How to Plan a Day Tour in the Tianmen Mountain Park?

How to Plan a Day Tour in the Tianmen Mountain Park?

ZhangJiaJie Mount TianMen

  • Chinese Name:张家界天门山森林公园
  • Address:YongDing,ZhangJiajie,HuNan, China
  • Visiting Time: 3-4 Hours
  • Tickets:258 RMB/per (inclusive of cable car rides)
  • Chair Cable Car to TianMen Temple:25 RMB/per
  • Shoe Cover for glass sky walk:5 RMB/per
  • Open Time 1: High Season 08:00-18:00;Stop selling ticket at 16:30(1st March-30th Nov)
  • Open Time 2: Low Season 08:30-18:00; Stop selling ticket at 16:00 (1st Dec-28th Feb next year)
  • Website :

mount tianmen tour

Tianmen Mountain in ZhangJiaJie

Tianmen Mountain , has an elevation of 1518.6 meters, only 8 kilometers far from the downtown and is one of the most representative natural sceneries of Zhangjiajie.

Tianmen Mountain not only attracts the attention by its miraculous and unique geographic landform and unparalleled natural landscape, but also well known for its profound cultural connotations and famous colorful humanistic sites.

Mount tianmen tour is special and adventurous experience in zhangjiajie trip. 99 bends bus road , 30 mins thrilling cable car , hiking down the 999 steep step , standing on a cliff in the clouds surrounded by natural beauty and tranquility , The aura of top of mountain, paranorma of magnificent view of the mountains ,all of which will leave you special memory.

mount tianmen tour

The Hightlights Attractions you should not miss

Tianmen Mountain Cable Car

Visting Tianmen Mountain, don’t miss the cable car, absolutely thrilling. . When the swaying cable car descends from the top of the mountain, it rises and then rises again.

Crossing the hills one layer after another, the whole car has to fly out. . with screaming all the way

Of course, the scenery seen by the cable car is awesome. It is a series of virgin forests, pastoral areas, villages, tracks, airports, cities, etc. The unique geographical features of Zhangjiajie refresh your perception of this 5A tourist city. City Planning is so interesting.

Tianmen Mountain Cableway The longest mountain sightseeing cableway in the world, with a total length of 7455 meters, consists of three stations: upper, middle and lower. The middle station is divided into two sections. The whole section is divided into two sections, A and B. The first section is 5289 long. The meter is relatively flat, and the second section is 2,166 meters long. A section of 500 meters long is the steepest climbing angle in Asia.

The highest place also reached a height of 1279 meters, which is undoubtedly an attempt by tourists to challenge their own guts. There are a lot of timid tourists who are very excited when they go up the ropeway. When the car runs to the second stage, they don’t talk, and slowly get out of their seats. Don’t misunderstand, not to see the scenery, but too Scared to sit on the floor, holding the handrail tightly, closing his eyes, and asking from time to time,have reached the end?

mount tianmen tour cable car

Glass Plank Roads

Mount tianmen tour

The creative glass plank roads are suspended from the cliff more than 1400 m above sea level ,where your hearts will be agitated by the extreme shock and stimulation.

• 2 glass plank road on the west travel route
• 1 glass plank road on the east travel route
mount tianmen tour

Tianmen Mountain Temple

It is located in the hollow of the mountain top with a broad vision.When tourists gaze into the southeast, all the hills seem to be so small that the Temple is really like an overlord.

Take the open air sightseeing cable car down from Tianmen Mountain Temple is recommend,you will go through the refreshing forest.

mount tianmen tour mount tianmen tour

The escalators of Heaven’s Gate Cave

The main thing is don’t lose time. Escalators works until 4 pm. So be careful with long distances. Sometimes it’s not easy to calculate how long it will take the path becase the road is not flat all the time, it’s a mountainous terrain.

mount tianmen tour mount tianmen tour

999 steps of Tianmen Cave

Tianmen Cave the natural mountain-penetrating karst cave with the highest elevation in the world(131.5m), hangs on the towering cliff,very much like a gate towards the heaven.

The Best Place for Photo

From the bottom, the 8th step is best place

2 ways to reach Tianmen Cave
• Climb the 999 Tianti-celestial ladder by foot
• Enjoy the in-the-mountain escalator

Those for whom the 999 steps is an insurmountable obstacle, can take advantage of the lifts on the left side of the mountain.

