What to Pack to Tibet

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What to Pack to Tibet?

No matter where you go,try to pack efficiently!
Where you are visiting is Tibet,the roof of the world,most of the Tibet trips will not only stay in the capital–Lhasa,but also drive out to the remote,much less developed areas.
You need to take the remoteness and high altitude into consideration.
Things as below you need to put on your packing list:

  • Passport &Chinese Visa&Tibet Permit
  • Bag:1 big backpack plus 1 smaller handy bag.
  • Clothes

Temperature and weather change dramatically,set Lhasa for example,in summer,temperature can reach 30 degree in the daytime,and drop to below 10 degree in the evening.Plus,most hotels in Tibet don’t equip the central heating.The A/C in your room dosen’t work well in the cold temperature.When you travel to Tibet

  • In winter,or whenever you travel beyond Lhasa,such as EBC,or overnight in Namtso holy lake,the warm down garment,fleece pullover,sweater,glove,hat and warm socks are essential on your packing list.
  • Wearing several layers will be much easier for you to adjust the great changes of temperature
  • A down coat is necessary for those who are traveling remote areas,such as Mt.Everest,or do camping
  • A waterproof plus a sweater will be pleasant during your stay in Lhasa
  • For ladies,to visit monastery,please cover your body,no shorts allowed.You don’t need to worry to much about clothes,you can buy once you arrive in Lhasa.


ATM only available in big cities,such as Lhasa,Shigatse.Please do prepare enough cash when you travel beyond civilization.
For credit card,only few big international hotels accept.
In a word,cash will be your best choice when you travel in Tibet.


If your trip is within Lhasa& Shigatse,a lightweight boots or just a pair of New Balance will be fine.But If you will participate trekking or go to Mt.Everest,make sure the shoes you wear can protect your from cold and peddles.

Skin care articles:

sunglasses, hat and high SPF sun block.


Before your trip to Tibet,consult your doctor about the medicine which you are going to take .Most over-the-counter medicines are available in Lhasa,but take enough medicine from your own country will be much easier and hassle free.. If you .

For who wear contact lenses

Make sure to bring enough cleaning solution during your stay in Tibet, since this is hard to find, and expensive.

Trekking Equipment:

Westchinago can help you to arrange all the necessary trekking equipments from tent,camping kitchen,water filter etc.


Bottle of purified water or the thermos are available throughout Tibet.

For Electrical appliance:

The electrical current in Tibet is 220 V, AC 50 Hz. But There are numerous different plug types used in Tibet , so it might be easier to purchase an adapter once you get there.

Oxygen supply:

You can buy oxygen bag or portable oxygen tank in big cities, for the tours which are out of Lhasa,the oxygen bag will be loaded in the vehicle.