Shanghai World Financial Center

Shanghai World Financial Center

Shanghai World Financial Center

  • Chinese Name: 上海环球金融中心
  • Address: 上海市浦东新区世纪大道100号
  • Tel: +86 021-38672008;4001100555
  • Opening Time:09:00-22:30; last admission time: 21:30 (January 1st – December 31st Monday – Sunday)
  • Recommended Visiting Time:1-3 H
  • Tickets : Adult ticket: 100+97+94 layer 180 RMB
    /94 layer 120 RMB;
  • offical website:
  • height: 492m
  • floor: 101 layer
  • built time: 1995 by Japan Mori Building Co., Ltd.
  • Cost:(USD $ 1.20 billion)

Shanghai World Financial Center

The Shanghai World Financial Center is a city within the city, surrounded by natural beauty at ground level, soaring high into the sky. Here there is always something fresh and exciting to discover, in a place that is both safe and enjoyable. Here people meet, lively encounters generate economic energy; new forms of cultural activity appear. Diverse functions are assembled in a single self-contained neighborhood.

Convenient for public transport; shopping, eating, and recreation are all connected, Tower has a better 360° view.
A world of food and bars inside, also some great Google offices

It was designed by Kohn Pedersen Fox and developed by the Mori Building Company, with Leslie E. Robertson Associates as its structural engineer and China State Construction Engineering Corpand Shanghai Construction (Group) General Co. as its main contractor. It is a mixed-use skyscraper, consisting of offices, hotels, conference rooms, observation decks, and ground-floor shopping malls. Park Hyatt Shanghai is the tower’s hotel component, comprising 174 rooms and suites occupying the 79th to the 93rd floors, which at the time of completion was the highest hotel in the world. It is now the third-highest hotel in the world after the Ritz-Carlton, Hong Kong, which occupies floors 102 to 108 of the International Commerce Centre

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How To Get To Shanghai World Financial Center

By Taxi

useful Chinese:for taxi driver
Please take me to Shanghai World Financial Center

By Subway+Transfer
Line 2, get off at LUJIAZHUI or DongChang Road
陆家嘴站 6号口出站后步行即至
东昌路站 4号口出站后步行即至
shanghai metro map
By Bus
东泰路 陆家嘴环路站: 939
花园石桥路 东泰路站: 583、799、939
陆家嘴环路 东泰路站: 791、870、961、961区间、985
陆家嘴东路 浦东南路站: 455、上川专线
陆家嘴东路 浦东南路(东方医院)站: 新川专线
世纪大道 浦东南路站: 01、798、799、992、机场五线、隧道六线、隧道三线、隧道夜宵线到达上海环球金融中心

By Ferry

jiuzhaigou tour tickets info

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jiuzhaigou Admission tickets

jiuzhaigou tour tickets info

Opening time:7:30 AM (High season)
Opening time:7:30 AM (low season)
The expiry time of selling tickets:14:00 PM everyday.

jiuzhaigou Admission tickets

Admission Tickets Peak Season(Apri 1–Nov 15) Low Season(Nov 16-Mar 31)
Adult 220 CNY/person 80 CNY/person
Children(height>130cm) 110CNY/person 40CNY/person
Senior(>60) 110CNY/person 40CNY/person
Student 110CNY/person 40CNY/person


jiuzhaigou Sightseeing Car tickets

jiuzhaigou Sightseeing Car tickets

Sightseeing Car Tickets Peak Season(Apri 1–Nov 15) Low Season(Nov 16-Mar 31)<
Adult 90 CNY/person 80 CNY/person
Children(6<age<18) 90 CNY/person 80 CNY/person
Senior(60<age<70) 90 CNY/person 80 CNY/person
Student 90 CNY/person 80 CNY/person

*there is no favorable policy for any tourists

jiuzhaigou Free tickets Policy

1children with height<120 cm or age<6 —-free admission tickets and sightseeing tickets 身高在1.20米以下儿童免门票和观光车票。
2chinese retired solder and cadre free admission tickets,but need buy sightseeing car ticket现役伤残军人、离休干部凭证件免收门票,但需另购观光车票。
3:senior age >70

Double entry into jiuzhaigou Policy

  • Tourist have to reserve the future 2nd entering at the first day’s morning when buying tickets,.and authority will tanke a photo for you,all ok,you will free entrance tickets,but you still need to buy sightseeing car tickets
  • during gold holiday,no this policy
  • peak season,not apply this policy


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ShangHai Disneyland Resort

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ShangHai Disneyland Resort

Shanghai Disneyland Park is a theme park located in Pudong, Shanghai, that is part of the Shanghai Disney Resort. The park is operated by Walt Disney Parks and Resorts and Shanghai Shendi Group, through a joint venture between The Walt Disney Company and Shendi.

