Suzhou Huqiu Wedding City

  • Chinese name: 虎丘婚纱城
  • Foreign name: Huqiu Wedding City
  • Location: 江苏省苏州市姑苏区虎阜路999号
  • Ticket Price: Free
  • Area: 300000 m²
  • Category: Wedding Mall
  • establised: spt,2013
  • Opening time: 9:00-18:00 from Monday to Sunday
  • Offical Website:
  • TEl:(+86)512 6556 5666

Suzhou Huqiu bridal City

Suzhou Silk Museum

Huqiu Wedding City is located in the south of Huqiu Mountain Scenic Spot, covering an area of about 120000 square meters, with a total construction area of about 300000 square meters, four floors above the ground and two floors below the ground, and supporting more than 2000 parking spaces. It is constructed and operated by a state-owned company, Suzhou Huqiu Wedding Investment Co., Ltd., with an investment of 2.7 billion yuan. It is the first marriage industry chain complex in China.

Layout And Function

Huqiu Wedding City is divided into four functional areas, namely, Area A (Wedding Shopping Center), Area B (Wedding Shopping Center), Area C (Wedding Experience Pedestrian Street), and Area D (Convention and Exhibition Leisure Center, under construction). It is an engine and industrial center for the development of China’s wedding industry integrating wedding commodities, wedding photography, studio supplies, exhibition release, talent cultivation, and cultural development, Bring perfect one-stop shopping and romantic leisure experience for new couples and merchants around the world

Suzhou Huqiu Wedding City Tourist Map