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Chengdu WestChinaGo Travel Service

is ChengDu local tour operators and being in the travel sector more than 10 years.

yuMore Difference

As travelers,we find out fly such a longway to a totally unfamiliar country, should not only shuffle from one site to another, taken by guides who mostly only tell you about the facts and history which you can google by yourself at home.

yuTo Blend With Local

More surprisingly, we realized when we were back home,the most unforgettable and touching moments are not what we saw on sites, instead, are the people we met, yummy food in the authentic local restaurant without English menu, the serendipity that found a hidden gem……

yuMore Travel Experience

Although with the help from tripadvisor, expedia… before going, we still feel shortage of local guidance, cause most of the reviews and comments are contributed by travelers, not the people who really live and work there. As local tour operators based in Chengdu, we found the tour packages are all “Classic” and similar. And on account of the barrier of language and culture,make travellers can only touch the surface.

Therefore, we set up westchinago to combine our rich local knowledge and resources with our own travelling experience, to present you not only regular tour options, we will show you how Chinese people live and work and help you understand their hopes and dreams, share and celebrate both the similarities and differences between You &Me.

How To Plan ChengDu Tour

WestChinaGo Travel offers you more than what you expected!From planing to the itinerary to the end of tour,during the whole process, we always make sure that you have satisfied experience

As Local Travel Agency, we will recommend tours and detailed travel guide with authentic local style…..

chengdu westchinago travel service

ChengDu WestChinaGo Travel Service

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chengdu westchinago travel service
chengdu westchinago travel service

The Tour Car We Use
chengdu car rental,charter car
chengdu car rental,charter car
chengdu car rental,charter car