China BeiJing Tours, Travel Guide

BeiJing Tours, Travel Guide

China BeiJing Tours
• Address: beijing,china
• Area: 1,641 mi²
• Recommended Visiting Time:2 days
• Weather Spring: 1℃-12℃ Summer: 18℃-29℃ Autumn: 15℃-25℃ Winter : -5℃-5℃
• Population: 25 million (2018)

China BeiJing Tours,Travel Guide

Beijing (formerly Peking) is the political and spiritual capital of China. With a population of 25 million, it is China’s second largest city after Shanghai. Now a very modern city, Beijing is full of imperial history. For a thousand years, the emperor sat enthroned here, at the center of the Chinese universe. He lived with his empress and giant harem in the gilded cage that was the Forbidden City and made offerings on behalf of the people at the Temple of Heaven.

Beijing has long been a favorite with visitors to China, thanks to its mix of traditional and modern, its great sights and proximity to the Great Wall, and its many creature comforts. In addition to the famous Tian’anmen Square and Mausoleum of Mao, there are many fascinating sacred places (Buddhist, Confucian, Taoist, Muslim and more) to visit in Beijing.

Beijing, as the capital of china,more than thousands of years history, usually the first-top visit in china travel
Visiting the Forbidden City to witness the power of ancient emperors,
hiking the incredible Great Wall to get a lifetime memory of being a hero,

wandering along the traditional hutongs to experience the authentic local life…touch the real china in Beijing tours.

whatever you just have a short stay in Beijing, or plan to all China tour package from Beijing, you can custom-making your itinerary.All are flexible and customized!westchinago offer you free and professional advise.

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BeiJing–Xian 5 Days Tour

High-Speed rail from beijing to XiAn
From 400 usd/person



BeiJing–Xian–ChengDu Tour

High-Speed rail Trip
From 600 usd/person



BeiJing–ChengDu 6 Days Tour

China Panda Holding Tour
From 500 usd/person



BeiJing–ShangHai 6 Days Tour

High-Speed rail from beijing to ShangHai
From 500 usd/person


6 Days Beijing Shanghai Tour  

3 Days CHina Beijing Tour

BeiJing Forbidden City,Great Wall…

View Details from $350

4 Days Beijing Shanghai Tour  

4 Days Beijing Tours

BeiJing Forbidden City,Great Wall…

View Details from $400

5 Days Beijing Shanghai Tour  

5 Days Beijing Panorama Tour

BeiJing Forbidden City,Great Wall…

View Details from $500

1 Day BeiJing Mutianyu Great Walll Tour  

One Day BeiJing Join-in Tour (Group)

This Group tour fits for the tourist of SOLO, budget intention,knowing more stranger….good for value
all the join-in group, no shopping

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BeiJing Car Rental with Driver,Charter Car

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  • From BeiJing Airport to BeiJing Downtown Hotel;
  • From BeiJing Airport to The Great wall of MuTianYu;
  • From BeiJing Airport Pick up and drop off;
  • From BeiJing Hotel to BeiJing South Railway station;
  • …………

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