What’s The Good Tour Guide For Tourist

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What’s The Good Tour Guide For Tourist

Different people have different answer, WestChinaGo pick the tour guide from time verification and clients reviews.
Good tour guide make you feel like you are more friend than his profession ID.
And when you back home, you could think of this person occasionally.
Here we conclude some feature for good tour guide:

She Should Smile for life

From the first meeting, if your tour guide don’t smile, most possibly reveal that he seem not happy for his job or his life is not as good as yours.
at least, this kind of tour guide is not affable,As good tour guide, he ought to enjoy his job.
WestChinaGo Proverbs : if you smile, all the world response with smile back, if you cry, only you cry in the world.
WestChinaGo Proverbs :Smile is best language.

Positive not Passive

Attitude decide the destiny.
From speaking, posture, you can judge this tour guide positive or passive
Passive tour guide, just finish the itinerary, who take it as task from travel agency, don’t treat the job seriously, don’t enjoy the job
all service lay over the surface, you can not expect good service.and travel agency can not monitor the service quality, so clients feedback is most important
Absolutely and definitely WestChinaGo refuse this kind of unqualified tour guide,

Interactive with Funny Interesting

for many tourist attraction, you can google and got the info.
if tour guide just repeat the info in the whole process, it make no sense.
in fact, rather than boring time,good tour guide should make the trip more funny and interesting
it seem that you have endless subject to explore, and time never catch up with….
in this way,tourists have more discovery.some intent, people you meet in the trip are bigger scenery

neither humble nor arrogant

to show neither inferiority nor superiority

Being Helpful

Some tourist have individual problem in the trip, The good tour guide always ought to be considerate and care
WestChinaGo’s tour guide always try our best to satisfy clients demands.

Ability of Solving the problem

sometimes, there something not control occur,it’s time show tour guide’s ability
he should balance all side and make the right decision.

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2019 Chengdu photo with panda

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2018 china chengdu photo with panda , price

2019 China Chengdu photo with panda price

The following content will save you more than hundreds of USD dollar

2019 China Panda Photo Official Cost: 

1800 RMB/per≈ 285 USD/per
Authoritative and Conscience Price paid directly to WestChinaGo, we will issue the commercial invoice to you, and prepare the healthy certificate for your secure reservation.
WestChinaGo promise no overcharge, no hidden charge.

Solid Advice For ChengDu Panda Holding:
The Big Bug of ChengDu Panda Holding Cost>500 usd/person exist for long time, The most fall into, and end up being ripped-off.nobody reveal the authentic price except WestChinaGo, The right person is yourself.
Entrance Fee
Once of your life time picture taken with panda
Golf car inside the facility
Donation certificate and panda souvenir
Reservation service fee
Health certificate for panda pictureAttention !
Transportation to/from Dujiangyan Panda Base
Guide service,actually panda base staff speak fluent English,so no necessary to hire tour guide,at your discretion
Personal expense

Chartered Car —-Round Trip

chartered car from chengdu to dujiangyan +Back trip
Itinerary:From Chengdu to dujiangyan panda base,60 KM map
Hotel pickup and drop off service within chengdu 3 ring road

Tour Number Price
Chartered Car for 1 Traveler 115 USD/Person
Chartered Car for 2 Travelers 55 USD/Person
Chartered Car for 3 Travelers 40 USD/Person
Chartered Car for 4 Travelers 35 USD/Person
Chartered Car for 5 Travelers 30 USD/Person

Charter Car Included/Exclude and Car Photo >>

Easy Payment

  • Pay Cash upon arrival of DuJiangYan Panda Base
  • Bank Transfer(3% bank transfer fee will be charged)
  • Paypal (4.4% Paypal service fee wil be charged)
  • AliPay
  • WeChat Pay

You will recieve the invoice at the time of booking.

2017 China Chengdu photo with panda price

China ChengDu Panda Photo Itinerary Schedule

  • 7:00 AM: Pick Up From Hotel Lobby
  • 7:00-8:30 AM:Go To DuJiangyan Panda Base From Chengdu
  • 8:35:–8:45AM:register at office and sign the document
  • 8:50—10:20AM: Visting the Panda Enclosure.
  • 10:25AM: Change the outfit.
  • 10:30AM: Panda Photo Time
  • 10:40AM-10:50AM Present the donation certificate and souvenir
  • 11:00 AM departure and back to chengdu hotel

2018 DuJiangYan Panda Hug from Chengdu

Life Time memory:from 340 USD/person

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China take a picture with panda
China chengdu photo with panda
China dujiangyan panda holding
chengdu panda hug
dujiangyan panda hug
dujiangyan photo with panda

chengdu panda

i’m confused that china panda photo price start from over than 500 usd/per ,so is there any difference?

Whichever travel agency or tour platform you choose,No matter how much you pay differently,.you go to the same place and do the same thing,.

definitely and eventually you will receive the same treatment.
Why is not smart to order from viator?

For any order, viator will charge dealer (service supplier) 20% commission,for example, you place order of 500 usd, viator will charge dealer 100 usd,.attention, actually and finally truth is you pay this excessive part. not the dealer.if 2 persons to choose WestChinaGo, you can save more than 300+ USD.

2018 china panda holding

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