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GanSu ZhangYe
GanSu ZhangYe Tours
• Chinese Name: 张掖
• Address: 张掖市临泽县倪家营乡(临泽景区入口)
• Tel: 0936-5678118;0936-5623666
• Recommended Visiting Time:1-2 Day
• Tickets 74 CNY p/p
• offical website:
China zhangye toursZhangYe Tours
China zhangye toursZhangYe Tours
China zhangye toursZhangYe Tours
China zhangye toursZhangYe Colorful DanXia
China zhangye toursZhangYe Colorful DanXia

China GanSu ZhangYe Tours

GanSu ZhangYe is 503 KM from ride is 6 H.

ZhangYe is famous for ZhangYe colorful landforms., which derive from the sea of millions years ago.

there are two colorful landforms site: BingGou (冰沟丹霞)And QiCai(七彩丹霞), the distance is 12 KM between them.

Best Time For Photo: Sunrise and dusk

Opening Time: 开放时间
  • 06:00-18:00 (4月11日-5月4日 周一-周日)
  • 05:30-19:00 (5月5日-8月31日 周一-周日)
  • 06:30-18:00 (9月1日-10月31日 周一-周日)
  • 07:00-17:00 (11月1日-12月31日 )
GanSu ZhangYe tours GanSu ZhangYe tours

PingShanHu Grand Canyon

actualy this is zhangye’s highlights tour,

you will feel like the aura of USA Colorado grand canyon and Jordan’s Petra,

the same is you will be overwhelmed by the breathtaking sights and adventure.

you can explore under the canyon, ride the camel, climb the thrilling ladder, hike in the canyon…

  • chinese name:坪山湖大峡谷
  • add:张掖市甘州区平山湖村附近
  • tel:0936-8888983
  • tickets:100 CNY p/p
  • website:
  • Visit Time:half day

The Pingshan Lake Grand Canyon Scenic Area is 56 kilometers away from the urban area of Zhangye. The gorge is deep and the peaks are strange. The nature uses the creativity of the ghosts to engrave the colorful mountains into an unparalleled and breathtaking landscape painting. A deep bottomless canyon, Zhuo shows an incomparably vigorous and magnificent. It has been praised by China Geography Magazine and famous geologists and tourists at home and abroad as “The shoulders of Zhangjiajie” and “The Grand Canyon of the United States” and the Silk Road.

  • zhangye pingshanhu grand canyon
  • zhangye pingshanhu grand canyon
  • zhangye pingshanhu grand canyon
  • zhangye pingshanhu grand canyon
  • zhangye pingshanhu grand canyon
  • zhangye pingshanhu grand canyon

Stepping into the maze-like canyon, you can be surrounded by criss-crossing gullies, and the peaks of the forests are like the masterpieces of the world’s architectural masters. They are fascinating: the towers of the buildings, the magnificent palaces, the loyal generals, the turtles going out to sea. The big ship that sails…the bird and the beast tower, the vividness, the large area, the strong ornamental, the world is rare.

GanSu ZhangYe PingShanHu Grand Canyon tours

PingShanHu Grand Canyon Travel Guide

Must bring tooling gloves

The most important thing to say is that the tooling gloves are really important! Take the shuttle bus to the observation deck. After that, all the way is to walk on two legs. Before reaching the auspicious god tree, you need to go straight to the bottom of the canyon through the plank road, surrounded by the canyon to the bottom and the bottom. The ladder is a 60-degree ladder straight line. Up, in the process, the hand needs to touch the hard canyon to borrow, the tooling gloves can protect the hands well.

Play order

Take the shuttle bus to the observation deck. After the tour, walk to the auspicious god tree. Then you can choose to take the 60-degree ladder or the gentle exit of the Grand Canyon. Both of them will be gathered in the shuttle bus. In addition to the old friends with crutches, everyone will choose to feel the charm of the net red ladder

Weather forecast

Be sure to check the weather in advance before you go. If the road has not been repaired and it is raining, it is very bad to advise everyone to go. It is very dangerous. The scenic spots are also marked, if it is rainy and snowy, do not let down to the bottom of the canyon.

Small snacks

The Grand Canyon can be played for a long time, no one will remind you, but there is no commissary at the bottom of the canyon, so I suggest you prepare some small snacks and water around you.

The Pingshan Lake Grand Canyon is basically in an unserviced state. If you have a fitness habit, you should think that the ladder is quite good. After the pro-test, I put on the tooling gloves and grabbed the poles on both sides with my hands. When the pedals are on the ladder, the hands are also strong, and I can carry them up, and I can climb them easily and happily~

After climbing the ladder, there is still a long stack of roads to go. The scenery along the road is also beautiful and spectacular. As one of the four largest canyons in the world, the Pingshan Lake Grand Canyon is worth a visit, and there are currently not many tourists. Take the line of the Hexi Corridor. The scenery of the Grand Canyon is in the northwest region. Like the Danxia landform, it is a unique existence, but it is a very different geological style with the Danxia landform. It is worth a visit. Then I will really sigh with sincerity, really beautiful.

Walking in the abyss of the canyon, there is a feeling of crossing. I can hear the sound of my breathing. I enjoy forgetting everything and letting it go. If you climb a 90-degree ladder on the plateau, you must exercise your strength in advance.

GanSu ZhangYe tours

GanSu ZhangYe Tours Video

2019 GanSu ZhangYe Tours

  1. Best Time to Go:3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10/ 2019
  2. free 2nd entry on condition showing the tickets before
  3. Bus route: Platform 2-1-5-4
  4. Platform 1 is the biggest,and the optimal place for sunrise
  5. Platform 4 is good place for sunset
  6. special experience:pingshanhu grand canyon
  7. activity:taste local style food in the ganzhou night market

How to get to ZhangYe from LanZhou

• By Flight: 55 min
• By Train: 6 H for arrival
• By Car Rental: at your pace and rhythm.usually include the qinghai itinerary.
gansu tourist map zhangye qicai danxia tourist map

GanSu ZhangYe Car Rental with driver

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gansu car rental with driver
gansu car rental with driver
zhangye pingshanhu grand canyon

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