Ningxia Tengri Desert

Ningxia Tengri Desert

  • Chinese Name: 腾格里沙漠
  • Add:阿拉善盟阿拉善左旗巴彦浩特镇
  • Length from north to south: 240 kilometers
  • East-west width: 160 kilometers
  • Total area: about 43,000 square kilometers
  • Rank: China’s fourth largest desert
Ningxia Tengri Desert Ningxia Tengri Desert

Ningxia Tengri Desert

The administrative division

The administrative division of the Tengger Desert mainly belongs to Alxa Left Banner, and the western and southeastern edges belong to Minqin County of Wuwei in Gansu and Zhongwei City in Ningxia respectively.

The desert includes two parts, Nanjiling in the north and Tengger in the south, which are commonly referred to as the Tengger Desert. There are sand dunes, lake basins, grassy beaches, mountains, remnant hills and plains interlaced in the interior.

internal composition

Sand dunes account for 71% of the area, mainly mobile dunes, most of which are grid-shaped dune chains and barchan dune chains, with a height of 10-20 meters (33-66 feet). There are a total of 422 lake basins, half of which have accumulated water and are residual lakes that have dried up or shrunk.

Swan Lake and Moon Lake

Tengger Desert is the fourth largest desert in China. Tengger Mongolian means sky, which means the vast quicksand is like a boundless sky. There are hundreds of lakes that have existed for tens of millions of years in the desert, among which the more famous ones are Swan Lake and Moon Lake.

Under the blue sky, the desert is vast, desolate and majestic, and the undulating sand dunes of thousands of miles are scattered high and low like solidified waves, and the soft lines show its extraordinary charm. Moon Lake resembles a map of China, half of which is a freshwater lake and half of which is a saltwater lake.

The distance between Swan Lake and Moon Lake is about 35 kilometers from north to north, surrounded by vast desert, with undulating dunes and rolling sand waves, the scene is magnificent and refreshing. Swan Lake and Moon Lake, one big and one small, set off each other and each has its own charm, attracting a large number of tourists.

Ningxia Tengri Desert

Ningxia Tengri Desert Video

Ningxia Tengri Desert

Ningxia Tengri Desert Tourist Map

Ningxia Tengri Desert

Things to do in Ningxia Tengri Desert

1.Camel Riding

Camel riding is a popular activity in the desert, allowing visitors to explore the vast landscape and experience the traditional way of life in the desert.

2.Sand Dune Sledding

Visitors can slide down the sand dunes on a board or sled, which is an exhilarating and fun experience.

3.Visit the Tengri Desert Tourist Area

The tourist area offers a range of attractions, including a sand museum, a desert cultural exhibition, and a camping site for visitors to experience life in the desert.

4.Star Gazing

The desert offers a clear view of the night sky, providing a great opportunity for visitors to stargaze and admire the stars.

5.Desert Safari

Visitors can go on a desert safari and explore the vast desert landscape by jeep or ATV, which is an exciting and adventurous experience.

6.Desert overland

We offer the multiple days desert overland tour to explore the magnificent colorful lakes in the heart of Tengri desert

must see tips

  • The desert has strong sunshine and strong wind and sand, so it is necessary to prepare for wind and sand protection.
  • Ordinary tourists only go to Moon Lake or Swan Lake when they travel to the Tengger Desert.
  • Walking in the desert requires a long time of preparation and exercise, usually 3 days. Ordinary tourists should not try to walk lightly.
Ningxia Tengri Desert Ningxia Tengri Desert Ningxia Tengri Desert Ningxia Tengri Desert