• Chinese Name:上海迪士尼乐园
• ShangHai Disneyland Resort Official Website :
• Tickets:One-day adult tickets are $56 and $76 during peak season Book Official Tickets online
• Phone (Park Information & Ticket Sales Hotel+Dining Reservations):400-180-0000 +86-21-3158-0000
• Shanghai Disney Resort information (Non-Reservation Questions) +86-21-2099-8001
• Shanghai Disneyland Hotel +86-21-2099-8002
• Toy Story Hotel +86-21-2099-8003
• Aarea:963 acres, more than 11 times the size of the original Disneyland in Anaheim
• ShangHai Disneyland Resort:Tour Map

Download the official app for Shanghai Disney Resort!
Enhance your visit with this enchanting mobile experience. Buy theme park tickets, see estimated wait times for attractions and entertainment, make Disney Fastpass and Disney Premier Access selections, view entertainment schedules, browse interactive maps and much more!
Shanghai Disney Resort App   Shanghai Disney Resort


How To Get to ShangHai Disneyland Park

By Taxi
The huge metropolis of Shanghai offers an assortment of taxi lines that can transport you to transit hub. From there, you can then enjoy a quick stroll to Shanghai Disneyland, Disneytown and Wishing Star Park, or hop aboard a short Disney Resort Shuttle ride to the Resort hotels.

Taxi and Vehicle Pick-up/Drop-off:

All pick-up and drop-offs are allowed at the West Public Transportation Hub (West PTH). Please follow the guide for location information.
practical chinese for taxi driver
By Metro
Metro Line 11 between North Jiading/Huaqiao/Anting and Disney Resort stations operates seven days a week from early morning to late night. Line 11 provides a convenient and fast access to Disney Resort by running a train every a few minutes. Guests get off the train at Terminal Station Disney Resort —just steps away from Shanghai Disneyland, Disneytown and Wishing Star Park, and only a short Disney Resort Shuttle ride from the Resort hotels.  

Line 11 Operating Hours

To Disney Resort: First Train 07:08 (arrival) / Last Train 23:39 (arrival)
To North Jiading: First Train 06:00 / Last Train 22:30
To Huaqiao: — / Last Train 22:00
To Anting: — / Last Train 22:25
ShangHai metro map

BeiJIng Imperial Palace
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Travel Guide
ShangHai Disneyland Resort


Shanghai Disney Resort tourist map
Why Fastpass is necessary in disneyland tour?
Which items you can not bring into?
when the disney park is not crowded?
Disneyland park restaurant’s menu?
Disneyland park itinerary’s recommendation?
Disneyland park things to do?  

ShangHai Disneyland Resort

Disneyland Park APP
You can check the waiting time of each ride in real time. You can adjust your tour plan according to the waiting time and save the queue time. In addition, the APP can also query all entertainment performance time and daily operation information, so that you can adjust the plan at any time; its map navigation can also be positioned at any time, so that you can arrange the garden time reasonably and try to avoid the road.Go early / late leave / avoid peak play 

1 As long as you go to the queue earlier than the opening time, you will definitely be the first to enter the park!
Although the official website said that it opened at 9:00, in the summer, it usually opened at 8:00, and some people ran to the entrance at 7 o’clock.

Two hours away from the park for 2 hours, it is the best time to take the rides. Most of the tourists have left the park during this time. Many popular rides can be taken without waiting in line.

3 use the cruise time to play
During the parade in the afternoon during the parade, a large number of tourists will gather on both sides of the tour. If you don’t mind missing the tour, the hour of the tour can be used to play more rides~

4 staggered meals
Around 12:00 noon and around 18:00 in the evening, most of the restaurants in the park are full of people, you can stagger the meals, not only the restaurants do not have to line up, the queues of amusement facilities will be relatively less ~





ShangHai Disneyland Resort


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