Yangshuo Longjing River Rafting

  • Chinese Name: 龙颈河漂流
  • Add: 广西壮族自治区桂林市阳朔县兴坪镇大源林场
  • Opening Time: April to October
  • Tel: 0773-8704999/0773-8704888
  • Website:www.ysljhpl.com
  • Full length of rafting: 4 kilometers,
  • Rafting time about: 2.5 hours,
  • Lazy river section difference: 220 meters
  • Opening hours: 10:30-16:30 all year round; 1st drift 10:30, second drift 13:00, third drift 15:00, fourth drift 17:00 (4 drifts per day)
  • Price: from 150 RMB
Yangshuo Longjing River Rafting

Yangshuo Longjing River Rafting

Longjing River Scenic Spot is an original ecological tourism scenic spot invested and developed by Yangshuo Longjinghe Forest Ecotourism Co., Ltd. The scenic spot is located in the National Forest Park of Yangshuo County, Guilin, with a forest area of 128,000 mu.

The Longjing River Scenic Spot only takes 90 minutes to drive to downtown Guilin, 35 kilometers to Yangshuo County, and less than 30 minutes to the Yangshuo exit of Guiwu Expressway. The asphalt road and cement road lead directly to the scenic spot. road sign. There are special bus lines to pick up and drop off tourists in Liuzhou City, Guilin City and Yangshuo County, and the traffic is very convenient.

“Wise people enjoy water, benevolent people enjoy mountains”, rafting on the Longjing River allows you to feel the thrill and excitement of “big waves hit your face, waves stop flying boats”, while alpine adventures and forest hiking allow you to return to nature, get close to nature, and enjoy the 100,000 acres of forests Oxygen! Enjoy the excitement and happiness that belongs to you! Make you unforgettable for a lifetime…

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Yangshuo Longjing River Rafting Yangshuo Longjing River Rafting Yangshuo Longjing River Rafting Yangshuo Longjing River Rafting Yangshuo Longjing River Rafting Yangshuo Longjing River Rafting

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Yangshuo Longjing River Rafting Yangshuo Longjing River Rafting

Yangshuo Longjing River Rafting Travel Guide


Children under 1.4 meters tall, elderly people over 55 years old, people with high blood pressure, pregnant women, heart disease, drunkenness, seasickness, seasickness, mental illness and other people are prohibited from rafting. Avoid unnecessary surprises.

The terrain of Yangshuo is high in the north and low in the south, which determines that going north must be upstream and hiking in the forest. It is also rafting. Compared with the Yulong River, the Longjing River is more exciting and consumes more physical strength. If the Yulong River is suitable for tourists of all ages, the Longjing River is only suitable for the strong and strong, and children must be supervised by adults. . It is recommended that those who go rafting should focus on saving their physical strength, and do not do forest hiking at the same time. Even in the flood season, the water volume of the Longjing River is not large. Drifting relies on the unified opening of the upstream gates to release water. When the gates are not opened, the riverbed is often dry, so it is said that it is a waterway on land.

The whole process of rafting: The rafting river is 6 kilometers long, with an overall drop of 180 meters. The mountains on both sides of the valley are stacked, the forests are wild, the clear streams are gurgling, and the springs are flowing together. The water quality is extremely clear. There are also ancient trees, strange stones, and fruit forests on both sides of the river valley. There are more than 10 exciting places with a drop of 3-6 meters and 108 twists. Along the way, there are many exciting and exciting, full of thrills and excitement, making you howl and scream every second. The water flow is turbulent throughout the whole process, drifting in the natural river valley with nine bends and eighteen bends. Here, you can cross dangerous shoals, rapid currents, whirlpools, surfing tips… Move back to the majestic and thrilling, and feel the dragon neck. The surging and exciting soul of the river warriors will challenge your courage and courage, vent your pressure, and produce endless fun in tension and excitement.

Tips 1:

Yangshuo Longjing River rafting ticket price starts from 150 yuan, divided into warrior 1 rafting and warrior 2 rafting.
Longjing River warrior 1 rafting time: about 2.5 hours, the journey is 4.5 kilometers, and the water drop is 220 meters.
Longjing River warrior 2 drifting time: about 1.5 hours, the most exciting and the largest drop.

Reminder: You are not allowed to bring your belongings while rafting on the Longjing River in Yangshuo. The ticket office provides storage services, and the charges are very high. In the past, everyone had to leave lightly.

Tips 2:

Due to the lack of rafting experience for most tourists, the preparations before departure are not well done. When they arrive at the rafting site, they find that they are short of things and they make themselves passive. The following are the matters needing attention:

  1. The suitable time for rafting is from April to October.
  2. Bring more clothes. Drifting will inevitably “wet”, and it is very uncomfortable to change without dry clothes after landing. Do not wear leather shoes to participate in rafting, flat slippers, plastic sandals and travel shoes are acceptable. In bad weather, the water is cold, and in good weather, you should pay attention to protection from cold and sun protection. It is best not to use expensive clothing, shoes and hats for rafting.
  3. Do not do dangerous actions on the water. Generally speaking, the rafting river section is relatively safe. As long as tourists don’t make their own decisions to disembark at will, do not fight with each other, and do not take the initiative to catch the floating objects in the water and the vegetation and stones on the shore, the raft will not overturn. It doesn’t matter if the boat capsizes, just hold your breath and be careful not to choke on the water, because the life jacket can make the fattest fat man float, always pay attention to the “guide drift” for the safety of tourists – the water staff will rush to you immediately.
  4. Only bring drinking water on the raft. Cell phones, paging, documents and cash… Don’t bring anything that is afraid of water to the water. In fact, it’s best not to bring anything else on the water except a bottle of water (you get thirsty after a while of rafting). The stories of cameras and watches falling into the water have happened in every scenic spot.
  5. Make full use of the services provided. Before entering the water, you must pay attention when the tour guide tells the precautions; after entering the water, if your water is not good, try to get close to the drift guide. The drift guides are familiar with the channel conditions and have good boating skills. They can even drag your boat away when you have no strength.
  6. What parents must know: Children who are too young should not float, nor can they swim. The rivers in the mountains are complicated, with rapids and rapids everywhere, and it is very dangerous for naive children to move around on the boat.
  7. The drifting boat should obey the command of the boatman when passing through the rapids. Don’t move around casually. You should hold the safety rope tightly, tighten your feet, and tilt your body toward the center of the hull.
  8. During the rafting process, pay attention to the arrows and signs along the way. It can help you find the main waterway and be alert to the falling water area in advance.
  9. It is best to prepare something to warm up after rafting to prevent illness.

How to go to Longjing River rafting in Yangshuo?
There is a bit far from Yangshuo, and it takes about half an hour to get there. There is a special line from Yangshuo Bus Station to Longjing River Rafting Resort. Departure time: 9:00, 11:30, 14:30, and the round-trip fare is 32 yuan.

Yangshuo Longjing River Rafting