GuiLin Jingjiang King Mausoleum Museum

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GuiLin JingJiang King City

GuiLin Jingjiang King Mausoleum Museum

Chinese Name:靖江王府
Visiting Time:1-2hours
tickets: 120 CNY/person
web: N/a
Phone: 0773-2803149;0773-2851941
GuiLin JingJiang King City:乘坐1、2、9、10、11、14、15、18、22、24路公交车至十字街(王城)站下车,步行即可到达
Opening Time:07:30-18:30

GuiLin Jingjiang King Mausoleum Museum

• Jingjiang Wangfu is a group of magnificent and large-scale buildings. It was once the residence of the king of the Ming Dynasty.
• It was constructed in accordance with the rules of the imperial court against the royal palace. The palace building of the entire Wangcheng adopts a strict layout of “central axis symmetry, Zuzu Zuoshe, and front and back sleep”.
• Here, you can learn about the unique Chinese imperial examination culture and the remarkable cultural achievements of the Guangxi Imperial Examination.

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