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PersonAuthor:Sidney Yu Feb-01-2018

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How to deal with Altitude Sickness in jiuzhaigou tour

Jiuzhaigou locate above the 2000-3500 meters altitude, it’s normal to happen the Altitude Sickness;

high altitude reaction feature

head faint
eyes can not see things clearly

How to deal with Altitude Sickness

before jiuzhaigou tour, you are supposed to take some exercise to adapt, and buy some pharmacy like glucose 葡萄糖; hongjingtian (红景天)…in case
after arrival , drink more some oxygen can in local.,

• even though Altitude Sickness happened:
1)you need a stop to have a rest to restore your energy.
2)take the medicine you prepared
3)inhale the oxygen if suffer more.Of course, if you are already uncomfortable, you need to stop and rest for a while to replenish your strength, and if it is serious, you will need to inhale oxygen. There are many free oxygen inhalation places in Huanglong, as long as you pay a one-time equipment fee of one yuan. But if it is not for the uncomfortable young people who do not recommend oxygen inhalation, their body will adapt just fine.

Prevention of Altitude Sickness

the effective way to prevent Altitude Sickness is walking at the fixed speed, if keep climbing, then suddenly stop for rest for a long time, which will possibly cause Altitude Sickness.

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