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XiAn Food Tour

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XiAn Cuisine

Located at the terminus of the Silk Road and at one time the cultural and political capital of China, the city of Xi’an in Shaanxi province has one of the more interesting culinary histories in China, in no small part due to the influence of its large Muslim population. more info

  • The old Drum Tower acts as the de facto entryway to the Muslim Quarter, located in the Northwest quadrant of the ancient walled city. At first glance, you get a sort of Epcot Center, Disney-esque impression, what with the loud hawking and bright signs everywhere, but it’s a location steeped in history: the neighborhood has housed a largely Muslim population since the 7th Century AD. Many of the dishes served have changed little since that time.
  • You’ll find sights familiar to both Chinese and Middle Eastern culture. Chefs stir-fry lamb and spices in hot woks set over blazing hot coal ovens. Nearby, hawkers roast walnuts or sell prunes of varying prices and degrees of quality.
  • Pork leg cooked with rock candy – A common household dish of the Chongqing people, the finished dish, known as red in colour and tender in taste, has been described as having strong and sweet aftertaste.
  • Stacks of bamboo baskets filled with mutton and beef dumplings steam away next to fresh fruit vendors and old ladies stir-frying potatoes.
  • <And of course, there are tourists. Tons and tons and tons of them, though mostly Chinese.

    I stopped by the Muslim Quarter three times over the course of a few days to get a gauge of the best times to go and the best things to eat. If you want to see crowds and hawkers and get jostled before your meal, head there in the late evening, after 7:30 or so. Go there in the afternoon or earlier in the evening and you'll get treated better with a little more space to walk around—and food that's prepared with a bit more time and attention.

  • No matter how hungry you enter, you can expect to leave fully stuffed without spending more than around 40 Yuan (about $6.50) per person. Not a bad price for a night out.

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xian food tour

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Xi’an Food Tour

  • Actvity: xian food tour
  • Local food Steer + XiAn Muslim Quarter
  • Duration: 2-3 hours

xian food tour


  • The authentic local food and local eateries
  • Gourmet walking tour of downtown Xi’an
  • try some really special thing

xian food tour

Xi’an Food Tour

Tour Number Price
Tour for 2 Traveler 350 RMB/Per
Tour for 3-6 Travelers 350 RMB/Per
Tour for 7-10 Travelers 350 RMB/Per
Tour for 10-30 Travelers 350 RMB/Per
Tour for >30 Travelers 350 RMB/Per

Price Inclusions:

  • Transportation: Round trip private transportation :hotel pick up and drop off
  • Guide: English speaking Tour guide
  • Tickets:Entrance fee for the sites which listed in the itinerary
  • food in local restaurant specified in the itinerary

Price Exclusions:

  • Private expense: such as Panda souvenir,laundry,drinks,telephone calls,optional activities
  • Tips: Tips for Tour guide and driver.not compulsory,which depend on your approval of service
Day 1: Xian food Day Tour

Xian food has been world-famous for a long time. There are various kinds of food with unique styles and flavors. Coming to Xian, food like Pita Bread Soaked in Lamb Soup, Soup Dumplings, Chinese Hamburger, Cold Noodle, Eight Delicacies, Steamed Pork with Rice Flavor, Biang Biang Mian are absolutely worth tasting. If you are going to have a taste of Xian food, you’d better to to Muslim Quarter.

First and the foremost is well-known Pita Bread Soaked in Lamb Soup. It features juicy meat, heavy seasoning, chewy steamed bread. Having a bowl of Pita Bread Soaked in Lamb Soup, you will feel very satisfied and nurtured.

Another prestigious food is Soup Dumplings. If you are interested in it, you must go to Jia San Soup Dumplings. Entering the restaurant, you will be marveled by the pictures of famous people in the wall. The Soup Dumplings here features paper-thick skin, juicy meat and delicious soup, which means unique eating method. First of all, the Soup Dumplings must be eaten upon their cooking so as to taste the real flavor of them. Second, the eating is rather special: first, clamp the open part of the dumpling with your chopsticks; then, swing leftward and rightward while raising up gently to make the dumpling away from the cushion; after that, prop the dumpling with your spoon and bite it a little to blow gently; after the dumpling is not so hot, you can suck the soup inside and eat it with sauce. Although the process seems rather complicated, you can only taste the delicacy in this way.

There is another delicacy I feel obligated to tell you: Chinese Hamburger. The reason for this name is that it is alike to hamburger. It is actually the perfect combination of two food: cured meat and Baiji Buns. With the juicy meat and sweet Baiji Buns, the Chinese Hamburger leaves you nothing but pleasure.
If you are coming to Xian in hot summer, one food can’t escape you: cold noodle. Originated from lengtao noodle in Tang Dynasty, Cold noodle is also called “Liangpizi”. The noodle is rather specially selected; the process is exquisite and the seasoning is also very dainty. The Cold noodle in Xian is famous for its whiteness, thinness, smoothness, softness, chewiness, and tastiness.

After so much talking about the Xian food, are you feel hungry? Come to Xian then and have a try of them by yourselves.

Meal:Lunch or Supper

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