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99-Bend Road to Tianmen Mountain

With a total length of 11 kilometers,the elevation rises sharply from 200 meters to 1300 meters. The avenue rises steeply according to the form of mountain.

The 99 bends link closely with each other and pile up in layers, making a pattern of a circling flying dragon reaching the skyline. The thrilling driving experience will make you a strong heart! Through 99-bend road, travelers reach directly the 999 Tianti-celestial ladder.

Sightseeing Bus Operating Hours
• Low Season 07:30-17:30 (1st Dec-28th Feb next year)
• High Season 06:30-18:00 (1st March-30th Nov) Mount TianMenshan 99 bends road

Hiking on numerous trails on the top of Tianmen Mountain.

mount tianmen tour

To get around the whole mountain you need to go at least 7 km. Many paths are balconies on the rocks, beneath which there are clouds and steep mountain rocks. Other paths go through еру forest, which is part of the Tianmen Scenic Area. There are many options how to get around, we have chosen the path along the outer edge.

Walking around the mountain, don’t forget to do the following:

  • Experience the glass plank road built on the cliffs, see the deep valley under the feet, feel the trepidation, feel the joy of walking in the volley
  • Look at the Buddhist Tianmen Temple, which looks more like a monastery., the “Qiuer Cave” near the Tianmenshan Temple, the folklore sent a son of Guanyin to be holy here, wishing to have children will come true
  • Look at Heaven’s Gate Cave (Tianmen Cave) from the top point.
  • When visiting Tianmen Mountain, you can overlook the foot of the mountain in the cable car.

ZhangJiaJie TianMen Mountain Tours Video

Mount TianMen Map

Here is a map of Tiianmen Mountain Park, which gives a fairly accurate idea of what it is and helps to think about a suitable route.
zhangjiajie tianmen-mountain map

ZhangJiaJie Mount TianMen Tickets

Ticket Price : 258RMB/person
Entrance Fee
1 single way transportation by cable car
1 single way transportation by sightseeing bus
Optional cost
  • The escalator of Tianmen Cave (lower section):32RMB/way
  • Chair Cable car to Tianmen Temple:25RMB/way
  • Shoe cover of glass walk:5RMB/person
  • Travel insurance:3RMB/person
Operating hours of Tianmen Mountain Cableway:
Spring-Summer-Autumn (Mar 1st – Nov 30th)

• Ascend: 7:30 AM – 4:00 PM
• Descend: 7:30 AM – 6:00 PM)

Winter (Dec 1st – Feb 28th)
• Ascend: 8:00 AM – 4:00 PM
• Descend: 8:00 AM – 5:30 PM
zhangjiajie tianmen mountain tickets

How to Buy Mount TianMen Tickets

There are only following 3 types of tickets for getting around Tianmen Mountain.

Attention:can only take cable car for once,roundtrip cable car ride can not be arranged unless you purchase entrance ticket for twice.
Mount TianMen Tickets Type
Tickets Type Route A Route B Route C
Itinerary Uphill-Cable Car from downtown + Downhill-Sightseeing bus to downtown Uphill-Sightseeing bus+Downhill-Cable Car to downtown Sightseeing Bus+Downhill:Sightseeing Bus to downtown
Visiting Sequence Cable car to the top of Tiammen Mountain–Visit the attractions on the top–Take escalator down to Tianmen Cave-either walk 999 celestial steps or take escalator down the the foot of Tianmen Mountain-Take sightseeing bus back to city Take sightseeing bus to the foot of Tianmen Mountain-either take 999 celestial step or escalator up to Tianmen Cave-escalator to the top of Tianmen Mountain-Visit the attraction on the top-Take cable car on the top all the way back to city (Only available when cable car is closed)
Where to purchase Tianmen Mountain entrance ticket
  1. Buy online in advance
  2. Buy at the lower cable car station(索道下站)which locates at the Zhangjiajie city garden cable car station
Mount TianMenshan cable car
Things to know:
1.Foreign tourists need to bring original passport to buy or collect tickets at the No.10 window at the lower cable car station(索道下站)
2.Must enter Mt.Tianmen at the appointed time which shows on the ticket,otherwise,the ticket will not be valid.
3.Ticket Selling Time:6:30-16:00
4.There are limited quota,highly recommend to buy tickets in advance
mount tianmen cable car

Best Times to Visit

April to October is the golden time to travel to Tianmen Mountain, as the temperature during this period is moderate and comfortable.

