Suzhou Tiger Hill

Suzhou Tiger Hill

  • Chinese name:虎丘
  • Location: No. 8, Huqiu Mountain Gate, Gusu District, Suzhou City, Jiangsu Province 江苏省苏州市姑苏区虎丘山门内8号
  • Opening hours: 7:30-18:00 (stop ticket sales at 17:00, stop ticket checking at 17:30)
  • Attraction level: national AAAAA scenic spot
  • Ticket price: 70 CNY
  • Area: 475.9 hectares
  • Famous attractions: Tiger Hill Pagoda, Sword Pool, Thousand Stones 虎丘塔、剑池、千人石
Suzhou Tiger Hill

Suzhou Tiger Hill

Natural and History

Although Tiger Hill is only a small hill, it has natural landscapes such as cliffs and ravines. Due to the construction of the past dynasties, it has formed many cultural attractions. The buildings and plants in the garden set off each other, and it has an exquisite Jiangnan garden style. You can learn about the story of the Spring and Autumn Period here, the Yunyan Temple Pagoda with a sloping exterior landmark.

Characteristic and Feature

The entire Tiger Hill Scenic Area is similar to a square, with a small area, about 500 meters horizontally and vertically, and the height of the mountain is only about 30 meters. You can walk into the scenic area for sightseeing. The scenic spot is mainly divided into three parts, Qianshan, Qianrenshi and the top of the mountain. Each part has many scenic and cultural attractions worth seeing. In addition to the Yunyan Temple Pagoda, there are also Jianchi and Qianren Stone that need to be watched.

gathering place for folks

Huqiu is also an important gathering place for folks in Suzhou. According to the history of “three cities and three festivals”, the scenic spot innovatively launched a spring art flower show (from the end of March to May), showing a large number of precious flowers such as peonies, tulips, Belgian azaleas, and lilies. The charming demeanor of flowers has a high artistic taste; the Golden Autumn Temple Fair (September and October) with strong folk customs is in harmony with the Flower Fair, which reproduces the grand occasion of the Shantang Fair, and presents folk art programs blending the north and the south. It is loved by tourists.

Suzhou Tiger Hill

Suzhou Tiger Hill Video

Suzhou Tiger Hill

Suzhou Tiger Hill Tourist Map

Suzhou Tiger Hill

Suzhou Tiger Hill Travel Guide

Entering Huqiu Scenic Area from the South Gate

Entering Huqiu Scenic Area from the South Gate (ie the main entrance of Huqiu Road), the first thing you come to is Qianshan. The stone arch bridge that catches the eye is the first scenic spot in Qianshan, called Haichong Bridge. Standing on the Haichong Bridge and looking forward, the shape of the mountain looks like a tiger entangled on the mountain. This is also said to be the real reason for the name of Tiger Hill. You can also see the characteristics of the mountain hidden in the temple and the temple wrapped around the hill. Going forward, you can see the Sword Test Stone, which is said to be the place where King Helu of Wu tried the Moye sword. Now go to the Sword Test Stone to watch, and you can see a crack passing through the big stone, just like a knife cutting a sword. There are also scenic spots in Qianshan, such as Duanliang Temple, Xiangbei, Hanhan Spring, Zhenshi, etc., each of which has fantastic and ancient legends, and you can learn about their stories in the explanation of the tour guide.

arrive at the Qianrenshi area

Going forward, you will arrive at the Qianrenshi area. The main attractions here are Qianrenshi, Nodding Stone, Erxian Pavilion and Jianchi. Jianchi is the focus of visiting Tiger Hill. The natural scenery here is very peculiar. On the small hills in the south of the Yangtze River, there is a rare rock wall behind Jianchi. Under the rock wall is a small pool of water. On the rock wall are the four big characters “Huqiu Sword Pool” written by the famous Yan Zhenqing. It is said that there are a lot of treasures in Jianchi. Many kings in history have searched for them here, but it is still a mystery through the ages.

On the top of the mountain

Pick up the gentle steps and go up, and then you will reach the top of the mountain. On the top of the mountain, there are Yunyan Temple Pagoda, Yunyan Temple Ruins and other scenic spots. Yunyan Temple Pagoda is the top priority of Tiger Hill attractions. Its attraction is that it is a leaning tower, the spire of which leans more than two meters to the northwest. It is called China’s “Leaning Tower of Pisa” and “the second leaning tower in the world”. It is very special and attracts many tourists to take pictures here. Yunyan Temple Pagoda is now not allowed to enter the interior, you can just watch it outside.

Lengxiang Pavilion

There is a scenic spot “Lengxiang Pavilion” in Huqiu Mountain. It was built in the sixth year of the Republic of China. There are plum forests planted around the pavilion. From February to March every year, there are sparse shadows and dark fragrances. Visitors who come to Huqiu to enjoy plum blossoms can go to Lengxiang Pavilion to make a pot of fragrant tea, sit alone, taste tea and admire plum blossoms, which will add more elegance.

The Magnolia Mountain House

The Magnolia Mountain House is located on the Tongyou Pavilion in the north of Huqiu Mountain. There is an old Magnolia plant, which is very ancient and famous in Wuzhong. Every year in early spring, magnolias are about to bloom. This area is elegant and beautiful, quiet and comfortable.

Suzhou Tiger Hill Suzhou Tiger Hill