Xi’an Guangren Temple

  • Chinese name: Guangren Temple
  • Foreign name: GuangRen Lama Temple
  • Location: Xi’an, Shaanxi
  • Created: Kangxi forty-four years (1705)
  • Type: Tibetan Buddhist Esoteric Buddhism
  • Temple Cultural Protection Level: National Key Cultural Relics Protection Unit
  • Value: The only Green Tara main ashram in China
  • Scenic level: 4A level scenic spot
  • Opening hours: 08:00—18:00
  • Tickets: Price Free
  • Suggested play time: 1-2 hours
  • Suitable play season: all seasons
Xi'an Guangren Temple

Xi’an Guangren Temple

Guangren Temple in Xi’an is the only Tibetan Yellow Sect temple (Gelug Sect) in Shaanxi. It was built in 1703 by Emperor Kangxi, the holy ancestor of the Qing Dynasty, and he personally inscribed the plaque “Guangren Temple”. After the completion of Guangren Temple, living Buddhas and lamas from Tibet, Mongolia, Qinghai, Gansu and other regions all stayed in the temple to worship when they passed by Shaanxi.

Guangren Temple is also the only main temple of “Green Tara” in China. Green Tara is said to be the incarnation of Avalokitesvara Bodhisattva in Lamaism. After entering the gate of Guangren Temple, there are buildings such as the Daxiong Hall, the Sutra Hall, and the Dharma Hall on the central axis. When you step into the main hall, you will find that what is enshrined in the hall is not the common statue of Sakyamuni Buddha, but a 2-meter-high majestic and exquisite gold-plated copper-green Tara statue. On the left side of the green Tara is The statue of Tianmu with a wooden bun and the statue of Tianmu with giant light on the right are all cultural relics of the Tang Dynasty. The whole hall is surrounded by 40 prayer wheels, full of the style of Tibetan Buddhist temples.

Although Guangren Temple is not big, there are many things to see. In addition to the Green Tara Buddha statue in the Daxiong Hall, you can also see the “Imperial Guangren Temple Stele” in the temple. The inscription was written by Kangxi himself, recording the process of building the temple; the original inscription of “The Imperial Guangren Temple Stele” The original has been preserved for more than three hundred years. The rice paper has been yellowed for a long time, but the handwriting is clear and dignified, which is a masterpiece of calligraphy.

In front of the second hall in the temple, you can see a white marble lotus vat, which is carved from a piece of white marble, with brocade carved outside the vat, and an inscription in official script engraved in the Qianlong period inside the vat, commonly known as “Qianlong Orchid Vat”. In front of the scripture hall is a “white marble throne carved with lotus”. It is said that the Buddha statue of Sakyamuni on the throne was brought to Tibet by Princess Wencheng.

In addition, there are also a pair of nanmu dragon lanterns awarded to Guangren Temple by Empress Dowager Cixi when she traveled westward, a plaque of “Ciyun Xiyin” inscribed by Emperor Kangxi, and a plaque of “Majestic Dharma” inscribed by Empress Dowager Cixi (hanging in the Hall of Thousand Buddhas), A number of precious plaques such as the “Buddhist Holy Land” inscribed by Qianlong and the “Solemn Buddha Land” inscribed by Kang You.

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Xi'an Guangren Temple

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