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The Mogao Caves

GanSu DunHuang Mogao Caves

Address: Dunhuang, Jiuquan, Gansu, China
Visting Time:3 Hours
Hours: Open today · 8AM–5:30PM
Phone: +86 937 886 9060
Designated as world heritage site: 1987
Tickets:200 RMB/Per

The Mogao Caves (莫高窟;), also known as the Thousand Buddha Grottoes (千佛洞;), form a system of 492 temples 25 km (16 mi) southeast of the center of Dunhuang, an oasis strategically located at a religious and cultural crossroads on the Silk Road, in Gansu province, China. The caves may also be known as the Dunhuang Caves, however, this term is also used as a collective term to include other Buddhist cave sites in and around the Dunhuang area, the Western Thousand Buddha Caves, Eastern Thousand Buddha Caves, Yulin Caves, and Five Temple Caves. The caves contain some of the finest examples of Buddhist art spanning a period of 1,000 years. The first caves were dug out in 366 AD as places of Buddhist meditation and worship. The Mogao Caves are the best known of the Chinese Buddhist grottoes and, along with Longmen Grottoes and Yungang Grottoes, are one of the three famous ancient Buddhist sculptural sites of China.

The Mogao CavesAn important cache of documents was discovered in 1900 in the so-called “Library Cave,” which had been walled-up in the 11th century. The contents of the library were subsequently dispersed around the world, and the largest collections are now found in Beijing, London, Paris and Berlin, and the International Dunhuang Project exists to coordinate and collect scholarly work on the Dunhuang manuscripts and other material. The caves themselves are now a popular tourist destination, with a number open for visiting. more info

The Mogao Caves are located 16 miles (25km) southeast of Dunhuang and can be reached by city bus from outside the Dunhuang Hotel or Silk Road Hotel or by taxi.

How To Get To Mogao Caves From DunHuang

By Taxi
From Dunhuang to Mogao Grottoes, you can vav-taxi, the one-way one-way is about 35 yuan, the car is slightly expensive
By Bus
there are many CMB directly to the Mogao Grottoes in the urban area of Dunhuang. 5 yuan per person. If you are going to the peak season, you can take the green leather bus near the Dunhuang Hotel and get a fare of 8 yuan.
If you stay late in the cave, you can take a minibus that picks up the staff after 6 o’clock.

GanSu DunHuang Mogao Caves Photo Gallery

GanSu DunHuang Mogao Caves Video

Mogao Caves Tickets

Mogao Grottoes Tickets are divided into two types: A and B.
Tickets A

Class A is a regular ticket. For 200 yuan, you can visit 8 caves. You need to book one month in advance, limited to 6,000 tickets per day.

Tickets B

Class B tickets are the same day emergency tickets, 100 yuan can see four. Caves, but individual customers want to buy emergency tickets can only ask for various travel agencies, will increase extra two or three hundred, the price is very low cost effective

The Mogao Caves

Don’t Miss

Mogao Grottoes Digital Exhibition Center (莫高窟数字展示中心)

The visit to the Mogao Grottoes begins with the Mogao Grottoes Digital Display Center. Before departing for the cave, visitors will watch two digital films at the Mogao Grottoes Digital Display Center: the theme film “Millennium Mogao” introduces the history of the Mogao Grottoes that lasted nearly 1700 years and the background of the cave construction;

The ball-screen movie “Fantasy Buddha Palace” shows visitors the seven digital caves of the Mogao Grottoes. Through the display of all-dimensional and three-dimensional virtual cave scenes and the dissemination of various information, visitors can experience the immersive visits and learn about the history, culture, art and caves associated with Mogao Grottoes in advance. Construction and many other information.

The Mogao Grotto A class ticket includes themed movies and the ball screen movie, if you have not bought a Class A ticket! Then you can buy a Class B ticket + a Class C ticket. In this form, you can visit a physical cave or watch two digital movies!

Three Halls and One Center(莫高窟三馆一中心)

“Three Halls and One Center” refers to the Dunhuang Cangjing Cave Exhibition Hall, the Dunhuang Research Institute History Exhibition Hall, the Dunhuang Research Institute Art Museum, and the Dunhuang Grottoes Cultural Relics Research and Exhibition Center.

“Three Halls and One Center” is open to visitors free of charge (Tibetan Cave Exhibition Hall requires Class A tickets), showing the history of the seal, discovery and circulation of the Tibetan Buddhist Scriptures and the contents of the Tibetan Buddhist Scriptures and their precious values; Dunhuang Research The course of selfless dedication and hard work of generations in the 75th year of the hospital, as well as the fruitful achievements of the protection, research and promotion of Mogao Grottoes; the fascinating paintings of the murals of Dunhuang art in 1650, the supporters and the Dunhuang posthumous writings; Dunhuang Grottoes An overview of the essence of art and the course of development.

