beijing jinshanling great wall

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BeiJing jinshanling Great Wall

BeiJing jinshanling Great Wall

The Jinshanling Great Wall is located at the junction of Luanping County of Chengde City and Miyun County of Beijing. It is about 130 kilometers away from the Beijing area. It is a section of the Great Wall built by Qi Jiguang, a famous anti-mite in the Ming Dynasty. This section of the Great Wall is built with a lot of mountains and windings. It is a winding and beautiful place. The view is very broad and spectacular. It is the most beautiful and magnificent part of the Great Wall in the Ming Dynasty. Moreover, the Jinshanling Great Wall has not been rebuilt, and it still maintains its original appearance compared with the Great Wall in other parts of Beijing. It has a simple and pure feeling. There are not many tourists here, and it is quiet and comfortable when you are playing. It is an excellent choice for visiting the Great Wall in the suburbs of Beijing.

The entire Jinshanling Great Wall is about 10.5 kilometers long and about 5-6 kilometers in the scenic area. The Great Wall is east-west on the ridgeline on the south side of the scenic spot. Corresponding to the north side of the Great Wall is an approximately parallel road, and the starting point on the east side of the road is the entrance to the scenic spot.

  1. On the road, there are three Great Walls leading to the top of the road, which are the culverts near the entrance to the scenic spot, the Shaling ditch in the middle of the road and the brick sluice at the end of the deepest road. It takes 1 hour for each entrance to climb the Great Wall. Left and right, you need a certain amount of physical strength. There is a ropeway at Hanlonggou. It takes only 20 minutes to take the cableway up the mountain, 40 yuan for one-way trip and 80 yuan for round-trip. Those who lack physical strength can choose to ride. It takes about half a day to visit the entire scenic spot. If you come from the Beijing area, you will need to prepare for a day or so. Regular visitors come here to choose the Great Wall from the side of Hanlonggou to take the cableway to the top of the mountain. After going east to west, they will go down from the west side and then return to the scenic gate along the road. If you want to challenge the full physical walk, it is recommended to go up the mountain from the bricks and the west to the east, so that the scenery will gradually become more exciting. At the end of the east side of the Great Wall, it is connected to the Simatai Great Wall Scenic Area. After watching the Jinshanling Great Wall, you can directly purchase tickets to enter the Simatai Great Wall and visit the two scenic spots. The main point of this section of the Great Wall is that its trend is steep and the views on both sides are very broad and spectacular. Photographing is very suitable. CCTV’s advocacy of civilized advertising background is also filmed here.
  2. The easternmost section of the Great Wall is called the Great Wall of the Words. Seventy percent of the bricks are engraved with text, which records the manufacturing units and time of the city bricks. It is very unique and precious, so you can observe it. In addition, this section of the Great Wall has not been overhauled, so it is still relatively simple, and you can see the most authentic look of the Great Wall here.
  3. In recent years, shooting sunrise and sunset at the Jinshanling Great Wall is also popular. Photographers can consider staying nearby for one night to shoot. There are several farmhouses at the entrance of the scenic spot. The price of the standard room is about 100 yuan, and you can dine at the same time. There are a number of hotels available for accommodation in Simatai New Village, 4-5 km south of the scenic spot. The hotel standard room is about 200 yuan.
BeiJing jinshanling Great Wall

BeiJing jinshanling Great Wall

• Chinese Name:金山岭长城
• Address:承德市滦平县境内
• Tel:0314-8830222
• website:
• Tickets:55-65 CNY
• Cable Car:40 CNY/ single trip; 60 CNY/round trip
• Opened:06:00-18:30
• recommend visiting time:1 Day

