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JiuZhaiGou Tickets

From 2018 April, jiuzhaigou only offer 2000 pcs tickets everyday, and authority policy demands that individual tourist will not be allowed or accepted.
So tourist have to sign up to travel agency to fullfill the jiuzhaigou tour.
and the key is jiuzhaigou tickets, which play very very important role.

the following is what’s relationship among jiuzhaigou tickets and booking’s payment time and reservation’s validity in 2018 jiuzhaigou tour
it will decide whether you can enter the scenic spot, and affect your hotel’s booking.

1. Where JiuZhaiGou Tickets Come From

JiuZhaiGou authority has a booking system for travel agency, if travel agency cancels the reservation to jiuzhaigou tickets 3 times, then will be deprived of rights for booking tickets forever, in this way, the travel agency will lose their business to jiuzhaigou.

JiuZhaiGou Tickets,
• Only Open to Travel Agency
• only 2000 pcs tickets quota every day
• seconds matter, the available tickets change from time to time.

in 2018, the availabilty of jiuzhaigou entrance tickets will decide your jiuzhaigou trip ok or not.

JiuZhaiGou Tickets VS Payment Time of Reservation

Case 1:you confirm the order to travel agency, but not finish the payment, travel agency will not book for you.no payment, no jiuzhaigou tickets.
Case 2:your confirm order,and after your late payment, it’s highly possibilty to find that runing out of entrance tickets.your trip ruin

JiuZhaiGou Tickets VS Reservation Validity

WestChinaGo insists that accepting clients reservation under getting solid jiuzhaigou entrance tickets.
we don’t try the risk actions.
all depends on clients’s time of confirming jiuzhaigou tour and payment finish.

ReminderPls first plan your travel timeline and book your 2018 jiuzhaigou tour in advance ASAP.

jiuzhaigou tour

JiuZhaiGou Tickets VS Hotel Booking

don’t book the jiuzhaigou hotel without jiuzhaigou tickets.,
it’s no point.

jiuzhaigou tour

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