Suzhou Jinji Lake

Suzhou Jinji Lake

  • Chinese Name: 苏州金鸡湖
  • Address: No. 158, Xinggang Street, Wuzhong District, Suzhou City, Jiangsu Province (Huxi Wanghu Pavilion Pier)江苏省苏州市吴中区星港街158号(湖西望湖阁码头)
  • Area: 7.4 km²
  • Famous attractions: Gate of the East, Ligong Causeway, Jinji Lake Fountain, Jinji Lake Bridge, Ferris Wheel Park, etc.东方之门、李公堤、金鸡湖喷泉、金鸡湖大桥、摩天轮乐园…
  • Tickets: 0-50 CNY
  • Recommend tour time:2-3 hrs
  • Phone: +86 4007 558 558
  • Offical Website:
  • Opening Time: day and night
Suzhou Suzhou Jinji Lake Suzhou Jinji Lake Suzhou Jinji Lake Suzhou Jinji Lake Suzhou Jinji Lake Suzhou Jinji Lake Suzhou Jinji Lake Suzhou Jinji Lake

Suzhou Jinji Lake video

Suzhou Suzhou Jinji Lake

Suzhou Jinji Lake

Jinji Lake is located in Suzhou Industrial Park. Compared with the quaint old town, the tall buildings and modernization here show another side of Suzhou. Jinji Lake is slightly larger than West Lake in Hangzhou. Every day, many tourists come to the lake for leisure walks, shopping, and eating delicious food. New couples also like to come here to take wedding photos.

Suzhou is a city with many lakes, such as Taihu Lake, Yangcheng Lake, Jinji Lake, Dushu Lake, etc. The closest to the ancient city of Suzhou and the most prosperous surrounding is Jinji Lake; the surrounding area of Jinji Lake is currently the most golden area in Suzhou Now, surrounded by big shopping malls, landmarks, restaurants, etc.

Jinji lake is the largest inner city lake in China, top 5A tourist destination to experience the young and dynamic Suzhou.

There are four entrances to the scenic spot. Generally, you enter the park from the west entrance, and there is a bicycle rental point when you exit the subway entrance.

·Ligong Causeway is the only long causeway in the lake in Suzhou Jinji Lake. It retains the traditional Suzhou residential building form.

·The night view of Jinji lake is not to be missed. The colorful digital waterfall made by high-tech means such as digital lighting flows down from the bridge, and the scenery is beautiful.

Suzhou Jinji Lake Tourist Map

Suzhou Suzhou Jinji Lake

Suzhou Jinji Lake Travel Guide

four entrances

There are four entrances to the scenic spot, which is an open park, and you can enter from any entrance. Generally, tourists will enter from the west entrance, and there is a subway near the entrance. You can see the new landmark of Suzhou, the skyscraper of the Gate of the East, commonly known as “big pants”. There is a bicycle rental point just outside the subway exit. If you want to cycle around the lake, you can rent bicycles here.

Entering from the west entrance

Entering from the west entrance is Hubin Xintiandi, which is the entrance of Hubin Boulevard. There are water-friendly and pleasant wooden corridors. There are many artistic bronze statues of human beings erected beside the avenue. When the weather is good, you can see many people running or cycling here. The grass by the lake is suitable for picnics, barbecues, and kite flying. You can also see the “Yuanrong” sculpture standing by the lake. In addition, if you have enough time, you can also buy a boat ticket from the Wanghuge Wharf in the west of the lake to visit the Peach Blossom Island in the center of the Jinji Lake Scenic Area. Every time the peach blossoms are in full bloom, the entire Peach Blossom Island is full of red.

After visiting the west entrance

After visiting the west entrance, you can walk or take a water bus at Wanghuge Wharf to Ligongdi Wharf. Ligongdi is the only long embankment in Jinji Lake in Suzhou. It retains the traditional Suzhou residential building form. You can stroll around Ligongdi International Style Commercial Water Street, you can see that foreign brands and domestic time-honored stores are all set up here. Or you can take a free (extra charge may be charged on holidays) small train on Fengfeng Street to visit the landscape of this area, such as the Fund Museum, extreme sports venues, Huxin Pavilion, Lingyun Bridge and Li Chaoqiong’s Poetry Stele, etc.

Itinerary with Children

If you are a couple or bring children to play, you can also take the water bus directly at the Wanghuge Wharf to the opposite Moonlight Wharf, or enter directly from the north entrance of the scenic spot. The entrance is the Modern Leisure Plaza, where there is the “Suzhou Bird’s Nest” Known as the Suzhou Culture and Art Center, it connects the Red Maple Forest Landscape and the Suzhou International Expo Center, and houses a grand theater, a movie city, and a performing arts hall. You can take pictures here or enter the cultural center to watch a 3D movie.

amusement items

Those who like to play amusement items can walk to the Ferris Wheel Paradise. The buildings in the park are all imitation of European style. You can sit on the Ferris Wheel and overlook the entire lake view. In addition, there are suspended roller coasters, go-karts, etc., which are very worth a visit. Play. Of course, try to avoid visiting on holidays, as there will be a lot of people queuing up to sit on the Ferris wheel.

the night view

After playing these projects during the day, the night view of Jinji Lake is also not to be missed. You can pay to take a cruise ship from the Moonlight Wharf in the east of the lake or the Wanghuge Wharf in the west of the lake at night. The whole journey takes about 40 minutes, and you will pass some scenic spots during the day along the way.

