jinding (Viewing Sunrise) – Cableway under the entrance hall – Leidongping Station (by car) – Wannian Temple Station – Cableway Shangwannian Temple – Qingyin Pavilion – Ecological Monkey Area – Qingyin Pavilion – Wuxiangang Station (by car ) – Baoguo Temple Station.
This is the second-day tour route chosen by most tourists. You can purchase the 90-yuan Quanshan section sightseeing ticket to visit the most famous Jinding, Wannian Temple, Qingyin Pavilion and Ecological Monkey District.

One-day car tour
Baoguosi Station (by car)-Leongdongping Station-Connecting Hall-Ropeway on the Golden Summit-Cableway under the entrance hall-Leidongping Station (by car)-Wu Xiangang Station-Qingyin Pavilion-Ecological Monkey District-Qingyin Pavilion- Wuxiangang Station (by car) – Baoguo Temple Station.
This is also the route of the travel agency.

There are various ways, such as living near the Qingyin Pavilion, and starting the next day to climb the mountain on foot. I used Wannian Temple as a starting point and struck most of the Emeishan attractions in three days.

【stay in the temple】
Emeishan foot is all hotels, the standard room is very affordable, the rooms are not tense, the price of the Golden Week is fierce, and it is necessary to book in advance.
There are many farmhouses in the Qingyin Pavilion on the mountain. They will pick up at the Baoguo Temple Station and take you up the mountain for free. If you want to live anywhere, you can go and see; otherwise, you must resolutely refuse, if you don’t want to live after going up the mountain, no one will carry you down the mountain.
Leidongping is also a hotel concentration area. The conditions are good. If you want to see the sunrise and don’t want to live in Jinding’s friends, you can consider resting here.。
There are only three hotels in Jinding, Jinding Hotel, Jinding Villa, and Huaili Hotel. The price is very expensive all year round, but the platform to leave the sunrise is a step away. You can go to the sunrise with a jacket. The conditions are not bad.
Finally, the grand launch of Emeishan’s characteristic accommodation – temples, Emei Mountain is also one of the few scenic spots that can provide temple accommodation. The temples along the Emei Mountain can be accommodated, allowing visitors to experience the faith of the ancient Buddha and eat an authentic vegetarian meal. There are many rooms, five-person rooms, four-person rooms, three-person rooms, two-person rooms, one-person rooms, standard rooms and deluxe rooms in the temple rooms, all of which are sold according to the bed. The common beds range from 60 yuan to more than 100 yuan. Standard rooms and deluxe rooms The beds range from 200 to 300 yuan. The temple is all-wood structure, with beds, electric blankets, charging sockets, public toilets, public baths, electric water heaters, can eat vegetarian food, standard rooms and deluxe rooms have TVs and separate bathrooms, small temples have no public bathroom. The advantage of temple accommodation is that it will not increase in price throughout the year, including the Golden Week. The disadvantage is that it cannot be booked through the Internet or by phone. It is on a first-come, first-served basis. During the National Day Golden Week, the Xianfeng Temple and Taiziping, which I stayed in, can live at 5 or 6 in the evening, so as soon as possible, the temples are still not full. On the mountain, some places do not have a shop in front of the village, and living in a temple is a better choice. The hardware conditions of the temple are worse than the farmhouse, and it is very hard. It is worthwhile to satisfy the curiosity experience once again. Mindful friends still live in the hotel.

【vegetarian food in temple吃斋饭】
The temple provides vegetarian meals, and the veritable vegetarian meal is exactly the same as the sorghum in the temple. There is a fixed time for vegetarian food, breakfast is 6:30-9:00 10 yuan, lunch is 11:30-14:00 20/30 yuan, dinner is 18:00-21:00 20/30 yuan, and each temple is slightly different. Out of date is gone. Buffet or group meals, including rice, kidney beans, bamboo shoots, potatoes, tomato scrambled eggs, pumpkin, soup, etc., how much to eat, not enough to add, full, can not be left. In the mountains of two or three kilometers above sea level, food is hard to come by, and it is also very happy to have vegetarian food.

Weather: Emei Mountain has more than 260 days of rainy days a year. The climate in the mountains is changeable, and the foot of the mountain is raining. There is no problem climbing the mountain in rainy days, but it is not raining to watch the sunrise.

Night Climb: There are no street lights on the mountain, and it is not recommended to climb at night. Climb the mountain during the day and stay close to the evening.

Raincoat: Must buy, buy at the foot of the mountain, 2-5 yuan / piece, 10 yuan / piece on the mountain. It is convenient to rain and climb the mountain to wear raincoats.

Monkey stick: mountaineering bamboo stick, 2 yuan / root, can be used as a trekking pole, but also scare the monkey, must buy on foot. Choose a stick with a knot at the bottom. If you go up the mountain from Baoguo Temple, you can buy it at the foot of the mountain. If you take a sightseeing bus up the mountain and then hike, the sightseeing car will not let the monkey stick, and then buy it on the mountain. If you take a sightseeing bus and go directly to Leidongping, you don’t have to buy it.
Water Cup: For hiking, buy a 1000ml. The mineral water on the mountain is 5-10 yuan/bottle, but most temples can be used for free.

Food: The mountain foot supermarket is very expensive, the food is best to buy before, or to buy in Southwest Jiaotong University. Every other section of the mountain has a snack bar in the rest area, mineral water, red cattle, instant noodles, rice pudding, barbecue, corn on the cob, fruit, bean curd rice, fried rice, everything, the whole mountain unified price tag, not expensive or cheap. So as long as you go up the mountain, you can prepare some bread and water, and you can solve three meals along the way. Hiking on the mountain must be carried with Snickers, which is very useful for restoring physical strength.

Clothing: The foot of the mountain is not cold. In the low mountainous area, the mountainous area can climb the mountain and wear short sleeves. In the high mountain area, you need to wear long sleeves and jackets. The top of the mountain is low in temperature, you need to catch a fleece jacket, or a sweater and a jacket. There are coats for rent on the top of the mountain.

Sunscreen: The problem is not heavy on rainy days, but on a sunny day, the ultraviolet rays on the mountain are strong, and it will turn into black skin in a while, and apply sunscreen.
Cash: Chengdu and Emeishan, many attractions to buy tickets, tickets, meals, accommodation can only use cash, can not use WeChat, Alipay, friends must be fully cash. The bus coins are prepared in advance, basically 2 yuan or 1 yuan, and the subway banknotes are self-purchased.