How To Get to jinshanling Great Wall from beijing

  • Shuttle: 1. Beijing Dongzhimen Bus Station will open the Jinshanling Great Wall Tourist Line from April to November every year. The departure time is 8:00 every day on Saturday, Sunday and other statutory holidays, and return from Jinshanling Great Wall at 15:00. A one-way drive takes approximately 2 hours. The fare is 120 yuan and includes round-trip fare, scenic tickets and one-way cable tickets.
  • 2. From Beijing City, take a bus to Miyun County (multiple classes), take the Mi 51 bus at Miyun Bus Station and get off at Simatai Village (Gubei Water Town) Station (about 12 yuan), take a taxi to the scenic spot. About 50 yuan / car
  • 3. car rental with driver, pls consult us

BeiJing jinshanling Great Wall travel guide

  • The Jinshanling Great Wall is beautiful all year round, and the annual solar calendar is the season of flower viewing.
  • The entire Great Wall is about ten kilometers. There are many ways to play it. The corresponding route has been studied in advance according to personal time and physical strength.
  • The main scenic spots are the main entrance and the east gate. The main entrance has an oversized parking lot. If the private car is driving by car, you can park the car to the parking lot and then purchase tickets at the visitor center. The adult ticket is 65 yuan, and the online platform purchases 60 yuan. There is still a distance from the visitor center to the ticket gate of the scenic spot. The scenic spot provides a shuttle bus for ten yuan per person.
  • The scenic area is fully equipped, and many photographers come here to take photos of the Great Wall and sunrise and sunset. It is very beautiful. There is a place in the scenic spot where you can camp.
  • Has not been developed, the scenery is absolutely good, there are not many tourists, foreigners like to go
BeiJing jinshanling Great Wall

BeiJing jinshanling Great Wall toruist map

BeiJing jinshanling Great Wall tourist map BeiJing jinshanling Great Wall tourist map

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BeiJing jinshanling Great Wall BeiJing jinshanling Great Wall

BeiJing GuBeiKou Great Wall

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BeiJing GuBeiKou Great Wall

BeiJing GuBeiKou Great Wall

The completely original wild Great Wall is more suitable for people on an adventure walk.

The Gubeikou Great Wall is the most complete Great Wall system in the history of the Great Wall in China. It consists of the Great Wall of Beiqi and the Great Wall, including four sections of Wohu Mountain, Longlong Mountain, Jinshanling and Simatai. Gubeikou is the Great Wall Fortress between Shanhaiguan and Juyongguan. It is the throat of the Liaodong Plain and Inner Mongolia to the Central Plains. It has always been a battleground for the military, especially in the five dynasties of Liao, Jin, Yuan, Ming and Qing Dynasties. The battle between the big and the small for the Gubeikou has never stopped, so the role of the Great Wall is particularly important.

  1. The mountains of the Great Wall are not high, and the roads up the mountain are covered with large and small stones. Looking down from the heights, the Great Wall twists and turns, the sun sets, and there is a sense of loneliness.
  2. Some road sections are ruined and broken. It is best not to go when there is a strong wind. It is dangerous.
  3. There are also attractions such as Yanglinggong Temple, Longlong Mountain and Gubeikou Anti-Japanese War Site around the Great Wall.
BeiJing JuYongGuan Great Wall

BeiJing GuBeiKou Great Wall

• Chinese Name:古北口长城
• Address:北京市密云区古北口镇古北口村
• Tel: 010-81052790
• Tickets:45 CNY
• Cable Car:90 CNY/ single trip
• Opened: 08:30-16:30
• recommend visiting time:1-3 H
• gubeikou water town website:

How To Get to GuBeiKou Great Wall from beijing

  • 1. Bus: Take the Mi 25 bus to the station and get off at a walking distance.
  • 2. Direct bus: North side of Dongzhimen Bus Terminal, 942 Road, Dongzhimen to Gubei Water Town round-trip tourist bus. Normally, the car will depart daily. For details, please contact customer service at 010-81009999.lenth:134 KM, time:120 Mins;tickets:48 CNY /single trip
  • 3. car rental with driver, pls consult us

