QingHai KanBuLa National forest Park

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QingHai KanBuLa National forest Park

Qinghai KanBuLa National forest Park

  • Chinese Name: 坎布拉国家森林公园
  • Address: 青海省黄南州尖扎县西北部
  • Tel: 0973-7702108;0973-8742396
  • Opening Time:June 15th – September 15th 7:00-19:00, 16:00 stop admission; September 16th – June 15th 8:00-18:00, 16:00 stop admission; Legal holidays are open from 7:00-19:00.
  • Recommended Visiting Time:half day
  • Tickets :50 CNY/High Season; 40 CNY/Low Season
  • offical website: http://kbljq.com/

QingHai KanBuLa national park

Located in Huangnan Tibetan Autonomous Prefecture, 131 kilometers (81.4 miles) from Qinghai’s capital city Xining, the Kanbula National Forest Park is an ideal place for traveling, sightseeing, vacation, camping and scientific expeditions.

Covering an area of 152 square kilometers (15,200 hectares), the park is famous for its unique landform of red gravel rocks, and features forest vegetation, lofty mountains, soaring peaks crystal water and Tibetan culture. With an altitude of 2,100 to 4,000 meters above sea level, it borders on the Yellow River in the north and is close to Lijiaxia Hydropower Station.

The weather amid the mountains can change very frequently.

Admission:87 yuan (US$13.66)/person

QingHai KanBuLa national park

QingHai KanBuLa national forest park

Cambra is a typical Danxia landform, along the Nanzonggou, with

towering Chifeng and wind erosion mounds on both sides. There are dense forests in the mountains and forests. When the autumn leaves are golden, the landscape leaves are the most beautiful.

The main entrance of the scenic spot is located on the east side. After entering, you can choose to travel around the water or travel around the lake. The cost varies in different ways.

Private cars are allowed to enter the back door on the west side of the Canberra area. A parking fee of 30 yuan is charged for each car except for tickets.

If you enter on foot, you need to walk 3 km to get to the scenic tour bus, but the tour bus from the back door to the main entrance does not stop at the observation deck.

How To Get To KanBuLa from Qinghai XiNing

  • Take the shuttle bus from Xining Bus Station to Kambra Town. The ticket is about 22 yuan/person, then chartered to the gate of the Canbra Scenic Area. The cost is about 150 yuan.
  • It is best to carpool with people, or directly charter from Xining via the Ta’er Temple. Germany enters the Cantera Scenic Area
  • charter car from xining, pls consult westchinago

QingHai KanBuLa national forest park Photo

QingHai KanBuLa national forest park Tourist Map

QingHai KanBuLa national park tourist map

QingHai KanBuLa national forest park Video

QingHai KanBuLa national forest park Travel Guide

  1. After 15:30, private cars can be driven in, 50 yuan per person, plus parking fee 30 yuan (direction based on from guide(贵得) to west gate of senic spot)
  2. before 15:30, the tickets is 240 CNY p/p,including the cost of boat and bus,compulsory
  3. If you pass from Xining, you will take the east entrance of the scenic spot. It is said that private cars are allowed to enter at 16:30.
  4. The west entrance goes about 10 kilometers to a village called Dehong(德洪), which is said to be able to stay.
  5. The most efficient and economical way to explore kanbula is to take a cruise and go on a tour of the Yellow River Fjord for more than an hour. After landing, take a scenic tour bus and continue to explore the landscape of Kanbula Mountain Road. From the observation deck, you can see the panoramic view of Kanbula.

QingHai KanBuLa national forest park panorama

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