Mount Tai

Mount Tai

  • Chinese name: 泰山风景名胜区 Mount Tai Scenic Area
  • Foreign name: Mount tai scenic spot
  • Location: Tai’an City, Shandong Province 山东省泰安市泰山区红门路
  • Climate conditions: temperate semi-humid continental monsoon climate
  • Opening hours: 0:00-24:00
  • Attraction level: National AAAAA-level scenic spot
  • Ticket price: peak season (March-November) 125 yuan, off-season (December-February) 100 yuan
  • Land area: approx. 400 km²
  • Famous scenic spots: Tianzhu Peak, Riguan Peak, Baizhang Cliff, Xianren Bridge, Nantian Gate, Zhongtian Gate, Bixia Temple, Puzhao Temple, etc. 天烛峰日观峰百丈崖、仙人桥、南天门、中天门、碧霞祠、普照寺等
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  • Tel: 0538-96008888
Mount Tai

Mount Tai

Taishan Scenic Area is located in Taishan District, Tai’an City. Mount Tai has been one of the famous mountains in my country since ancient times, and has the reputation of the first of the five mountains. Mount Tai Scenic Area is famous for its magnificence. The steep and towering peaks are very spectacular. Watching the sunrise and sunset from the top of the mountain is also very beautiful. There is often a sea of clouds in the mountains, and in winter there is a spectacle of rime, which is very beautiful. In addition to the natural scenery, there are many cultural landscapes such as historical sites, stone carvings, and religious temples on the mountain.

In spring, you can see peach and pear blossoms in the mountains. In summer, the top of the mountain is green and cool, so it is also a famous summer resort. In autumn, the leaves in the mountains are full of red and yellow, which is very beautiful.

geographical composition

Mount Tai was mainly formed in the Neoproterozoic and Paleozoic, during which it experienced many structural changes and crustal uplift. Under the action of tectonic movement, the earth’s crust is constantly deforming, breaking and uplifting, forming the current Taishan terrain.

History background

According to historical records, as early as the late Shang Dynasty, Mount Tai was already an important sacrificial place. During the Spring and Autumn Period, Mount Tai has become the object of competition among countries. In the twenty-eighth year of Qin Shihuang (219 BC), after Qin Shihuang unified the six countries, he brought Mount Tai into unified management. With the evolution of history, Mount Tai became the place where feudal emperors ascended the throne and coronated.

During the Tang Dynasty, the Taishan area became an important political, economic, and cultural center. The poet Du Fu left a famous line “How about Mrs. Dai Zong, Qilu is still young”.

After the Song Dynasty, Mount Tai, as the center of Taoism and Buddhism, became a famous cultural mountain.

During the Ming and Qing Dynasties, the status of Mount Tai was further improved, becoming a place for emperors to parade, imperial examinations, and a resort for literati to appreciate the scenery and write.

From 1932 and August 1933 to October 1935, General Feng Yuxiang opposed the national government’s non-resistance policy and lived in seclusion in Mount Tai twice. During his residence in Mount Tai, Feng Yuxiang built the Martyrs Temple and the Luanzhou Revolutionary Martyrs Monument in Taishan to commemorate the martyrs of the Luanzhou Uprising of the Revolution of 1911. After the Revolution of 1911, Mount Tai became a public tourist area

Mount Tai

Mount Tai Tourist Map

Mount Tai Shandong Taishan Mountain Tourist Map Shandong Taishan Mountain Tourist Map Shandong Taishan Mountain Tourist Map Shandong Taishan Mountain Tourist Map

Mount Tai Travel Guide

Route :

Taishan Scenic Area has a large area, with a depth of about tens of kilometers. There are several hiking trails up the mountain, as well as highways and cableways, which can be combined with hiking, tourist bus, and cableway. There are four entrances to Mount Tai Scenic Area, namely Hongmen, Tianwai Village, Tianzhufeng and Taohuayu. Each entrance has a route leading to the Daiding Tourist Area on the top of the mountain. Hongmen and Tianwai Village are located in Qianshan. The general tourist route is to go up the mountain from Hongmen or Tianwai Village, and then go down the mountain by other routes on the same day or the next day. In order not to go back, most tourists will go down from Taohuayu. The distance is long and the roads are difficult, and most of them are outdoor backpacker routes.

Red Gate (Hong Gate) Route

The hiking trail at the entrance of the Red Gate was opened when Qin Shihuang granted Zen. This route is mainly a stone-step road, which needs to be walked from the Red Gate to the Zhongtian Gate, passing through Wanxian Tower, Doumu Palace, Sihuaishu, Huimaling, Hutian Pavilion and many other scenic spots. It is also the concentration of many stone carvings on Mount Tai. zone. After arriving at Zhongtianmen, you can choose to take the cable car or walk to Nantianmen and the top of the mountain. You can see Shibapan, Shengxianfang, Duisong Mountain, Chaoyang Cave, Wudafusong and other scenic spots along the way.

The tour route of Tianwai Village

The tour route of Tianwai Village is a road from Tianwai Village to Zhongtianmen. You can take a tourist bus to go there, passing through scenic spots such as Heilongtan, Fanziya, and Feng Yuxiang’s Tomb. After arriving at Zhongtianmen, the route is the same as the second half of the Red Gate route. Tourists who do not want to walk or climb mountains can choose this route.

The Tianzhufeng route

The Tianzhufeng route is a relatively steep hiking trail on Mount Tai. There are few tourists. It is a frequent hiking area for outdoor enthusiasts. It takes about half a day to climb the mountain. This route has beautiful mountains, and there are scenic spots such as carp back, and there is also a performance of “China Taishan·Fengchan Grand Ceremony” at the starting point.

The Taohuayu route

The Taohuayu route is the choice of many tourists when going down the mountain. There is a cableway from the Tianjie on the top of the mountain to the starting point of the Taohuayuan cableway on the mountainside, and then the tourist bus goes from the starting point of the cableway to Taohuayu at the foot of the mountain. The main scenic spot of this route is Taohuayu Caishixi Scenic Area. The colorful textures on the stones are very magical. Those who are interested can go to visit.

These four routes lead to the Daiding tourist area on the top of the mountain. There are Yuhuangding, the main peak of Mount Tai, and the magical Tianshang Street Tianjie scenic spot on Daiding. There are also many scenic spots such as Riguan Peak, Yueguan Peak, Daguan Peak, Zhanlu Terrace, Bixia Temple, Confucius Temple, etc. You can walk slowly Take a slow tour. From the top of the mountain, you can overlook the Yellow River and see the spectacle of the “Golden Belt of the Yellow River”. You can also go to the Houshiwu scenic spot behind the mountain.

Mount Tai

Accommodation information

Generally, the time to visit Mount Tai is 1-2 days, and you can stay on the mountain for one night during this period. There are many inns and hotels near Tianjie and Nantianmen where you can stay. It is more convenient to watch the sunrise, sunset and starry sky on the top of the mountain. On a good night, you can also see the lights of the city on the mountain, and take pictures of the starry sky and city lights. Coexisting photos. You can also camp on the top of the mountain, which is more suitable in summer. In addition, there are many places to stay at the entrance of the mountain.

Climbing Mount Tai at night

Many tourists who watch the sunrise will choose to climb Mount Tai at night, and it is advisable to start around 11 o’clock in the evening. Climbing Mount Tai at night generally chooses the Red Gate route. There will be many people on this road at night, and there will be lights along the way. You can reach the Riguantai or Yuhuangding on the top of the mountain just before sunrise in the morning. It is more suitable to watch the sunrise here.

Mount Tai

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