BeiJing GuBeiKou Great Wall travel guide

  • It is a pity that there is a military restricted zone between the Wohu Mountain and the Longlong Mountain, the Longlong Mountain and the Jinshanling. The three sections are still not freely connected.
  • The ticket office is about three kilometers from the entrance to the Great Wall.
  • A stronghold of Gubei’s anti-Japanese war is also historic, alongside the Gubei Museum.
  • This section of the Great Wall is very close to Gubeikou Town. There are many farmhouses in Gubeikou Town, and accommodation is acceptable.
BeiJing GuBeiKou Great Wall

BeiJing GuBeiKou Great Wall toruist map

BeiJing GuBeiKou Great Wall

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BeiJing JuYongGuan Great Wall

Great Wall of China

Great Wall of China

Great Wall of China

in beijing, there are the following 6 main great wall of china,

each has its special traits,the most visiting is mutianyu great wall for foreigner tourist.
  1. BaDaLing Great Wallmost Chinese go to, crowded
  2. MuTianYu Great Wall foreigners’s favorite
  3. JuYongGuan Great Wall less people,steep and dangerous
  4. GuBeiKou Great Wallless people, wild great wall
  5. JinShanLin Great Wall less people,wild great wall
  6. SiMaTai Great Wall less people,wild great wall
Great Wall of China

Great Wall of China

MuTianYu Great Wall

MuTianYu Great Wall

BaDaLing Great Wall

BaDaLing Great Wall

SiMaTai Great Wall

SiMaTai Great Wall

GuBeiKou Great Wall

GuBeiKou Great Wall

JinShanLing Great Wall

JinShanLing Great Wall

JuYongGuan Great Wall

JuYongGuan Great Wall

Great Wall of China History

Great Wall of China Tourist Map

great wall of mutianyu toruist map
great wall of badaling tor map
great wall of mutianyu tour from beijing airport
great wall of china toruist map
great wall of jinshanling toruist map
Great Wall of China

BeiJing Great Wall of China Private Day Tour

Great Wall of China Join in Tour

This Group tour fits for the tourist of SOLO, budget intention,knowing more stranger….good for value

all the join-in group, no shopping

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BeiJing SiMaTai Great Wall

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BeiJing SiMaTai Great Wall

  • The only Great Wall in China that preserves the original appearance of the Ming Dynasty. The city wall is built on the precipitous mountain, and it is known as the strange, special and dangerous.
  • Preserved a complete 20 enemy buildings, especially the Wangjing Building is built on a steep peak at an altitude of 1000 meters, which can be seen from the city of Beijing.
  • It was identified by UNESCO as the “Pristine Great Wall” and the Times of the United Kingdom once rated it as “the top of the 25 landscapes that should not be missed globally”.
BeiJing SiMaTai Great Wall

BeiJing SiMaTai Great Wall

• chinese name: 司马台长城
• add:北京市密云区古北口镇司马台村北
• tel:010-81009999;010-81008010
• website:
• opening time:08:00-17:30
• recommend visiting time: 3 H
BeiJing SiMaTai Great Wall

SiMaTai Great Wall Tickets

  • Gubei Water Town + Great Wall: 170 RMB;
  • Gubei Water Town Scenic Area + Simatai Great Wall + Simatai Great Wall One Way Cableway: RMB 220;
  • Simatai Great Wall + Great Wall Two Way Cableway: RMB 180;
  • Simatai Great Wall + Great Wall One Way Cableway: 110 RMB;
  • Gubei Water Town Scenic Area + Simatai Great Wall + Simatai Great Wall Two-way Cableway: RMB 280;
  • Simatai Great Wall: 40 RMB (January 1st – December 31st Monday – Sunday)

Half-ticket: 1.2-1.5 m children, 6-18-year-old minors, full-time students, middle and primary school students, senior citizens over 60 years old, active servicemen, social security recipients, etc. with valid certificates.

