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JiuZhaiGou Travel Guide

How To Plan JiuZhaiGou Tour

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Best Time to Visit JiuZhaiGou

Each season brings with it different scenery. Autumn is generally considered the most beautiful with its multitude of colors. Winters are very cold, but much less crowded and when snow covers the valley it turns into a winter wonderland. Of course, snowfall might also make travel to and from the valley difficult or even impossible. In spring, the flowers bloom and the rivers swell, meaning waterfalls are at their most impressive. Jiuzhaigou in the summer is greener than ever. July and August are the rainy seasons, but some of the most beautiful pictures of the valley are taken directly after a downpour.

  • JiuZhaiGou:春来冰雪消融,春水泛涨;夏时绿荫围海,叠瀑飞下;秋至红叶遍山,彩林满目;冬来宁静洁白,冰瀑如玉。九寨沟的美景四季不断、各有不同。
    When is the best time to visit Jiuzhaigou? In every season this place is breath-taking and wonderful…it only depends on you, even if you should take in consideration a couple of things: during the low season, usually from the second half of November to the second half of March, the large parts of the wooden trails are impassable and closed so it’s impossible to hike the trails. I highly suggest you go in April just like me, nice weather and good temperatures (they varies between 13C(55.4F) and 21C (69.8F)), all trails are open, and it’s not so crowded, the perfect conditions to live this place in the middle of nature.
  • JiuZhaiGou: high altitudes between 2000m~3100m,covered with Virgin forest.,the valley have 108 lake.,glory with fairy tale land,。prensent with V shape,made of main 3 valley:shuzheng valley、rize valley、zezhawa valley,totally 50 km length.
  • HuangLong:Combination of High Mount,prairie Terrain and Landform, form unbeatable Large landscape,famous for colorful pond,snow mount,Canyon,forest…


JiuZhaiGou Travel Guide

  • Altitude Sickness: since Jiuzhaigou locate above the 2000-3500 meters altitude, To avoid the sickness, do not do any drastic exercise, or drink wine.To Keep warm and eat more vegetables and fruits, also you can take some medicine like “HongJingTian” which sold in Jiuzhaigou,the senior with hypertension or cardiopathy is not supposed to go.
  • Don’t come to Jiuzhaigou at Chinese public holiday, such as Labor festival(1st to 7th May) and National Day holiday (October 1st to 7th)
  • To avoid the Chinese tour group on season, choose the wooden path instead of main road.
  • Shoes:bring the hiking shoes or sport shoes
  • Food:To prepare the food and water in advance
  • Clothes:night big tempreture different,bring thick clothes.if planning to stay one night.
  • Wheather:big role,notice the forcast of rain,sunshine,and be careful the slippery road

What To Pack

• light Hiking or sport shoes
• sun glasses
• sunscreen cream,hat,lipstick
• medicine against the altitude
• bank card,passport,
• mobile phone charger
• Food:chocolate、dry beef、sugar candy、biscuit…high calorie food

What To See

  • Lakes:114 individual Lakes in the park
  • Waterfalls:5 major waterfalls and numerous…
  • Forestscover more than half of scenic..
  • Tibetan Culture:local traditional customs…
  • Wild Life:highly diverse biologically fauna