jiuzhaigou food


jiuzhaigou food are based on local tibetan style, the following food is Tibetan people eat every day.

1. 牦牛肉 Yak Meat

牦牛肉是藏区非常常见的一种食物了,既有牦牛肉干,也有卤牦牛肉,也有用新鲜牦牛肉做的各种菜肴。Yak meat is a very common food in Tibet. There are jerky yak meat, braised yak meat, and various dishes made with fresh yak meat.

2. 青稞酒 Barley wine

青稞酒色微黄,酸中带甜,有“藏式啤酒”之称,是藏事胞生活中不可缺少的饮料,也是欢度节日和招待客人的 上品。按照藏族习俗,客人来了,豪爽热情的评价要端起青稞酒壶,边斟三碗敬献客人。前两碗酒,客人按自己的酒量,可喝完,也可剩一点,但不能一点也不喝。第三碗斟满后则要一饮而尽,以示尊重评价。
藏族同胞劝酒时,经常要唱酒歌,歌词丰富多彩,曲调优美动人。青稞酒的种类有很多,既有高度数的白酒,也有度数很低的青稞酒饮料。景区内一般10元/碗。The highland barley wine is yellowish in color, sweet in sour, and known as “Tibetan beer”. It is an indispensable beverage in the lives of Tibetans, and it is also a top grade for celebrating festivals and entertaining guests. According to the Tibetan custom, the guests came, and the enthusiastic appraisal should pick up the barley jug and pour three bowls to present the guests. For the first two bowls of wine, the guests can drink it up according to their own volume, or they can have a little left, but they can’t not drink at all. After the third bowl is full, you have to drink it all in one shot to show respect and appraisal.
When Tibetan compatriots persuade them to drink, they often sing wine songs. The lyrics are colorful and the tunes are beautiful and moving. There are many types of highland barley wine, including high-level liquor and low-level barley wine beverages. Generally 10 yuan/bowl in the scenic area.

3. 酥油茶 Butter Milk Tea

酥油茶主要原料是酥油、牛奶,还可加核桃仁、花生仁、芝麻仁、鸡蛋和盐。将这些原料放入搅拌桶,再将茶水煮至棕红色后倒入,搅动片刻后,一桶喷香的酥油茶就制成了。制成的酥油茶一般倒入一把大壶,并放在微火上保温。景区内一般10元/碗 The main raw materials of butter tea are butter and milk. You can also add walnut kernels, peanut kernels, sesame kernels, eggs and salt. Put these raw materials into a mixing bucket, boil the tea until brownish-red, and pour it in. After stirring for a while, a bucket of fragrant butter tea is made. The prepared butter tea is generally poured into a large pot and placed on a low heat to keep it warm. Generally 10 yuan/bowl in the scenic area

4. 青稞饼 Highland Barley Cake

青稞饼是用青稞面调制烘烤而成的,色泽金黄,香甜可口。景区内一般10元/个。The highland barley cake is made by mixing and baking highland barley noodles. It is golden in color and sweet and delicious. Generally 10 yuan per month in the scenic area.

5. 酸奶 yogurt

将牛奶煮沸,倒入木桶,再加少量的旧酸奶作发酵剂,温度控制在 30 -40 ℃之间,酸奶就制成了。酸奶形似嫩豆腐,并有一种芳香的气味,酸甜可口。The milk is boiled, poured into a wooden barrel, and a small amount of old yogurt is added as a starter. The temperature is controlled between 30 -40 ℃, and the yogurt is made. The yogurt is shaped like soft tofu, and has an aromatic smell, sweet and sour

6. 糌粑 Tsampa

糌粑一般用手捏成团状,直接用手掰着吃,除了主要原料以外还会用酥油、糖、青稞酒等一起调制。不过不一定能符合内地人的口味,所以尝试一下即可。Zanba is a staple food of the Tibetans, which resembles fried noodles from the mainland. The raw materials of tsampa are highland barley, peas, oats and so on. No matter if Tibetan compatriots go to work in the field, go to the mountains to graze, or travel, they must carry tsampa with them. Tsampa is easy to carry, and it is also a cooked food. It is a cheap, convenient and practical food in pastoral areas with sparsely populated areas and lack of fuel.
Tsampa is usually kneaded into a dough by hand and eaten directly by hand. In addition to the main raw materials, it is also prepared with ghee, sugar, and highland wine. But it may not meet the tastes of mainlanders, so just give it a try.

7. 荞麦面食 Soba Pasta

荞麦磨成面粉可以做很多好吃的食物,如荞麦馒头,荞麦面条。一碗牛肉荞面再加上小菜佐食,虽然简单,却有地道的藏式风味。Grinding buckwheat into flour can make many delicious foods, such as buckwheat buns and buckwheat noodles. A bowl of beef soba noodles with side dishes, although simple, has an authentic Tibetan flavor.


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