After visiting the cave, you want to know more about Dunhuang culture and Dunhuang Grottoes. The “Three Halls and One Center” is definitely worth a visit.

GanSu DunHuang Mogao Caves Travel Guide

  • Do not touch any murals or statues with your hands;
  • camera, selfie, luggage…. forbidden to bring into cave,you can store at the gate.
  • after you buy admission tickets, you can visit 8 caves, further if you want into special cave, still buy extra tickets including tour guide.
  • Mogao Grotto now has a distribution center near Dunhuang City. After watching the ball screen movie, take a shuttle bus to the scenic spot. The scenery is divided into 25-30 teams. Each team can see 8 caves in the peak season.special caves need to be paid extra to visit.
  • You can’t take pictures in the Mogao Grottoes. Although you can take the camera in, don’t sneak it and you will be caught!
  • Mogao Grottoes must book tickets online in advance, and the number is limited every day! And need to be precise!
  • reserve website:
  • Don’t think that you have booked a few points. If you have time to go, don’t do this! The time of booking is the time when the ball screen movie begins. It must arrive in advance and queue up for security check-in. Don’t miss the screen movie. It is so shocking and great! I will regret it if I don’t see it!
  • Please don’t miss the group. The number of channels in each of team’s wireless headsets is different. If you are in trouble with it, you can’t enter the cave and you can’t hear it…

The Mogao Caves

The Mogao Caves

Why is Mogao Grotto not allowed to take pictures?

The main reason for the prohibition of photographing in Dunhuang Mogao Grottoes is: “The space inside the grotto is small, and there are many tourists every day. The photo stop may cause disorder in the order.

At the same time, tourists stay in the cave for a long time to produce a lot of carbon dioxide, and the humidity and temperature changes will increase. The grotto “decays” and the pigment particles dissolve, causing the mural picture to fall off.”

Most of the caves are dark and have no permanent lighting. Every visitor needs to be led by a commentator to get in. The explainer will use the flashlight for local illumination. It is really difficult to take a mural without a tripod and a professional camera.

  1. This is the same as the temple does not allow photographs, the purpose is to allow visitors to quietly appreciate the cultural relics, not to be frequently frightened by the flash. In addition, it is also to maintain a solemn atmosphere on the scene.
  2. Photooxidation reaction
  3. Because of the copyright, everyone took photos, and the HD mural photography collection sold by Mogao Grottoes could not be sold, infringing the copyright of the photo collection.

China GanSu Tours, Travel Guide

China GanSu Tours, Travel Guide

Gansu is a special place where drought and humidity, Gobi and plateau, desert and snow-capped mountains coexist. There are countless legends everywhere, waiting for you to discover.


For GanSu tours, transportation play important role, westchinago will help you plan smart itinerary and offer you reasonable car rental with driver service,as well train tickets service.

GanSu Tours

  • Population: 26.3 M
  • weather: Temperate continental climate温带大陆性气候
  • recommend tour time:>6 days
  • Best Time To Go: all years
GanSu Tours

GanSu Tour

  • The northwest province of Gansu spans the Qinghai-Tibet, Inner Mongolia and Loess plateaus in the upper reaches of the Yellow River.
  • The topography is complex and the climate unpredictable. The river valleys in the south belong to a subtropical zone while the north is an arid temperate zone.
  • The province was a center for East-West cultural exchangesas early as the Han and Tang dynasties. Many people go to Gansu to seek out the the roots of world civilization.
  • The 1,600-km-longSilk road of the Han and Tang dynasties unfailingly brings the visitor to such places as the grottoes at Dunhuang (a veritable world-class treasure house of art),
  • the Jiayu Pass on the Great wall of china,Majiishan Grottoes of Tianshui, the Labrang Temple of Xiahe, the Great Buddha Temple at Zhangeye and the bronze sculpture of galloping horse in Wuwei.

GanSu Tour Attractions

horse hoof temple
sangke grassland
qilian mount
bingling temple
gansu museum
zhongshan bridge
shanzhou market
binggou danxia
shandan horse
jingta huyang

Gansu Tourist Map

gansu tour map

gansu tours

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GanSu Tour Package

gansu tours
7 Days china silk road travel itinerary

itinerary: xi’ning city/qinghai lake/caka salt lake…..
1. In-depth shooting of the most beautiful viewing platform in Qinghai Menyuan: Qingshizui Observation Deck, Huahai Fragrant Bath and Zhaobishan Observation Deck, including the best view of the door source;
2, enter the Qilian prairie hinterland flower sea otter, filming grassland pastures, lakes, cattle and sheep scenery;
3, Zhuoer Mountain where Tianjing Qilian Essence is located, we will arrange sunrise and morning play time, can shoot large scenes of Nordic style, and have delicate light and shadow lines and bright color blocks.
4. Let the intimate experience of Qinghai Lake in the depths of Qinghai Lake: the sunrise and sunset of the Black Horse River, the blue lake of Wenba, the panoramic view of the Qinghai Lake;
5, the realm of the sky, here is the scene can shoot, more play, put your personality to take pictures;
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gansu tours
8Days china silk road tour itinerary

itinerary: xi’ning city/qinghai lake/caka salt lake…..
customed tour itinerary
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GanSu Tour Video