Free of charge: Children under the age of 6 or under 1.2 meters, senior citizens, retired persons, disabled persons, disabled soldiers, journalists, etc. with valid certificates. BeiJing SiMaTai Great Wall

SiMaTai Great Wall Tourist Map

great wall of china toruist map
great wall of jinshanling toruist map

How to Get to SiMaTai Great Wall from BeiJing

BeiJing SiMaTai Great Wall Public transit:
  1. The departure point of Beijing Tourism Distribution Center: Tiananmen Departure Center (daily), Xuanwumen Station (two weekends and national holidays). Departure time: 6:00-9:00 (Tiananmen departure center), 6:30-8:00 (Xuanwumen station).
  2. Take the 980 road from Dongzhimen in Beijing to the terminal station Miyun County, 6:00-19:00, 15 yuan, 60 kilometers, 2 hours. Transfer to a private van across the street from the station, 60 kilometers, about 1 hour. 100 yuan / car, 30-40 yuan / person, you can carpool, you can bargain.
  3. After arriving at Miyun, take the bus to Gubeikou to the fork, and then charter to Simatai. After playing, I returned to the fork in the road and took the car from Beijing to Beijing.
  4. Every year from April to October, there is also a tourist bus that can go to the Simatai Great Wall. The departure point is on the square outside the Xuanwumen Catholic Church.

BeiJing SiMaTai Great Wall Car Rental with Driver

please consult us.

SiMaTai Great Wall Travel Guide

  • The night tour time is from 5:30 to 8:30. The night scene lighting and music fountain show, we must see, the first time I saw a fire in the fountain. Every twenty minutes, the performance time is twenty minutes.
  • The Simatai Great Wall is a well-preserved Ming Great Wall. Many sections are not as well perfected as the Badaling Great Wall.
  • Many of the steps are narrow to only half a foot wide, and the wall on the side of the body has been in disrepair for many years, and it is inevitable that it will be defeated. For people who are afraid of heights, almost all four limbs use climbing stairs.
  • The steepest section of the road is basically straight up and down, and many steps are smoothed.
  • When you climb, don’t look back at the sides, focus on your feet, climb up and pay attention to safety.

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BeiJIng The Palace Museum

BeiJIng The Palace Museum

The Palace Museum

Established in 1925, the Palace Museum was installed in the imperial palace of two consecutive dynasties – the Ming (1368-1644) and the Qing (1644-1911). It is one of the most prestigious museums in China and the world at large.

From Ancient Beijing city’s planing and design, to completion of forbidden city,the function of gate; hall;palace;architecture feature;symbol;historical event;Anecdotes; together with history of ming and qing dynasty, will open you big window of new world.

other than architecture, you can understand every Chinese name’s potential meanings, every palace’s significance, which are emperor’s masterwork;the time of palace open or close,the behind story of treasure(check the video)…….

As culture treasure, it take time to visit instead of rapid tour.

• Chinese Name:北京故宫 紫禁城
• Chinese ADD:北京市东城区景山前街4号
• Chinese OPENING TIME:4.1-10.31:08:20-17:00(16:00停止售票);11.1-3.31:08:30-16:30(15:30停止售票;每周一闭馆)Attention !
• TICKETS:60 cny/High Season(April 1st – October 31st) 40cny/(November 1st – March 31st:)
• 建筑面积Architecture Area:约15万平方米km^2
• 占地面积Ocuppy Area:约72万平方米km^2
• Time of Project implement:1421年(明永乐十九年)
• Official Website:
• Online Tickets Booking Official Website:

The Forbidden City was the Chinese imperial palace from the Ming dynasty to the end of the Qing dynasty—the years 1420 to 1912. It is in the center of Beijing, China, and now houses the Palace Museum. It served as the home of emperors and their households as well as the ceremonial and political center of the Chinese government for almost 500 years.

