Yunnan Kunming Tour

Yunnan Kunming

  • Chinese name: 昆明
  • Foreign name: Kunming
  • Alias: Spring City
  • Location:Yunnan Province, China
  • Geographical location: Central part of Yunnan-Guizhou Plateau, northern part of Dianchi Basin
  • Area: 21012.54 km²
  • Areas under its jurisdiction: 7 districts, 3 counties, 1 county-level city and 3 autonomous counties
  • Government resident: No. 1, Jinxiu Street, Chenggong District
  • Telephone area code: 0871
  • Zip Code: 650000
  • Climate conditions: subtropical plateau monsoon climate
  • Population: 8.6 million (resident population in 2022)
  • Famous attractions: Stone Forest, Dianchi Lake, Green Lake, Golden Palace, Yuantong Temple, Golden Horse and Jade Rooster
  • Airport: Kunming Changshui International Airport
  • Railway Station: Kunming Railway Station, Kunming South Railway Station, Kunming North Railway Station, etc.
  • License plate code: 云 A
  • Gross regional product: 754.137 billion yuan (2022)
  • Dialect: Southwest Mandarin-Kungui Film-Kunming Dialect
  • Per capita GDP: 93,853 yuan (2019)

Yunnan Kunming

Kunming is one of the first batch of China’s excellent tourist cities. There are more than 200 cultural relics protected by governments at all levels. There are more than 100 key scenic spots such as the World Horticultural Expo Garden and Yunnan Ethnic Village, and more than 10 national tourist routes, forming a tourism with Kunming as the center, radiating the whole province, connecting Southeast Asia, integrating tourism, sightseeing, vacation and entertainment system.
In 2021, Kunming will receive 173.5185 million domestic and foreign tourists

Yunnan Kunming Tourist Attractions

Tourist Attractions Around Kunming

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Yunnan Kunming Tourist Map Yunnan Kunming Tourist Map Yunnan Kunming Tourist Map Yunnan Kunming Tourist Map Yunnan Kunming Tourist Map Yunnan Kunming Tourist Map

Yunnan Kunming Tour Things To Do

Yunnan Kunming Tour

籇新农贸市场 Zhuanxin Farmers Market

  • Location: 昆明市新闻路籇新农贸市场
  • Recommended index 推荐指数: 5 star

  1. Gather all kinds of gourmet snacks, you can have breakfast on an empty stomach;
  2. Gathering meat, vegetables, melons and fruits, cooked food and super loving market, you can experience many old-fashioned cultures in Kunming;
  3. There are a lot of new and interesting things that have never been seen before, which are very attractive!
  1. 云集了各种美食小吃,可以空着肚子来吃早饭;
  2. 云集肉类、蔬菜、瓜果、熟食超有爱的市场,可以感受 昆明 很多老底子文化;
  3. 可以讨价还价哈;
  4. 有很多新鲜好玩和以前从没见过的玩意儿,特别吸引人!

Kunming Food Tour Route


The most concentrated area of Kunming’s delicacies is located in the old town around Cuihu Lake Park. There are not only delicacies here, but also cultural attractions such as the Army Lecture Hall, Wen Yiduo Memorial Hall, Yuantong Temple, etc. You can eat while shopping. In the afternoon, you can go to the Zhuanxin Farmer’s Market. There are three meals and four seasons of Kunming people here. There are all kinds of snacks. You will not be disappointed.

Kunming Food Day Tour


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