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Shanxi Tourist Attractions
Shanxi Tourist Attractions

ShanXi PingYao Ancient City

  • Chinese Name: 平遥古城
  • Address: 山西省晋中市平遥县康宁路与曙光街交叉口平遥古城
  • Tel: +86 0354-5690000;0354-5690075;0354-5868113
  • Opening Time:08:00-18:00 (peak season) (April 04-October 07 Monday-Sunday) 08:00-17:30 (low season) (October 08 – the following year April 03 Monday – Sunday)
  • Recommended Visiting Time:>3 H
  • Tickets :free
  • offical website:

ShanXi PingYao Ancient City

The historical and cultural city of nearly 3,000 years is one of the four best preserved ancient cities in China.

As the financial center of China in the late Qing Dynasty, the culture of Shanxi merchants can be felt everywhere in the ancient city. · The ancient city street is in the shape of “earth” and climbs the ancient city wall of Pingyao, overlooking the whole city.

In the Rishengchang ticket number, you may wish to let the old shopkeeper of the robes and horses use the earliest draft method to write a draft for you.

Enter the ancient city for free, visit the city wall, visit the ticket number and other attractions, you need to buy the ancient city pass.

ShanXi PingYao Ancient City Photo

ShanXi PingYao Ancient City Video

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How To Get To ShanXi PingYao Ancient City

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ShanXi PingYao Ancient City Tourist Map

Shanxi DaTong Yungang Grottoes Tourist Map

ShanXi PingYao Ancient City Travel Guide

  1. Pingyao Ancient City, tickets 125 yuan / person, no tickets are required to enter the ancient city, but 20+ attractions need tickets, tickets are valid for 3 days, but each attraction can only be entered once. You can ask for a tour guide directly at the ticket office, or you can explain it at several important attractions (about 10 yuan per order).
  2. There are about 20 scenic spots in Pingyao Ancient City. If time is limited, you can choose to visit the 镖局、衙门、日升昌票号、协同庆钱庄、城隍庙, Chenghuang Temple and Ancient City Wall. All the places that need to be checked are closed at about 5 o’clock.
  3. The street of the Ming and Qing Dynasties is the most important street in the ancient city. On both sides, there are various shops that can be seen in every ancient city. Commercialization is very serious, and it is also the place with the most traffic.
  4. Helicopter tour can overlook the whole picture of Pingyao Ancient City 480 CNY p/p
  5. All the cars in the ancient city are forbidden and can only be walked into
  6. Bicycles or electric cars can also be rented in the ancient city.
ShanXi PingYao Ancient City
By Bus
  • Bus: Take the Pingyao 108 North Line and get off at the North Gate.
  • ..
(PS:i will go to ShanXi PingYao Ancient City.Practical Chinese: 我要去平遥古城)
By Train to DaTong:
Train number Starting station Time of departure Time of arrival
4642 Shuozhou-Da Tong 19:30 21:28
4630 Shuozhou-Da Tong 18:15 20:18
6087 Zhangjiakou-Da Tong 14:28 18:59
K7802 Taiyuan-Da Tong 08:51 14:39
6834 Ke Lan-Da Tong 07:25 13:20
K615 Beijing West-Da Tong 15:40 21:48
6056 Hohhot-Da Tong 10:49 18:13
K608/K605 Tianjin-Da Tong 08:42 17:06
K1114/K1111 Shenyang-Da Tong 16:08 09:03
K892/K893 Hangzhou-Da Tong 18:52 22:35
K732/K729 Ganzhou-Da Tong 10:20 16:56
By Taxi:
Practical Chinese: 我要去平遥古城
By Flight:
Fight number City take off and landing Departure time Fall time
CA119 Beijing—Datong 07:25 08:40
CA1120 Datong—Beijing 09:40 10:50
MU2735 Taiyuan—Datong 12:10 13:05
MU2736 Datong—Taiyuan 13:35 14:20
CZ3705 Canton—Datong 09:00 13:10
CZ3706 Datong—Canton 14:00 18:25
CZ3705 Changzhi—Datong 12:15 13:10
CZ3706 Datong—Changzh 14:00 14:55
CZ3705 Canton—Datong 08:40 12:50
CZ3706 Datong—Canton 13:40 18:05
CZ3705 Changzhi—Datong 11:55 12:50
CZ3706 Datong—Changzhi 13:40 14:35
MU5247 Shanghai—Datong 16:55 19:45
MU5248 Datong—Shanghai 20:40 23:20

ShanXi PingYao Ancient City Panorama

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