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jiuzhaigou Admission tickets

jiuzhaigou tour tickets info

  • Opening time:7:30 AM (High season)
  • Opening time:7:30 AM (low season)
  • The expiry time of selling tickets:14:00 PM everyday.

jiuzhaigou Admission tickets

Admission Tickets Peak Season(Apri 1–Nov 15) Low Season(Nov 16-Mar 31)
Adult 220 CNY/person 80 CNY/person
Children(height>130cm) 110CNY/person 40CNY/person
Senior(>60) 110CNY/person 40CNY/person
Student 110CNY/person 40CNY/person

1. 6 years old (excluding 6 years old) – 18 years old (including 18 years old) minors;
2. Full-time undergraduate or below students with valid ID documents;
3. Believers of the same religion holding valid certificates such as conversion certificates uniformly issued by provincial religious groups outside the province;
4. The elderly from 60 (including 60 years old) to 70 years old (excluding 70 years old);
5. Teenagers need to present valid documents such as resident ID cards or student ID cards when entering the park. Hong Kong, Macau, Taiwan and other inbound youths can go through ticket purchase and enter the park with valid identity certificates such as “Mainland Travel Permit for Hong Kong and Macau Residents”, “Mainland Travel Permit for Taiwan Residents” or student ID, and enjoy preferential ticket prices;

jiuzhaigou Sightseeing Car tickets

jiuzhaigou Sightseeing Car tickets

Sightseeing Car Tickets Peak Season(Apri 1–Nov 15) Low Season(Nov 16-Mar 31)<
Adult 90 CNY/person 80 CNY/person
Children(6<age<18) 90 CNY/person 80 CNY/person
Senior(60<age<70) 90 CNY/person 80 CNY/person
Student 90 CNY/person 80 CNY/person

*there is no favorable policy for any tourists

jiuzhaigou Free tickets Policy

1children with height<120 cm or age<6 —-free admission tickets and sightseeing tickets 身高在1.20米以下儿童免门票和观光车票。
2chinese retired solder and cadre free admission tickets,but need buy sightseeing car ticket现役伤残军人、离休干部凭证件免收门票,但需另购观光车票。
3:senior age >70

Double entry into jiuzhaigou Policy

  • 1. Tourists who need to visit the ditch again the next day must apply for the ticket in the morning of the first day, and take pictures by the Jiuzhaigou Administration Bureau. After completing the formalities, tickets are exempted when entering the ditch again the next day, but a sightseeing ticket must be purchased separately.
  • 2. During the Golden Week, no secondary entry procedures will be carried out. If you need to enter the ditch for a second time, you need to purchase additional tickets and train tickets.
  • 3. In peak season, the procedures for secondary ditch entry will not be processed. If you need to enter the ditch for a second time, you need to purchase additional tickets and train tickets.