Chengdu JiuZhaiGou Flight info

Home Chengdu Jiuzhaigou Tours Jiuzhaigou Airport Jiuzhaigou Airport full Name:Jiuzhai Huanglong Airport九黄机场 Add:四川省阿坝藏族羌族自治州东北部松潘县 IATA Code:JZH official website: Phone: 0837-7243770 altitutide:3447m JiuZhaiGou Airport: JiuZhaiGou Airport≠JiuZhaiGou Park From JiuZhaiGou airport to jiuzhaigou national park:2H car ride Jiuzhaigou Airport Chengdu, China (CTU) to Jiuzhai Valley National Park, China (JZH) from chengdu–jiuzhaigou airport;6 flights per week, 55m duration JiuZhaiGou Airport–JiuZhaiGou… Continue reading Chengdu JiuZhaiGou Flight info

JiuZhaiGou Car Rental with driver

Home ChengDu JiuZhaiGou Tours JiuZhaiGou Car Rental JiuZhaiGou Car Rental For travel from Chengdu to Jiuzhaigou, our company provides car rental services for 5-seat cars, 7-seats, mpv, 16-seat minibuses, and 35-seat buses. The seamless connection from point to point is flexible and free to arrange time and itinerary. One-stop service allows you to Jiuzhaigou tourism… Continue reading JiuZhaiGou Car Rental with driver