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qinghai lake
QingHai Lake
• Chinese Name: 青海湖
• Address: 海北藏族自治州刚察县109国道北侧
• Tel: 0974-8519680
• Opening Time:all day
• Recommended Visiting Time:1-2 Day
• Tickets 1 100 CNY for ErLangJian
• Tickets 2 10-20 CNY for oil veg flowers
• offical website: https://www.qhh.gov.cn
cole flower: bloosom at june july aug
from XiNing city: 3 hours ride/150 KM
qinghai lake

QingHai Lake

  • Located west of Xining, Qinghai Lake is the largest inland lake in China. Beautiful scenery and good roads around the lake make this a popular destination for self-help travel.
  • The most beautiful thing in Qinghai Lake is that in July and August, thousands of acres of rape blossoms around the lake flourished. The blue and blue of the blue waters are scattered with golden bright yellow, and the wildflowers of the mountain pastures are colorful, such as silk, and countless cows and sheep are fat and strong, dotted with them. Bird Island in May has become a paradise for birdwatchers.
  • Qinghai Lake is also a holy place to ride. Every summer, the cyclist’s hard-working figure will become another unique landscape on the lakeside, and the annual Qinghai Lake International Road Cycling Tournament will be held here.

QingHai Lake

Qinghai Lake, “a blue sea” in Mongolian and Tibetan, is the largest inland salt lake in China, covering an area of 4,500 square kilometers (450,000 hectares). With an average depth of 20 meters, the lake is known for its vast expanse of misty and wavy blue water.

Around the lake is the endless stretch of picturesque grasslands, rapes and wheat fields. Countless sheep, cattle, and horses are grazing graze under the white cloud-dotted blue sky.

A fascinating attraction of Qinghai Lake is the Bird Island, a sanctuary for many kinds of birds, which is one of China’s eight key bird nature reserves. Covering an area of 0.11 square kilometers (11 hectares), the island provides habitats for over 100,000 migrating bird sits from South China and Southeast Asia. Such a density is rare in the world.

The splendid scenery of Qinghai Lake has attracted millions of tourists. May, June, and July are the best months to go and see the birds.

2019 QingHai Lake Tours,Travel Guide

  1. Best Time to Go: 6 7 8 / 2019
  2. time smart itinerary: check the map
  3. special experience:camp at the lake
  4. activity:bike cycle around the lake
qinghai lake

Best Time To Visit QingHai Lake


is the best time to travel in Qinghai Lake.

July-August is the most beautiful time of Qinghai Lake. The thousand acres of rapeseed flowers around the lake are flourishing, and the temperature is right and the rain is not much. It is undoubtedly the best time to play Qinghai Lake. At this time, it is also the best time to ride around the lake. The annual Qinghai Lake International Road Cycling Race is held during the period. However, during the peak season, not only the accommodation is tight, but the price is also much higher than usual.


At this time, the temperature around the lake is low, but it coincides with the best season for bird watching in Qinghai Lake. There are hundreds of thousands of migratory birds on the bird island, which is a paradise for birdwatchers.


There are more rains in September, and sometimes there will be hail, which is not conducive to travel. Although there was not much rain in October, the temperature difference between morning and evening was already very large, and many tent hotels have begun to evacuate. The accommodation problem is more troublesome.


The weather is cold, but there are thousands of swans to watch.

qinghai lake

2019 QingHai Lake Tours

  • 13-16km from Shanghuanhu West Road out of Heima river is the closest point to the lake. You can touch the lake of Qinghai Lake by yourself in 3-5 minutes on the next road. The scenery is excellent. The bed and breakfast on the West Lake Road is the night sky. The best place.
  • There are no tickets for the tour around the lake. You need to purchase another 100 yuan/person for the entrance to the Erlang Sword Scenic Area. The photo of the rapeseed field will be collected by the Tibetans for 10-20 yuan.
  • Looking out from the heights of the Huanhu Highway, Qinghai Lake is blue, giving people the illusion of walking on coastal roads.
  • Entering the Hunan Road, the eyeballs are immediately attracted by the beautiful colors of the eyes: the yellow of rapeseed, the green of the grassland, the blue of the lake, and the blue of the sky are transformed into a magnificent picture, which is fascinating.
  • Standing on the West Lake Road, the nearest point to the lake, close to the Qinghai Lake, the lake is as clear as the sea, and occasionally the waves piled on the shore, making the whole heart calm.
  • Feel the coolness of the lake at close range. Even in summer, the temperature of the lake is very low. You can feel the coolness of the bones when you touch the lake.
  • Standing on the edge of the lake, letting your head go empty, don’t hurry, take time to waste it…

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How to Get to QingHai Lake from XiNing

qinghai lake tourist map

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