• Chinese name: 丽江
  • Foreign name: Lijiang City
  • Location: 20600 km² in northwestern Yunnan
  • Climate conditions: subtropical monsoon climate
  • Airport: Lijiang Sanyi International Airport, Ninglang Lugu Lake Airport
  • Railway station: Lijiang Station, Lashihai Station
  • License plate code: 云 P
  • Population: 1.3M
  • Recommended Visiting Time:2-3 days
  • Weather 56°F (13°C), Wind SW at 4 mph (6 km/h), 52% Humidity
  • LiJiang Offical Website:
  • Old Town offical Website:
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When you first arrive in Lijiang, you will be impressed by the beautiful scenery like small bridges and flowing water. The ancient town of Dayan, Shuhe, and Yulong Snow Mountain are the best places for you to learn about Lijiang, as well as the mysterious eastern daughter country Lugu Lake, which is absolutely beautiful. The beautiful lakes and mountains will surely make you intoxicated.

In Lijiang, you can be a self-willed child, put aside the troubles of life, fantasize, have fun, and enjoy the warm sunshine freely; or take a hike to experience the beauty of natural mountains and rivers; One night, looking forward to an unexpected love. Healing, affair, crossing, searching, pure, daze…These words may well describe Lijiang, but she still has many unknown charms that are waiting for people who come here to discover.

lijiang tour

Lijiang Tourist Attractions

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LiJiang Tour Transfer: Car Rental with Driver

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LiJiang Transfer: Car Rental With Driver

  • from lijiang to shangrila.(220 KM.4-5 hours)
  • from lijiang to tiger leaping george (88 km, 1.5 hour)
  • from lijiang to Shuhe Ancient Town Scenic Area (0.5 hour)
  • from lijiang to DaLi (148 km, 2 hours)
  • from lijiang to jade dragon snow mount(2 hours)….

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lijiang tour

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lijiang tour