Golmud, Qinghai

You are here: Home » QingHai Tour Attractions》 »Qinghai Golmud Qinghai Golmud Qinghai Golmud Diversifolious Poplar Forest Chinese Name:格尔木胡杨林 Address:青海省海西蒙古族藏族自治州格尔木市郭勒木德乡托拉海牧业社 Tel: 0979-8494455 Opening Time: Recommended Visiting Time:>3 H Tickets : 50 CNY offical website: http://gemhylnr.forestry.gov.cn/ Qinghai Golmud Hu Yanglin Huyang Lin is located in the Kunlun Mountains in the south and the Gobi Salt Beach in the north.… Continue reading Golmud, Qinghai