Chengdu Panda Breeding Center Tour

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Chengdu Panda Breeding Center Tour

Chengdu Panda Breeding Center+City Highlight Leisure Tour

Tour Number (Buddhist vegetarian meal or Sichuan dishes in handpicked restaurant) Price (Authentic Sichuan Hotpot)
Tour for 2 Traveler 139 usd p/p 169 usd p/p
Tour for 3-4 Travelers 109 usd p/p 129 usd p/p
Tour for 5-10 Travelers 89usd/person 105 usd p/p
Tour for 10-20 Travelers inquiry inquiry

Price Inclusions:

  • Private Transportation: good condition car or tourist bus according to the group size,hotel pick-up and drop-off
  • Guide:Informative and friendly English speaking local guide
  • Tasty lunch in our hand-picked local restaurant
  • Entrance Tickets for the sites List in the itinerary
  • Jasmine Tea in People’s park
  • Tickets:Panda breeding center entrance fee

Price Exclusions:

  • Personal expense: such as Panda souvenir,laundry,drinks,telephone calls,optional activities
  • Gratitudes: Tips for Tour guide and driver which depend on your approval of service
  • Accommodation:N/A
chengdu panda tours
Tour Feature:
No time wasting Instead of finding the way in the maze like Chengdu panda breeding center on your own,just follow your guide who know every corner of it. Private vehicle and driver will be at your service to ensure hustle free transportation.
Informative and accommodating guide Get inspired by your guide who will share not only information but also their own understanding and opinion towards society and the life.
Flexible sightseeing and meal options
  • • Choose 2 sites among various sightseeing options or just let us know where you want to go
  • • Try sizzling hotpot or tasty dishes in local restaurant or vegetarian Buddhist meal for lunch

chengdu panda
chengdu panda tours

chengdu panda

Chengdu Panda Base plus City Highlights Leisure Tour

Day 1:Chengdu Panda Base tours

  • Mnorning:Your guide and driver will meet you in hotel lobby.(You decide the departure time, however,early departure at 7:30am is recommended)
  • Drive to Chengdu Panda Breeding Center, accompanied by our know-every-corner panda expert to enjoy the worry free panda tour ,see the adorable pandas from Baby to adult.
chengdu panda
Lunch Option:
  • • Sizzling Hotpot
  • • Tasty Sichuan style dishes in local restaurant
  • • Vegetarian Buddhist meal
chengdu panda day tour


Day 1:Chengdu City Tour


Choose 2 of our hand-picked sites or just simply let us know where you would like to visit at the time of booking.

1.Wenshu Monastery

It is over 1000 years history yet dynamic and popular among local. You will enjoy serene Buddhist atmosphere, explore the disappearing old neighborhood and browse interesting shops. You can also sign up the ceramic class to make china in China. chengdu Wenshu Monastery

2.People’s Park

The lovely city oasis, the great showcase of Chengdu local life and family friendly.
  • • You may Sit in the bamboo armchair,have a cup of Jasmine tea by the lake in the over 100 years Heming Tea House .
  • Our guide will introduce the tea culture and teach you how to drink the tea like local, great way to experience the leisure Chengdu living style.
  • • Visit the “Match-Making” corner, to know about Chinese people’s attitudes towards love and marriage.
  • • Get a sugar painting for your kids and feed the fish with baby bottle
  • • Appreciate the lovely bonsai garden
chengdu People’s Park

3.Kuan-Zhai Alley&beyond

Restored on the original site of old Chengdu living quarter, travelers will see authentic Sichuan style folk residence, browse interesting shops. Moreover, our guide will take you to much less visited Provincial art academy to appreciate Chinese painting. chengdu Kuan-Zhai Alley

4.Songxianqiao Antique Market

The second largest antique market in China, you will find everything you can imagine and more! Such as
  • • Traditional Chinese painting
  • • Seals
  • • Ancient coins
  • • Brush for painting
  • …………….
It will be really fun to bargain and buy something interesting and cheap. However WestChinaGo do not recommend to spend a big amount of money as antique is hard to tell genuine or fake. Click for Video chengdu Songxianqiao Antique Market

