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jiuzhaigou shopping

which products don’t recommend to buy in jiuzhaigou tour

jiuzhaigou shopping


WestChinaGo Travel Service always don’t introduce our clients to go shopping.and always help clients from cheating.
trust us will save your lot of money.
there are many traps in jiuzhaigou tour.not only foreigner,But also even chinese themselves be scum.
if you can not resist the atmosphere of shopping, remember this article.
jiuzhaigou shopping street

1. so-called water with oxgeny

this kind of water is ridiculous, but so many tourist believe it.
jiuzhaigou shopping street

2. Silver or Alu or Gold Products

• usually have silver bowle,chopstick,….
jiuzhaigou shopping

3. Chinese Traditional Herbal Medical Material



The main reason is you can not distinguish the good and look like good
even chinese be scum, don’t try it.
Once WestChinaGo’s Visit to Penang, Malaysia
We got feedback that the herbal mediacl material just so so

jiuzhaigou shopping

4. Tibetan Knife

as dangerous products,it’s prohibited on bording for flight.even carriage.


jiuzhaigou tibet knife

5. Buddha Beads

from cheap to sky-high price,no standard
jiuzhaigou shopping

6. Crystal Products

no matter who boast how magic it is,bear in mind,don’t buy.
jiuzhaigou shopping


1) One of the shopping stops was to a jade shop (near Chengdu). We were led to a conference room where a salesperson made some generic comments about jade when their “lao zhong” or boss makes a “surprise” appearance, who goes on a long philosophical (and to his credit, quite convincing) conversation, and puts up an act with his Sales Manager, pretending to give a very good offer on the best jade pieces by “knocking off a zero off the price ie RMB 10k wld just be RMB 1k” and offering some pieces at just RMB 300

My advice is not to buy anything at these shopping spots … they are not anything that one really needs, even as souvenirs, gifts or keepsakes.

2) In Jiuzhaigou, the local guide recommended an additional tour to visit a local Tibetan “Qiang” tribe family and experience how they live and welcomed guests with local food & drinks. We paid RMB 180 per person and spent 2hrs. When we arrived, there were at least 6 tour buses and we were jammed into a room with 40 other visitors and treated to blessings & singing from the head of the home, the village “elder” and made to entertained ourselves with silly games.

3) Die Hai Zi – many locals selling local products such as dried berries and mushrooms. Be sure to check the weight of the goods. Our mushrooms only weighed 300g but we paid for 500g. There are 2 white yaks for photo taking at this spot

jiuzhaigou shopping