Shanghai Suzhou River

Shanghai Suzhou River

  • Chinese name: 苏州河
  • Foreign name: Suzhou Creek
  • The water system it belongs to: the Yangtze River Basin, flowing into the Huangpu River
  • Starting and ending points: Beixinjing, Shanghai – Waibaidu Bridge 上海市区北新泾——外白渡桥
  • Full Length: 125 KM
  • Number of docks: 15
  • Climatic conditions: North subtropical monsoon climate
Shanghai Suzhou River Shanghai Suzhou River

Shanghai Suzhou River

History background

Shanghai people always have an inexplicable emotion when they mention Suzhou Creek, with a bit of vicissitudes and emotion. The prosperity and luxury on both sides of the strait have been replaced by new buildings. The river remains. As a witness of modern Shanghai, Suzhou Creek has left many representative historical buildings, such as Waibaidu Bridge, Shanghai General Post Office, former British Consulate, former site of Shanghai General Chamber of Commerce, Sixing Warehouse, etc., forming a special nostalgic landscape of modern Shanghai.

governance development

The rise of industries along the Suzhou Creek once caused the river to be seriously polluted. The black and smelly river once affected people’s environment and life, and even the fish and shrimp in the urban area of the river disappeared. It was called “blooming black peony”. After a series of renovations The project, the sleeping Suzhou Creek finally awakened, the trees on both sides of the river, not only the water quality has been significantly improved, but also combined with the historical buildings and creative parks along the coast to form a new landmark in Shanghai, and opened up the Suzhou Creek water night cruise tour route .

Suzhou Creek’s Yesterday and Today

Suzhou Creek has a total length of 125 kilometers. It originates from Taihu Lake and flows into Huangpu River near Waibaidu Bridge. It is the second longest river in Shanghai. Before Shanghai was opened as a port, Suzhou Creek was always called Wusong River. To be precise, the lower part of Wusong River east of Beixinjing was called “Suzhou Creek”. name. The Suzhou Creek, which has been flowing for 5,000 years, records the historical changes of Shanghai from ancient times to the present, and its long journey from prosperity to decline to restoration also represents the development footprint of Shanghai Bund in the past century.

coastal buildings:

There are countless excellent buildings along the Suzhou Creek, including the British Consulate, Licha Hotel, Broadway Building, Wenhui Museum, Xintianantang, Guanglu Theater, Gongji Hospital Dajian, Post Office Building, Waterworks, Tianhou Palace, Riverside The Bin Building, the Fire Room, St. John’s College (later St. John’s University) and so on are good at buildings. Standing by the water, these buildings are called “Lianyun Pavilions”.

“International Architecture Expo” is not exclusive to the Bund, and so is Suzhou Creek. The post office building located in the north of Luqiao, Sichuan, was built in the mid-1920s in an eclectic architectural style. There are fewer alleys in the eastern section of Suzhou River, and most of the residential buildings are high-end apartments. On the other hand, from Henan Road to Hengfeng Road, there are dense alleys, and they are built in different ages and styles. For example, Swenli, located on the south bank of the Suzhou River and on both sides of the Datong Road (called East and West Swenli), extends southward to Xinzha Road. It is an early representative of Shanghai’s new Shikumen alley architecture and was built in 1916. In a nutshell, the difference between the new-style Lane (Shikumen) buildings and the old-style buildings is that the new-style buildings use a large number of Western structures, decoration equipment and decoration materials, and the appearance is more “Western style”. On the banks of the Suzhou River today, new tall buildings abound, in contrast to the old houses. The 21.5-kilometer shoreline of the Suzhou River flowing through Putuo District is full of traces of Shanghai’s modern industrial civilization. It not only has 28 cultural relics protection units above the municipal level and excellent modern protection buildings at the municipal level, but also 37 old buildings that have been identified as having preservation value. architecture

Shanghai Suzhou River

Shanghai Suzhou River Tourist Map

Shanghai Suzhou River

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Shanghai Suzhou River

Shanghai Suzhou River Cruise Ticket

You see the scenery on the boat, and you are the scenery when you are on the shore. After nearly a year of preparation, the water route of “Traveling Suzhou Creek” will be officially put into trial operation on December 15, 2022

This is a Suzhou Creek tourism boutique project that integrates into the historical context, the city style and the life of the citizens.