However,try to avoid the Chinese public holidays and summer vacation(July-August)!

Winter is not a very good choice due to the low visibility and the closure of the Tianmen Cave, please check the availability before planning your trip.

The scenery is best on clear days. On rainy days there is usually thick fog (cloud) over the mountains, which covers everything. Mists are usually heavy if it rains the day before. The mountains in mist are a mystical scene, so there is an upside to the cloudiness.

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How to Get to Tianmen Mountain?

Tianmenshan Park is located 7 km away from Zhangjiajie city. The lower station of Tianmen Mountain Cableway (Tianmenshan Suodao) is in walking distance from the train station and Zhangjiajie Central Bus Station.

From Time To Mount TianMen
Zhangjiajie City (by Cable Car) 30 Mins for arrival of top of mountain After purchasing tickets at the City Garden Ropeway Station in downtown Zhangjiajie
Zhangjiajie City (by Bus) 30 Min uphill to tianmen square After purchasing tickets with routine B line
Zhangjiajie Forest Park 1.5 H (by bus + cable car)
zhangjiajie tourist map
zhangjiajie cable car map

3 Ways to Vist Tianmen Mountain

There are only following 3 ways for commuter,attention:no cable up and cable car down.

  1. Option A: Uphill:Cable Car from downtown + Downhill:Sightseeing bus to downtown
  2. Option B Uphill:Sightseeing bus+Downhill:Cable Car to downtown
  3. Option C Uphill:Sightseeing Bus+Downhill:Sightseeing Bus to downtown

After the arrival of top of mountain, you have 2 itineraries to choose,.
one is east line (yellow itinerary), and the other is west line(red itinerary).

mount tianmen tour map

A Route:

Cable car to the top of Tiammen Mountain–Visit the attractions on the top–Take escalator down to Tianmen Cave-either walk 999 celestial steps or take escalator down the the foot of Tianmen Mountain-Take sightseeing bus back to city

B Route:

In the urban area, take the bus (Line 5) to the foot of Tianmen Mountain(天门山下) , and then change the sightseeing bus to the Tianmen Mountain square, then either take 999 celestial step or escalator up to Tianmen Cave-escalator to the top of Tianmen Mountain-Visit the attraction on the top-Take cable car all the way back to city

A Route V.S B Route

You will not miss anything either take A route or B route. According to our experience,B route will be more time smart,as many travelers would like to take cable car uphill, due to the limited capacity,usually will be a long queue waiting in line.

mount tianmen tour

Recommended Travel Route of Visiting Mount TianMen

Step 1: Take cable car from Zhangjiejie city center to the TOP of Tianmen Mountain Travel tip:Don’t get off at the middle station, go directly to the top

Step 2: Explore the attractions on the top of Tianmen Mountain There are 2 sightseeing routes on the top -West Line (Around 2h),2 glass plank roads -East Line(Around 3h).1 glass plank road -Big Loop=West Line+East Line(5h-6h)

Walking around the mountain top, don’t forget to do the following::

Experience the glass plank road built on the cliffs, see the deep valley under the feet, feel the trepidation, feel the joy of walking in the valley Look at the Buddhist Tianmen Temple

Look at Heaven’s Gate Cave (Tianmen Cave) from the top point Overlook the 99-bend road and cable car

Step 3: Use escalator to get down to Tianmen Cave. Save your time by taking escalator downhill to the Tianmen Cave

Step 4: Go down to the bottom of Tianmen Cave down the stairs with 999 steps.

Step 5: Return to Zhangjiajie city by taking bus along the famous If you have a car sickness, it would be better to take some pills in advance or take Tianmen Mountain Cableway instead of a bus.

Good to Know

  • pls bring your passport,the gate will check the tickets together with passport to verify
  • The tour requires a lot of walking, including 6 kilometers of easy walking along the cliff walkway and 999 steep steps.
  • Long lines: As the mountain is very famous among Chinese travelers, expect to see large and noisy crowds.
  • The red ribbons along the walkway: The Chinese hang them for special (superstitious) reasons. But these red colors really upset the harmony of the natural greens and grays.
  • No English is spoken and there are no English signs, so it is not easy to find the way in such a big park if you travel alone.
  • The fight for a seat in the tourist bus up to the cave is not something Westerners are used to.
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