Dali Panxi S Bend

  • Chinese Name: 大理磻溪村S湾
  • Location:大理磻溪村 Panxi Village,Dali
  • Tickets: free
  • Recommended Tour time: 1-2 H
  • Opening Time: all day
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Dali Panxi S Bend

Erhai Net influencer S Bend is located in Panxi Village on Huanhaixi Road. Panxi Village is a small village on the Erhai Sea, only 10 kilometers away from the ancient city of Dali.

The network celebrity S bend in Panxi Village is a short section of the Erhai Lake Ecological Corridor. Internet celebrity S-bend is located on the Erhai beach next to Fengxi Village, with a wide view and beautiful scenery

Dali Panxi S Bend Tourist Map

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