Sichuan Academy of Arts HuangJiaoPing Campus
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ChongQing Tourist Attractions
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Sichuan Fine Arts Institute

  • Chinese Name: 四川美术学院(黄桷坪校区)
  • Address: 重庆市九龙坡区黄桷坪正街108号
  • Tel: +86 023-86180888;023-86181033
  • Opening Time:
  • Recommended Visiting Time:3 H
  • Tickets : free
  • offical website:
Chongqing people's auditorium

Sichuan Academy of Arts HuangJiaoPing Campus

Sichuan Fine Arts Institute:
There are two campuses, the old campus is in Huangjiaoping, and the school is like a miniature version of Beijing 798, full of artistic atmosphere. ·Chongqing Art Museum and Tank Library Art Center on campus can’t be missed. In addition to the strong artistic atmosphere, various exhibitions will be held from time to time.

· The most famous is the Graffiti Street outside the school. The whole street is full of all kinds of graffiti. It is the largest graffiti art in China and the world today.

1) Sichuan Academy of Arts HuangJiaoPing Campus
More famous is the street outside the school. The buildings in the school are also quite distinctive. It is not convenient to get public transportation from the city.

2)Sichuan Academy of Fine Arts campus Huangjueping:
The campus of Sichuan Academy of Arts is just like other university campuses. It is quiet and beautiful, but there are some more unscrupulous, some disrespectful, and there are more places to see. If you want to find a place on the campus where you forgot to be an art school, it is the canteen of Sichuan Academy of Arts. It is a place that is more ordinary but does not see a little artistic atmosphere. The only advantage is that the price is very cheap, 3 yuan, 5 yuan of vegetables abound, and outsiders can eat at will, you can pay by mobile phone.

Graffiti street

The entrance to Sichuan Academy of Fine Arts campus Huangjueping is a street of graffiti. At that time, 800 people were used. After 150 days of elaborate production, 37 buildings were graffiti, with a total length of 1.25 kilometers! It’s amazing!

Chongqing Sichuan Academy of Arts HuangJiaoPing Campus Photo

Chongqing Sichuan Academy of Arts HuangJiaoPing Campus Video

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Chongqing Sichuan Academy of Arts HuangJiaoPing Campus Tourist Map

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How To Get To Chongqing Sichuan Academy of Arts HuangJiaoPing Campus

By Bus
  • Bus: Take bus Line 223, 233, 256, 277, 823 and get off at Huangjueping Station or Sichuan Academy of Fine Arts.
  • ..
(PS:i will go to Chongqing Sichuan Academy of Fine Arts.Practical Chinese: 我要去重庆四川美术学院(黄桷坪校区)
By Metro|Light Rail:
Subway: Take the light rail line 2 and get off at Yangjiaping Take bus 223, 233, 256, 277, 823 and get off at Huangpuping Station or Sichuan Academy of Fine Art.
By Taxi:
Practical Chinese: 我要去重庆四川美术学院(黄桷坪校区)