GanSu Tourist Map

GanSu Tourist Map

GanSu JiaYuGuan Tourist Map gansu tourist map gansu tour

Activity in GanSu Tours

GanSu Travel Guide

What to Pack
  • 1, the temperature difference between day and night is large, summer and autumn clothing are necessary, with one or two pieces of jacket.
  • 2, the altitude here is about 2500~4000, UV is strong, anti-arth cream, hat, sunglasses, umbrella must
  • 3, due to the high altitude, in order to prevent high anti-reverse, you can take a large dose of Rhodiola and other drugs one week in advance.
  • 4, the climate here is dry, sand is larger, it is best to bring your own lip balm
  • 5, the scenery here is too beautiful, will not regret the SLR.
  • 6, due to the average of 8 hours a day in the car, it is best to bring some dry food, in case of emergency, and the water quality here is poor, it is best to buy mineral water to drink.
    GanSu Tour
    GanSu Tour Things To Do

    2sand sliding at mingsha mount.wonderful experience with scream,release….
    3 shazhou market have many local art product,veg ,fruit…..
    4 desert climbing at mingsha mount.
    5 ride the camel at mingsha mount.

    lanzhou tours

    lanzhou tours
    GanSu Travel Tips

    gansu tour

    1. Gansu Province is located in the inland of northwest China, and the temperature difference between day and night is large. Tourists must pay attention to carrying warm clothes. It is recommended to carry jackets and sweaters to avoid colds. Gansu is located in the northwest and Qinghai-Tibet Plateau, with higher altitude. The ultraviolet radiation is strong and the climate is dry. Tourists need to prepare sufficient sunscreen products, such as sunscreen, lip balm, sunglasses, sun hat and other sun protection products. Gansu is dry during the day. Visitors need to bring a kettle, drink plenty of water or eat more. Fruit; Gansu has many varieties of fruit, and is sweet and delicious, but be careful not to eat too much to avoid stomach upset.
    2. The northwest of Gansu is higher in altitude. Although it is not as high as the Qinghai-Tibet Plateau, the first-timers often have mild altitude sickness, headache, dizziness and loss of appetite. These are normal phenomena. Tourists should not panic, only need to drink more water, pay attention to Take a break and avoid strenuous exercise.
    3. Gansu is one of the regions with relatively backward economy in China. The food and accommodation conditions are not as good as those in the eastern developed areas, and the eating habits and living habits are affected by ethnic minorities. The Hui nationality is very obvious. In Gansu, pasta and beef and mutton are the main components of the diet. Tourists and friends should try to adapt as much as possible. 
    4. Due to the vast area in the northwestern region, there is a certain time difference between the north and the east. The scenic spots are scattered and scattered. Tourists and friends should pay attention to regulation. The tourists with motion sickness are better to take motion sickness medicine. Otherwise, the journey will be very hard and exhausting.
    5. Due to the vast area in the northwestern region, there is a certain time difference between the north and the east. The scenic spots are scattered and scattered. Tourists and friends should pay attention to regulation. The tourists with motion sickness are better to take motion sickness medicine. Otherwise, the journey will be very hard and exhausting.
    6. Going to Gansu must go to Dunhuang, Dunhuang will definitely go to Mogao Grottoes, the Mogao Grottoes are dimly lit, tourists should not forget to bring a flashlight; if you are in the cave, you can’t forget to wear comfortable hiking shoes, so the journey will be more convenient and safer. .。
    7. In the northwest, especially in Gansu and Ningxia, there are a large number of Hui people living in the same country. Islam is prevalent, and tourists should pay attention to the taboos of local people. Don’t argue with people because of small things, it will only affect your travel mood. People who believe in Islam in most parts of the Northwest do not eat pork. This is the biggest taboo in their lives and must not be offended.


    • It is forbidden to enter with a camera and camera in Dunhuang Mogao Grottoes. Tourists must deposit at the entrance;
    • When sanding in Mingsha Mountain, it is best not to carry a camera or mobile phone with you to avoid damage or loss of sand into the camera;
    • If you are traveling in winter, you need to bring a spare battery, because cold air will shorten the battery life;
    • If you have a special passion for the monks, lamas, Taoists, and ethnic minority people wearing national costumes, you must smile and get the other party’s consent anyway, to avoid unnecessary contradictions caused by misunderstanding;
    • Entering the Tibetan area, photographs are not allowed in the Tibetan Buddhist temple halls. Please pay attention to the tourists and friends to avoid unnecessary troubles.
    chengdu westchinago travel service
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