ShangHai Tourist Attractions
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ShangHai Tourist Attractions
ShangHai Tourist Attractions

ShangHai YuYuan Garden

Yu Garden or Yuyuan Garden (Chinese: t 豫園, s 豫园,. Garden of Happiness) is an extensive Chinese garden located beside the City God Temple in the northeast of the Old City of Shanghai, China. It abuts the Yuyuan Tourist Mart and is accessible from the Shanghai Metro’s Line 10 Yuyuan Garden Station.

A centerpiece is the Exquisite Jade Rock (玉玲珑, Yù Línglóng), a porous 3.3-m, 5-ton boulder. Rumours about its origin include the story that it was meant for the imperial palace in Beijing, but was salvaged after the boat sank off Shanghai

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Recommend Visiting Time:2-3 Hours

  • Sansui Hall (三穗堂, Sān Suì Táng, lit. “Three Tassel Hall”) – includes the Grand Rockery (大假山, Dà Jiǎshān ), a 12-meter-high rockery made of huangshi stone, featuring peaks, cliffs, winding caves, and gorges. This scenery was possibly created by Zhang Nanyang during the Ming Dynasty.
  • Wanhua Chamber (万花楼, Wàn Huā Lóu, lit. “Chamber of the Ten Thousand Flowers”)
  • Dianchun Hall (点春堂, Diǎn Chūn Táng, lit. “Heralding Spring Hall”) – built in 1820, the first year of the Daoguang Emperor; served as the base of the Small Swords Society from September 1853 to February 1855
  • Yuhua Hall (玉华堂, Yù Huá Táng, lit. “Jade Magnificence Hall”) – furnished with rosewood pieces from the Ming Dynasty, shares its name with a mountain near Xinye in Zhejiang.

How To Get to shanghai yuyaun garden

By Taxi
pls take us to yuyuan garden
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By Subway
Transfer to Line 10, get off at 豫园 YUYUAN
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