5.Qingyang Taoist Shrine

Buddhist temples are plenty but Taoist Shrines are rear. Check out the unique Taosit architecture and find your own Zodiac . If you are lucky, join the Taosit monks to learn Taichi. We like here ,as it is much less visited by tourists where you will enjoy tranquil atmosphere. chengdu Qingyang Taoist Shrine

6.Shu Brocade Museum

The only museum which demonstrate the traditional and endangered silk weaving skill. You will be amazed by master operate the 4m tall 2m wide wooden loom to weave the elegant and complicated brocade pattern. chengdu Shu Brocade Museum

7.Jinli Street

It should be the most well-know street in Chengdu. Jinli street is stylish and interesting. However, due to its fame, it is very crowded,during public holiday, tourists are the satin fish in the can. That’s the reason we put it in the last. chengdu Jinli Street
chengdu face changing show

Evening optional activity

Sichuan Face-Changing Show
  • • VIP ticket:40USD/person
  • • Central location + complimentary costume dress-up +jasmine tea
  • • A class ticket:32USD/person
  • • Central area which behind the VIP seat+Bowl of Sichuan noodle+Jasmine tea
  • • A class:32USD/person
More Detail


chengdu panda tours

tailored made itinerary

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1Day Chengdu Panda Tour+Leshan Giant Buddha Private Tour

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1Day Chengdu Panda+Leshan Giant Buddha Private Tour

leshan giant buddha tour

1Day Chengdu Panda Tour+Leshan Giant Buddha Private Tour

Tour Number Price
Tour for 1 Traveler 348 USD/Person
Tour for 2 Travelers 198 USD/Person
Tour for 3 Travelers 178 USD/Person
Tour for 4 Travelers 165 USD/Person
Tour for 5 Travelers 138 USD/Person
Price Inclusions:
Private Transportation:Round trip tickets of Chengdu-Leshan high-speed train,ground transportation between each tourist attractionmap
Guide: English speaking Tour guide
Entrance fee:Entrance fee for the sites which listed in the itinerary


Price Exclusions:
Private expense: such as Panda souvenir,laundry,drinks,telephone calls,optional activities
Gratitude: Tips for your guide and driver.not compulsory,which depend on your approval of service


leshan high speed rail

Tour Feature:
★ Combine the Panda Base+Giant Buddha in 1 day.
★ Gain fascinating insight into the behavior, mating habits and physiology of the creatures.
★ Informative, friendly and professional guide
★ Soak up the atmosphere on a walking tour at LeShan Giant Buddha
★ Free hotel pickup and drop-off included
★Itinerary:ChengDu City-–Panda Base–LeShan–MT Emei—Chengdu City
  • chengdu panda tours
  • chengdu panda tours
  • chengdu panda tours
  • chengdu panda tours
  • chengdu panda tours
  • chengdu panda tours

1Day Chengdu Panda +Leshan Giant Buddha Tour

Morning:Chengdu Panda Base

Morning: Early morning, your guide will meet you in hotel,then transfer to the world famous Panda Breeding Center on the outskirts of Chengdu, where many giant pandas are kept and which runs a breeding program dedicated to preserving the species. See numerous pandas, including the chance to see the babies in the nursery. Chengdu Panda Research Base is also the biggest breeding center for the endangered red pandas.

chengdu panda tourNoon:Chengdu-Leshan

Transfer to Chengdu East Railway Station,take the high-speed train to Leshan city(50 minutes ride),mingle with local,enjoy pleasant rural landscape on the way.
Lunch in Local restaurant.

chengdu panda tour
chengdu panda tour
Afternoon:ChengDu-Leshan Giant Buddha-Chengdu

Visit the biggest stone Buddha in the world-Leshan Giant Buddha either by taking the river cruise or hike inside the park.After the appreciation of Leshan Giant Buddha, which has been longtime overshadowed,it still remain tranquil and serene Buddhist atmosphere.

In the late afternoon,exit Leshan Giant Buddha , then transfer to Leshan high-speed train station,catch the train back to Chengdu. Your guide will accompany you back to hotel.


leshan giant buddha tour

china leshan giant buddha tour

china leshan giant buddha tour

china chengdu tour
china chengdu leshan buddha tour

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