In addition, the Jinji Lake Bridge under the night is not to be missed. The colorful digital waterfalls made by high-tech means such as digital lighting fly down from the bridge. A beautiful scenery.

Accommodation recommendation

There are luxurious and comfortable high-end hotels around Jinji Lake, such as Crowne Plaza Hotel Suzhou. When you come to Jinji Lake, you can enjoy the beautiful scenery of Jinji Lake from the hotel room. Exit 4 of Dongfangzhimen Station of Metro Line 1 is close to Modern Avenue interchange. There are also warm and affordable budget hotels, such as Jinjiang Inn or Orange Hotel.

dining and shopping

There are many restaurants, coffee shops and bars built near the lake near the lakeside Xintiandi and Moonlight Wharf. The most common Starbucks, Kushengshi, Big Fish Teppanyaki, Shanghai Renjia, etc. can be seen here. If you take Metro Line 1 directly to Times Square Station, you can also go to Yuanrong Times Square and Jiuguang Department Store next to it. There are not only restaurants, shopping stores, but also ToysRUs Toys R Us and Cartoony Park that children like. . In addition, the most famous thing here is the Yuanrong Canopy, which is about 500 meters long, 32 meters wide, and 21 meters high from the ground. The giant LED canopy runs across the entire Yuanrong Times Square, and its length exceeds the length of the canopy in Las Vegas, USA. It is turned on regularly every night, and you can see huge lotus leaves blooming above your head, and colorful fish swimming past your head.

Shopping in Jinji Lake Scenic Area

When visiting a city, shopping will always be one of them. Shopping near Jinji Lake is recommended.
Luxury brands go to Jiuguang Department Store, the brands here are high-end and high-end

High-end area: Yuanrong Constellation, Shin Kong Department Store, Yuanrong Tianmu Street, Eslite Bookstore

Here we focus on introducing Suzhou Center, because Suzhou Center is a comprehensive shopping mall, which covers everything from entertainment to food, luxury brands to high-end and economy.

Suzhou Center

Suzhou Center has gathered more than 600 brands, more than 30 brand flagship stores, nearly 200 catering brands, and more than 30 experiential stores.

Indoor high-end gameplay: indoor ski resort, sky horse riding arena, simulated flying experience
The water curtain at night is also beautiful, where you can spend the whole day

Suzhou Suzhou Jinji Lake

Travel Tips

If you visit Jinji Lake for a circle, it is most suitable for cycling, whether it is at night or during the day; a circle around the lake is about 15 kilometers, you can stop to see what you want to see, and you can also take a yacht to visit Jinji Lake.

You can also experience the Ferris wheel

Jinji Lake night view

The three most beautiful places to see the night view of Jinji Lake, Yuanrong Times Square, Ligong Causeway, Moonlight Pier

Harmony Times Square (圆融时代广场)

The most beautiful light show in Harmony Times Square, Tianmu Street is not bad, the surrounding shopping malls are relatively luxurious brands, there are quite a lot of restaurants, Shin Kong Place, Jiuguang Department Store, Harmony Plaza, Eslite Bookstore and so on.
Transportation: Get off at Times Square Station of Metro Line 1

The neighborhood is good for walking, and the riverside is good for chatting

Yuanrong Times Square

Yuanrong Times Square is located on the east bank of Jinji Lake in Suzhou Industrial Park. It is a large-scale, comprehensive, modern and high-quality commercial complex integrating shopping, dining, leisure, entertainment, business, culture, tourism and many other functions. One-stop shopping complex commercial real estate project,The most complete shopping and food court in Suzhou, where you can enjoy the night view of Suzhou

Moonlight Pier (月光码头)

Moonlight Wharf is a good place to blow your hair at night in summer. There are western restaurants, bars and clubs.
There is always something that suits your taste
Transportation: Get off at Kewen Center Station of Metro Line 1

The night view of the Kewen Center on the west side of Moonlight Pier and the Expo Center on the north side is also very good

Li Gongdi (李公堤)

Ligongdi is suitable for riding a green bicycle. If you like to walk, walking is also very good. There are also sightseeing trams. There are also restaurants, bars and nightlife here. There is an exhibition hall on the east side of Ligongdi.

Suzhou Jinji Lake

Sunset at Jinji Lake

The most beautiful golden color of Jinji Lake in Suzhou is the sunset time. Below I will share some of the best places to watch the sunset.

  • Location 1: West of Jinji Lake State Grid Charging Station (a little bit west of Linrui Square Bus Station) 金鸡湖国家电网充电站西侧(邻瑞广场公交站西面一点点)
  • Location 2: Deyue Building Ligongdi Store (得月楼李公堤店)
  • Location 3: Moonlight Pier (月光码头)

Music Fountain

The musical fountain performs every Friday and Saturday from 8:00 to 3:00 pm. It is really beautiful and of course there are many people.
Transportation: Get off at Dongfangzhimen Station of Metro Line 1

Suzhou Suzhou Jinji Lake Suzhou Jinji Lake Suzhou Jinji Lake Suzhou Jinji Lake