Constructed from 1406 to 1420, the complex consists of 980 buildings and covers 72 ha (over 180 acres). The palace complex exemplifies traditional Chinese palatial architecture, and has influenced cultural and architectural developments in East Asia and elsewhere. The Forbidden City was declared a World Heritage Site in 1987, and is listed by UNESCO as the largest collection of preserved ancient wooden structures in the world.

Since 1925 the Forbidden City has been under the charge of the Palace Museum, whose extensive collection of artwork and artifacts were built upon the imperial collections of the Ming and Qing dynasties. Part of the museum’s former collection is now in the National Palace Museum in Taipei. Both museums descend from the same institution but were split after the Chinese Civil War. With over 14.6 million visitors in 2015, the Palace Museum is the most visited art museum in the world….more info

china beijing forbidden city

How to get to beijing The Palace Museum

By Taxi
from downdown to Imperial Palace, expense is about 50-100 rmb
practical chinese for taxi driver
By Bus
Bus: Take No. 1, No. 2, No. 52, No. 59, No. 82, No. 99, No. 120, No. 126, No. 1 and No. 2, get off at Tiananmen East Station and walk about 900 meters to the gate.
By Metro
transfer to line 1, get off at 天安门东
beijing metro map

beijing forbidden city Travel Tips


  1. Each ticket is RMB 60 (excluding the Treasure Hall and Watch House珍宝馆、钟表馆), the ticket for the Treasure Hall is RMB 10 per ticket, and the ticket for the Watch Museum is RMB 10 per ticket.
  2. The ticket sales and opening hours are 8:30. Except for statutory holidays and summer holidays (July 1 to August 31 of each year), the Palace Museum implements the measures of closing all day on Monday.
  3. From the Tiananmen Gate, or from Donghuamen or Xihuamen along the east and west side of the river, you can reach the gate. Entering the Forbidden City can only enter from the Wumen (South Gate)午门, and Shenwumen (North Gate)神武门 can’t get in.
  4. The Forbidden City only issues 80,000 tickets a day, so be sure to leave early, preferably in advance.
  5. Must bring an ID card or passport, because it need swiping ID card or check the verification of passport. without it,you can not go into.
  6. Focus on the palace on the central axis, many palaces can only be seen outside the door.
  7. Regarding the distribution of the restrooms, the security check at the Wumen Gate 午门 is completed. There are toilets on both sides of the front and the front of the Taihe Gate太和门. (There are not many people on weekdays.) There are also toilets at the entrance to the Sixth and Sixth Palaces. There are treasure shops and watchhouses on the East Road. There is also a lounge area in the restaurant and washroom, and there is also a washroom in the Imperial Garden..
  8. the best position for panorama of palace museum is jingshan park,after your exit from shenwu gate, you will see

beijing The Palace Museum travel guide

Luggage or Bag Stock
  • If the baggage is too heavy, you can choose to save the bag. The checked baggage can be transported free of charge between Wumen (South Gate)午门 and Shenwumen (North Gate)神武门.
  • You can also choose to take it with you after you have received a security check.
  • The working time of the depository office is 8:30-18:00, and the location is at the east side of the Wumen and Shenwumen.
  • Note: The storage is only for the storage of the suitcase, as if the large shoulders are not given.
There is no special food in the Palace Museum in Beijing. There are only some fast food restaurants. It is recommended to bring your own dry food or go to the restaurant to eat outside after the tour.
Explaining service
1. Voice guide rental
Deposit: $100 per unit.
Rent: Chinese version, Cantonese version of each 20 yuan. Other languages are 40 yuan each. After the visit, please hand over the voice interpreter to the explanation service before leaving .
Service location: Wumen 午门and Shenwumen 神武门.
2. Interpreter explanation service
5 people or less: 250 yuan for the whole journey, plus 1 for each additional 5 people plus 50 yuan. The explanations are all clearly marked, so don’t worry about spending more.
Service Station Location: Wumen, Shenwumen
3. Volunteers free to explain
Chinese and English are only available in the exhibition halls such as the Treasure Hall and the Watch Museum.
Useful Info
1. Photographs in the Forbidden City exhibition hall cannot use flashlights and tripods. To avoid fires, smoking is prohibited in the Palace Museum.
2. Broadcasting Room
Search for people, lost and found, precautions for visits, notice of closure time, and introduction of scenic spots. Both Chinese and English are available.
Location: Southwest of Jingyunmen
Tel: 010-85007424
3. Visitors’ Consultation Center
Consultation Tel: 010-85007422 (Arrow Pavilion)箭亭, 85074421 (Taihe Gate)太和门
Location: Taihe Gate, Arrow Pavilion.太和门、箭亭
4. Police Station
Phone: 010-85007494, 85007495, 010-65131882

