Suzhou Zhouzhuang Ancient Town

Suzhou Zhouzhuang Ancient Town

  • Chinese name: 周庄古镇 Zhouzhuang Town
  • Address: No. 43, Quanfu Road, Zhouzhuang Town, Kunshan City, Suzhou City 苏州市昆山市周庄镇全福路43号
  • Area: 38.96 km²
  • Attraction level: AAAAA level
  • Population: 40,000
  • Famous Attractions: Former Residence of Shen Wansan
  • Tickets:100 yuan for day tour, 80 yuan for night tour
  • Opening hours: February 1st – April 30th 08:00-17:00
  • Famous attractions: Fu’an Bridge, Shuangqiao, Shen Hall富安桥、双桥、沈厅
  • Official Website:
  • Tel:0512-57211699
Suzhou Zhouzhuang Ancient Town

Suzhou Zhouzhuang Ancient Town

Zhouzhuang Ancient Town is not only one of the six ancient towns in the south of the Yangtze River, but has also been selected as one of the “Top Ten Most Beautiful Towns in the World” by CNN in the United States, and has been included in the preliminary list of world cultural heritage by UNESCO.

This world-renowned historical and cultural town is located in the golden zone between Suzhou, Hangzhou and Shanghai.

Suzhou Zhouzhuang Ancient Town

Suzhou Zhouzhuang Ancient Town

Suzhou Zhouzhuang Ancient Town

Suzhou Zhouzhuang Ancient Town Video

Suzhou Zhouzhuang Ancient Town Tourist Map

Suzhou Zhouzhuang Ancient Town Tourist Map Suzhou Zhouzhuang Ancient Town Tourist Map Suzhou Zhouzhuang Ancient Town

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Things To Do

Zhouzhuang is a world-famous ancient water town in the south of the Yangtze River. There are many waterways in the town. The old buildings of Ming and Qing Dynasties were built along the river. The double bridges painted by the painter Chen Yifei portray the gentleness of the people with small bridges and flowing water. The Nanhu Lake in the south of the ancient town is open and beautiful. Zhouzhuang lights up at night, and it has a different artistic conception.

Tour Focus:

In the misty rain in the south of the Yangtze River, the ancient house in the brick gatehouse

The main buildings in Zhouzhuang are Jiangnan dwellings, among which there are nearly a hundred ancient houses, most of which were built in the Ming and Qing Dynasties. The ancient town is surrounded by water on all sides, so the ancient town is formed by the river, and various waterways form a “well” shape embedded in the ancient town, so that Zhouzhuang has formed a characteristic pattern of relying on the water to form a street and using the street as a city. Above the water alleys in Zhouzhuang, 14 ancient stone bridges built in Yuan, Ming and Qing dynasties are well preserved. Ancient bridges, water alleys, and ancient houses are truly “little bridges and flowing water homes”.

Visit ancient houses and follow the footsteps of celebrities

There are many ancient residential architectural monuments here, the famous ones are Zhangting, Shenting, and the mysterious Shen Wansan’s underwater tomb, which is said to be the tomb of Shen Wansan. The Shen Hall was built by the descendants of Shen Wansan. It is a well-preserved Qing Dynasty residence in Zhouzhuang. The original name of Zhangting Hall was Yishun Hall, which was built earlier in the Ming Dynasty. In the Qing Dynasty, it was transferred to a family with the surname Zhang, named Zhangting Hall, and it is a typical official residence of the Ming Dynasty.

The scull boat in the water alley is a beautiful water town dream

The ancient town of Zhouzhuang is small in size, about one to two kilometers in length and width, and you can visit the entire ancient town on foot. However, it is highly recommended to experience boating on the waterway. The boats in the ancient town are wooden boats covered with blue calico, which can accommodate six people at a time. The rowing aunts often sing some Kunqu opera tunes, which are very charming.

Four seasons Zhouzhuang, taste the charm of Zhouzhuang

“Four Seasons Zhouzhuang” is a real water performance that shows the charm of life in Jiangnan water town. It is divided into three chapters: “Water Rhythm Zhouzhuang”, “Four Seasons Zhouzhuang” and “Folk Custom Zhouzhuang”. An ancient water town.

Take a slow life, take a walk in the garden and enjoy leisure

Zhouzhuang is a very suitable place to relax. Get up in the morning and blow the wind by the river, and eat some Jiangnan special breakfast. During the day, you can walk around the town, listen to operas and drink tea in teahouses, or go to cafes to read books and drink coffee. In the evening, you can Go to Qing Bar for a drink, many bars have singers singing or performing.

featured shopping

  • Zhenfeng Cultural Street: Sells Jiangnan handicrafts, including homemade cloth, rice wine, woodblock New Year pictures, bamboo crafts, etc. Most shops close at sunset.
  • Carton King Theme Creative Park: All kinds of decorations and small objects in the store are made of paper, which is very distinctive. You will find that so many interesting things can be made with only paper.
  • Yuanfengshun Liquor Workshop: This winemaking process has a long history. The raw material is the unique glutinous rice in the water town. After many tedious procedures, the wine can be produced. If you are interested, you can buy a pot.
  • Qinglan Gongshe: Mainly hand-painted ceramic plate paintings, most of which are classical figures and images, elegant and unique, quite charming.

Suzhou Zhouzhuang Ancient Town Travel Guide

Zhouzhuang accommodation

If conditions permit, it is recommended to stay in the ancient town for one night to learn more about this place. There are many inns opened by local people in the ancient town. Most of them are located along the river and have a backyard. The environment is very good and quiet. You can choose according to your own needs.

Zhouzhuang Food

When you come to Zhouzhuang, you must taste the snacks here. There are many special snack shops near Zhenfeng Street and Shenting. You can also find all kinds of pastries here, such as the characteristic green balls, sock bottom cakes, waist cakes, etc. You can search for them while shopping.

  • Delicious Wansan hoof: Longfeng Restaurant, Wansan Restaurant 万三蹄:龙凤酒楼,万三食府
  • Grandma’s Cuisine: Shenting Restaurant, Zhouzhuang Huajiantang Bellflower Restaurant 阿婆菜:沈厅酒家,周庄花间堂桔梗餐厅
  • Sanweiyuan: Wansan Restaurant, Shenting Restaurant 三味圆:万三食府,沈厅酒家