Tourists follow the virtual tour guide “Yoyou” on the cruise ship, and by taking different routes, they can quickly understand the urban development of Shanghai since modern times. You can also feel the historical heritage, humanistic legends and governance achievements of Suzhou Creek.

Suzhou Creek Cruise Tickets Price:

  • The 60-minute flight ticket for adults is 100 yuan per person, half price for children
  • The 30-minute flight ticket for adults is 60 yuan per person, half price for children

Method of Purchasing Tickets:

  • WeChat mini program: 悠游苏州河
  • Consult Tel:4006900520

Cruise routes

  • One type of route is a 60 minute long route, which includes a one-way route that runs in both directions from Changfeng Park Pier and Changhua Road Pier, as well as the Grand Ring Line that departs from Changhua Road Pier and turns back to Changhua Road Pier at the Bund Source Pier.
  • Another type is a 30 minute route, which includes a small loop line that departs from the Bund Source Terminal and turns back at the Sihang Warehouse Terminal.

cruise ship type

At present, the first batch of cruise ships put into trial operation has 10 ships. There are two types of small cruise ships in the “Shanghai Impression” series and medium-sized cruise ships in the “Space-Time Shuttle” series to choose from, equipped with green electric energy, landscape lighting and removable seats.

The cruise ship on Suzhou Creek is a new energy pure electric cruise ship, the sound of the whole ship can be controlled within 60 decibels during normal operation; and the lighting can be reasonably controlled through effect program management.

The “Shanghai Impression”

The “Shanghai Impression” series of small cruise ships reproduce the shape of the Shanghai brand car, with an open convertible design, which has better permeability and hydrophilicity, and has a capacity of 11 passengers.

The “Space-Time Shuttle”

The “Space-Time Shuttle” series of medium-sized cruise ships are equipped with panoramic glass windows, multimedia flexible transparent screens and toilets, with a capacity of 20 passengers.

Suzhou Creek Cruise Pier

The Bund Yuan Wharf 外滩源码头

The Bund Yuan Wharf is adjacent to the Zhapu Road Bridge, covering the lines of the Peace Hotel, Customs House and other outstanding historical buildings on the Bund, vividly interpreting the “urban spirit” of Shanghai.

The Sihang Warehouse Wharf 四行仓库码头

The Sihang Warehouse Wharf is right next to the landmark Sihang Warehouse; starting from the Sixing Warehouse Wharf and ending at Nanjing Road Pedestrian Street, looking back at the national industrial and commercial situation on both sides of the Su River, it is the water-land linkage route that best embodies the “national spirit” of Shanghai.

Changhua Road Wharf 昌化路码头

Changhua Road Wharf is adjacent to the new Internet celebrity landmark Tian’an Thousand Trees; starting from Changhua Road Wharf, passing through Fuxin No. 2 Flour Factory, Shenxin No. “Practical spirit” industrial heritage routes, etc.

Changfeng Park Pier 长风公园码头

Changfeng Park Wharf is adjacent to Changfeng Park and Children’s Library. And starting from Changfeng Wharf and ending at Zhongshan Park, passing through cultural landmarks such as the former site of the Central Pharmaceutical Factory, the former site of the Shanghai Match Factory, and Raffles City along the way, expressing the “pioneering spirit” of Shanghai.

Zhongshan Wharf 中山码头

Shanghai Suzhou River Travel Guide

Shanghai Suzhou River Shanghai Suzhou River Shanghai Suzhou River Shanghai Suzhou River Shanghai Suzhou River Shanghai Suzhou River Shanghai Suzhou River Shanghai Suzhou River