beijing forbidden city tourist map

beijing the forbidden city tourist map
beijing the forbidden city tourist map

BeiJing Forbidden City Travel Guide

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BeiJing JuYongGuan Great Wall

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BeiJing JuYongGuan Great Wall

BeiJing JuYongGuan Great Wall

Juyongguan is a famous Guancheng along the Great Wall. It is known as one of the three Great Walls of the Great Wall. It is built along the mountain and has the plaque of “the world’s first Xiongguan” on the tower.

  1. The scenic area is the Juyongguan Scenic Area Square. There is a stone gate named Yuntai. It is a white stone structure of Tibetan Buddhist architectural treasures. It has a Bodhisattva image inside, beautiful and unique.
  2. After entering the gate at the gate of Guancheng, you will enter the scenic spot. There are many cultural attractions in the scenic spot, such as the Emperor Temple, Pinnacle College, Table Zhongyu, Fengyucang, etc. The ancient celebrities also record the history of Juyongguan, and there is a small lake next to it. You can visit and visit one by one.
  3. Climbing the Great Wall to the top of the beacon tower usually takes two or three hours. After climbing to the top of the mountain, you can see one of the famous eight scenic spots in the capital, “Juyong Pinnacle”. In the distance, the mountains are stacked and the mountains are stacked. It is very beautiful.
BeiJing JuYongGuan Great Wall

BeiJing JuYongGuan Great Wall

• Chinese Name:居庸关长城
• Address:北京市昌平区南口镇居庸关村216省道
• Tel:010-69771665;010-69774474
• Tickets:40-45 CNY
• Opened: 08:30-17:00
• recommend visiting time:1-3 H

How To Get to JuYongGuan Great Wall from beijing

  • 1. Deshengmen takes the 345 bus at the Shahe station and transfers to the Chang 68 road directly to the scenic spot;
  • 2, Deshengmen take 883 Road at the South Street East Street Station, transfer to Chang 68 Road directly to the scenic spot;
  • 3. Under the Longze Station of Metro Line 13, change to Chang 68 Road and drive directly to the scenic spot;
  • 4, car rental with driver, pls consult us

JuYongGuan Great Wall Video

JuYongGuan Great Wall travel guide

  • There are few people, but it is steep, it is difficult to climb, there are requirements for physical strength, lack of exercise, weak physical fitness, and the age is relatively unsuitable. It is even less recommended for children.
  • There is a large parking lot and rest area outside the ticket gate. You can eat some things in the rest area and drink some water to replenish your energy.
  • Entering the park, the effect is good, staggering the peak period
  • Cash ready
  • Sports shoes, must climb the Great Wall, ban sandals
  • Solve personal hygiene problems before boarding the Great Wall, there are toilets on the north side of the fourth floor.
BeiJing JuYongGuan Great Wall

JuYongGuan Great Wall toruist map

BeiJing JuYongGuan Great Wall tourist map BeiJing JuYongGuan Great Wall tourist map BeiJing JuYongGuan Great Wall BeiJing JuYongGuan Great Wall

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